Why is My Bissell Mop Leaking from Back Vent? [Reasons & Solution]

Is your Bissell steam mop leaking water from the back vent? Sometimes using only distilled water and taking necessary safety precautions doesn’t stop the leaking of the steam mop. It depends on how often you use the machine and what steam setting you use during the mop time.

Then, why is my Bissell mop leaking from the back vent? The common reason is a blockage in the water pipeline or a cracked cap. Again, if anyone steams any particular area for a long time, the machine will not produce sufficient steam. The rubber gasket on the tip may create leakage.

Therefore, you must overlook it to replace the damaged parts at the right time. Besides, some more reasons may cause such trouble. Taking proper steps may help you to break the bank to buy a new steamer.


Why Is My Bissell Mop Leaking from Back Vent | 9 Reason

If your Bissell mop leaks from the back vent, it may be due to several reasons. Below I gather them together in a box to give you quick hints. Check out the table and then go to the in-depth details.

Possible Reasons for Bissell Mop Leaking Back VentFixes to Try (In Short)
Overfilling the water tankCheck the tank and fill it with the requirements
Clogging with debris, dirtClean the back vent
Damaged tankInspect damage or replace it if necessary
Faulty valveCheck the valve and ensure it is closing properly
Using too high a steam settingTry to lower the settings
Not moving steam mop while turned onReplace a very wet mop with a dry one occasionally
Check for cracksAttach all the parts correctly. If you find cracks in any part, repair it.
The water tank is not seated correctlyTry to replace it according to the user manual
Adding other liquid instead of waterIt is prohibited to add liquids like soda or others instead of water. Steam mop are designed to be worked with water only.

In-Depth Discussion of Bissell Leakage of Back Vent Issues & Solution

Learn the depth reason why your Bissell steam mop is leaking water with solutions:

1. Overfilling Issues

If you have filled the water tank beyond the maximum level, the excess water may leak out of the back vent. This may also happen when you need to follow the guidelines included in the manufacturer manual.

Possible Fixes:

Ensure the water tank is securely attached to the mop and the Tank’s cap is tightened correctly. If the lid is loose or not secured tightly, it can cause water to leak out from the vent.

2. Clogging

The back vent may become clogged with debris, dirt, or hair, preventing the water from flowing out properly and causing it to leak.

Possible Fixes:

Check the filter located inside the water tank. If it’s dirty or clogged, it can cause the mop to leak water from the vent. To clean the filter, remove it from the Tank and rinse it under running water until it runs clear. Make sure it has completely dried before replacing it.

3. Damaged Tank

The water tank may have cracks or other damage causing the water to leak out of the back vent. This is the common reason that causes fatal damage inside the steam mop.

Possible Fixes:

In that case, check out the vent if it is clogged or damaged; it can cause water to leak from the mop. To clean the vent, use a regular cotton swab or toothbrush to clean the edges gently. If the duct is damaged, you may need to replace it.

4. Faulty Valve

The back vent may have a faulty valve not closing properly, causing the water to leak. Overfilling and steaming is the main culprit that produces extreme pressure on the steam valve. For this reason, it becomes cracked and damaged.

Possible Fixes:

Inspect the valve condition. Use a screwdriver to detach it from the machine. Steam mop valves are separately sold in many renowned online shops.

You can either buy from there or seek help from an expert for a solution. Before that, try to wash the valve and re-attach it to the machine lest it might work after doing this. If it is still not working, change the valve with the new one.

5. Using Too High Steam Setting

Another crucial reason for steam mop leakage is using too high a steam setting during the working period.

The manufacturer always recommends a certain pressure level for their steam mop to keep its lifespan longer. But if you raise the steam setting more than the requirements, it could leak or crack.

Possible Fixes:

Before applying anything else, the first thing you must do is keep the steam setting lower. In most cases, you shouldn’t face any trouble using the steam mop now. But if it’s still leaking out of the water, you may hold down the trigger for a long time.

Therefore, pick the steam mop, and clean the floor with back-and-forth motion at least 3 times. Now, notice the mop by triggering its power button. It may release less steam after that, and the leakage may recover.

6. Not Moving the Steam Mop When Turning on

It is a silly mistake many make and causes steam mop leakage. The unwillingness to move the steam mop appropriately while it is turning on can cause unnecessary holes. As a result, the machine will leave excess water on the floor whenever you turn it on.

It sometimes confuses people. They think when the steam mop leaves excess water, it is meant to be leaking. But it is not a leakage; it is just simply going water for remaining idle on the same spot.

Possible Fixes:

Remember that a steam mop produces excessive water if you remain in the same spot for too long. Try to follow the backward and forward motions to fix it.

Take a break when it leaves too much water in the middle of the work. Then return to work after some time.

On the contrary, using a very wet mop sometimes occur such inconvenience. To avoid this, replace the older mop pads with the new ones.

7. Check Cracks

By far, unnecessary cracks or holes are the common reason for Bissell mop water leakage. The back vent is not producing water appropriately or stops if the tank cap is cranky. Besides, inspect the rubber gasket on its tip that is still attached to the machine.

If the gasket is attached correctly, then try to check the nozzle. A loose nozzle makes it challenging to leave sufficient water on the floor.

Possible Fixes:

Make sure to re-attach all the parts, including the nozzle and gasket. Then fasten them properly to steam mop the internal compartment.

If the water tank cap is cracked or spoiled, try to replace them as early as possible. It takes only $10-$15 to give a new life to your steam cleaner.

8. The water Tank Isn’t Seated Correctly

Your Bissell steam mop may be getting leaked for an uninstallation problem. Incorrect installation of some complicated steam mop parts is often responsible too.

Especially if you must remember to tighten the water tank nozzles or the mop will not evaporate steams if it isn’t seated correctly.

Possible Fixes:

Separate all the parts, the water tank, a mop handle, and others. Then, re-attach them once again. Check twice that you place the water tank in the exact location. Tighten the Tank correctly and firmly press down to work properly with it.

9. Adding Something Else Than Water

This is the last possible reason that may cause water to leak damp inside the Tank. The steam mop tank always required only water for steaming. Putting any other things, including vinegar or harsh chemicals, will destroy the parts of the steam mop.

Putting chemical products causes a detailed breakdown of the gasket. It also damages the plastic parts and other rubber components of the machine.

Possible Fixes:

Always use water to avoid unpredictable damage. Steam mop works excellently while you’re using distilled water.

Adding chemical products may not damage the parts instantly, but it will cause permanent damage as time passes. Therefore, be aware of adding anything else except water to prevent its harmful effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Bissell Steam Mop Leaking Out Too Much Water?

It may happen when using very high steam settings. The Bissell mop usually leaves too much water if the steam setting is too high.

On the other side, an unavoidable leakage inside the water tank of the steam may be responsible for this. Check out the steam mop’s internal parts to trace the exact problem.

How to Fix Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Leaking Problem?

Are you facing a leakage problem in your PowerFresh steam mop? Turn off the machine first. Then, remove the water tank and refill it. Start the machine again to check if it is still leaking water.

If it is not working, then unplug the machine. Separate all the parts one by one. Inspect the parts to trace any unpredictable damage to the cap and other equipment. Push the valve to ensure that it is releasing sufficient water as required.

How to Unblock Bissell Steam Mop Clogged?

Use a paperclip or sim card pin to fix the clogged problem inside the water tank. Insert the pin into the spray tip unit to remove the cloggers. This is the most general way to unblock Bissell steam mop clogged dirt and dust.

How Do I Fix Leaking in Bissell Steam Mop?

If your Bissell steam mop appears to be leaking, try to resolve them by following some steps. First, make sure the machine moves while you’re turning it on. Do not let it steam with high settings.

Change the mop pad if it becomes too damp or old. Inspect the machine’s damaged, faulty, or cracked parts and replace them if possible.

Final Word

That’s all about the quick solution to the question: why is my Bissell steam mop leaking from the back vent? The problem often lies in the rubber gasket surrounding the machine’s water tank cap. In that situation, replace the water tank, if possible.

Furthermore, if these steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to contact Bissell customer support or take your mop to a professional for repairs.

Bissell provides more than 2 years of guarantee on each product. Therefore, you can repair your machine or exchange it with the new one at zero cost.

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