How to Use Vileda Steam Mop | 12 Most Effective Ways

At present, the Vileda steam mop is a trendy floor cleaning tool. It is a powerful steam heater, comes with variable steam power, pivoting neck, and triangular head with tilt. This mop is robust, simple to use, and besides, it has an attachment to steam clean your carpets.

Usually, beginners look for such a product that is not too technical, easy to use, and easy on the pocket. If you are looking for such a mop, then the Vileda steam mop is all of that even more.

Mopping the floor is quite annoying for many people, but this mop makes this job easy, less time-consuming, and effortless. You need just a few strokes to make the floor fresh and sparkling. Now your floor will be tidy and looks like a new one with getting dirty your hands and knees. If you still do not use Vileda steam mop, then just follow the below guideline and clean your floor quickly.

How to use Vileda steam mop

As we already said, nowadays, vileda mop is a widely used mop because it is suitable for almost all hard sealed floors like wood, vinyl, tiles, and laminate. The easy controlling feature of the mop has made it more popular. Let us know how to use vileda steam mop.

1. Assemble all the parts of the mop

First, you need to assemble the different parts of the tool and give it a proper look. When you open the box of the Vileda mop, you will find the following parts-

  • One Vileda steam mop
  • Two durable microfiber pads
  • One filling jug
  • One carpet glider
  • One instruction manual

You need to assemble all three separate sections. Don’t worry at all; it is quite a simple task, and you do not need any tools for the assembly. The mop’s handle is lightweight, so you can easily attach and detach it from the main steamer body. You will hear a slight clicking sound when the Vileda mop handles correctly connect to the mop body. Additionally, you need to attach the mop head to the base of the mop.

2. Add attachments if need

You may have to set an extra cleaning attachment on the mop head depending on the types of surfaces you plan to clean. For example- if you want to clean your carpet, then attach the carpet glider over the microfiber cleaning pad at the mop head. 

Just remember one thing: you need to provide a little bit of extra force when you clean your carpets. 

The steam that the mop releases can successfully remove bacteria and germs of 99% in the carpet. By using this steam mop, you can be assured that your carpet surface is now not a safe house of any dangerous organisms.

However, the Vileda steam mop can not clean the carpet thoroughly because no water can sink into the carpet’s fiber. You can use this mop only to refresh the carpet and give a bright and fresh look. 

3. Fill the water tank

Rotate the cap counter-clockwise and open it. Pour water into the tank using the provided plastic jug. The water tank able to hold up to 400ml of water. Once the tank is full, put the cap again onto the tank and make sure it is tight enough. 

Whenever the water tank needs to refill, a red light will start flashing to draw your attention. 

4. Remove obstacles

Mopping is a time-consuming job. This is the major cause why many people avoid doing it. So, you should do a little preparation before start mopping. Remove all obstacles like small objects, removable furniture from the way of your mopping. For example: remove unused shoes from the floor, pick up toys from the floor, put the chair on the dining table, etc. 

5. Sweep away large particles 

Before you start mopping, you should spend time a little more in sweeping or vacuuming the floor. You may think that it is just a waste of time, but it is important because a steam mop is not a broom or vacuum cleaner. It can remove only dirt and dust in a decent amount, but it never can remove large particles. On the other hand, hair, sand, debris can damage the mop.

Moreover, dragging sand and debris around the house by mop can cause some unwanted scratches on the floor.

Sweep or vacuum first is important to remove hair, dirt, crumbs, sand, etc. Doing this will also keep your mop pad less dirty and let you concentrate on cleaning grime and stain.

6. Switch on

Plug-in the mop and switch o it. The on/off button is placed on the back of the mop’s main body. When the device turns on, a green light will appear on the mop body’s front side. 

7. Warm-up

The Vileda steam mop takes only 15 seconds to release steam. You should wait for more 8 to 10 second to make sure the steam flow constantly. Once the steam starts flowing constantly, your mop is ready to use. You can use the mop for about 30 minutes with 400 ml of water. 

8. Start mopping

Mopping the floor is not a difficult task if you use the appropriate tool. You should start mopping as far away as possible from the door. Just keep in mind that it is much easier to clean in straight lines. Move the mop gently in a back-and-forth motion for the best cleaning results. 

The Vileda steam mop offers two power settings- minimum and maximum. The minimum setting is the best for wood and laminate floors, while the maximum setting is great for vinyl and tile floors.

If you need to refill the water tank, then at first switch off the device. Then open the water tank following step three. Then switch on of the mop, let it a warm-up, and finish the rest of the mopping.

9. Turn off the mop 

Once finish your cleaning work, turn off your steam mop. Remember one crucial matter, never leave the steam mop unattended to prevent any mishap. 

10. Remove pad

After finish the mopping, you should remove the mop pad for washing. The Vileda steam mop contains a microfiber cleaning pad which is quite easy to clean. You just have to remove the pad from the triangular mop head and put it into the washer to make it dirt-free. 

11. Empty water tank

It is not a mandatory step, but you should remove the remaining water from the tank when you store the mop. Following this step will increase the overall durability of the tool. The stored water can grow unpleasant smells and even mold. So, it is better you empty the water tank before the store. 

12. Disassemble

You should follow this step or not will completely depend on the place where you will store the mop. If the storage area is small, then you may need to disassemble the mop. We will advise if you have enough space to store the mop in an assembling way, then you should not go for disassembling as it can reduce its lifespan. 

The Vileda steam mop has a slim profile, and it can stand upright without any support. So, you can store it in a tall cupboard easily.

Wrapping up

The use of Vileda steam mop is really very easy in comparison to other regular steam mops. It is suitable for almost all hard floors and effectively cleans 99% of germs and bacteria. We hope you can learn the use of this mop from our above-listed cleaning steps easily. Just follow the steps and clean your floor using the Vileda steam mop without facing any hassle. All the best.

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