Shark Steam Mop Making Knocking Noise | What To Do?

The most common problem that users complain about in a shark steam mop is the knocking noise. But it’s very easy to deal with this noise. In some cases, the knocking noise may arise along with the failure of steam production. Troubleshooting the machine can help you deal with your problem surely.

So, today, we will share the solution for the Shark steam mop making knocking noise. We know that this problem has been bothering you for a quite long time now. If you are one of those people who are tired of dealing with this, you are in the right place!

Move forward and we will let you know the detailed solution, the probable reasons why your steam mop may be making the noise, and solutions to your mop not the steaming problem in short as well. Let’s get started!


Why is my shark steam mop making noise?

The Shark Steam Mop is specially designed to provide auspicious vapor mop cleaning and sanitizing power with three levels of smart Steam Control. From steaming arid discerning sealed floors to scrubbing through tough messes, stuck on the tile, this mop is the first tool in cleaning green, non-use reusable microfiber bags and chemicals.

But sometimes there may be troubleshooting on this steam mop like making knocking noise. If your mop is left unused for a long time then it may cause noise. Besides, you have to be aware that there are no residues that are stuck on the mop, otherwise, the mop will malfunction and create noise and will stop producing steam.

Make sure the water tank is not overfilled.  If the water runs out and you don’t refill, it will cause knocking noise.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop

How to stop shark steam mop making knocking noise?

The Shark Steam Mop quickly removes dirt and grease build-up on your floors. If your machine starts making noise leading to producing no steam, there are several things you can do to determine the cause of the problem.

  • If the mop stops working and gives noise, stop using the machine and troubleshoot to determine the problem and fix it. Machines that do not produce steam have an empty tank or are clogged with inorganic residue.

It has a small reservoir that, depending on the size of the space that you are cleaning, is probable to run out of water several times during cleaning. A mineral relic occurs if you put hard water in the machine. Avoid this by always using distilled water.

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it. Twist the tank cap counterclockwise to remove it. Fill the filling haunt with distilled water and pour it into the tank. Repeat until the tank is filled with water. The filling flask is included in the steam mop kit. If it’s lost, use a liquid measuring cup. Turn the reservoir cap clockwise to tighten it. Plugin the machine and turn it on again.
  • If you didn’t inanimate the Mop properly, it may troubleshoot when you use it. To rightly inanimate the steam mop press each incoherent stuff into the next to make sure each one clicks into place. If you do not hear a click, press harder until it does. If the steam mop is not properly inanimate, it will leak and quickly will run out of water making noise.
  • Some other care should be taken to avoid the troubleshooting of the steam mop. Use liquid detergent. Detergent powders, bleaches, and fabric softeners may leave a residue on the mop that causes problems. Change the pills every two to three months. Vacuum or sweep the floor before scrubbing with the steam mop.

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Shark steam mop not steaming- what’s the solution?

When the steam mop gets clogged with calcium and minerals, the steaming issue can arise. It’s a common problem, in fact, we faced this a lot of times. Using distilled water can keep you safe from blockage. But in case you are still dealing with the steaming failure, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Sometimes, you might have the problem because of a lack of water in the water tank of your steamer. It’s obvious that your steam mop won’t work without enough water. So in case you are facing this problem, try to look for the water level as the first and foremost job. If it seems to be low than usual, try refilling it and work again.
  • When you fill the water tank and try to produce the steam, keep an eye on the intake tube and look if it’s bent or torn in any way. If you are fortunate enough and it is bent only, readjusting it will solve your issue. But if the tube is broken or damaged, it’s sad but you need to replace the tube.
  • If you notice any deposit buildup inside, you need to clean that up. Oftentimes the main culprit that acts behind this issue is deposit build-up. In this case, cleaning up the nozzle will help you get the steam again. You can use vinegar to clean the nozzle properly.
  • Another easy way to go is to give enough time to heat the water. If the water doesn’t get heated up, you won’t get your steam. So if you are in a hurry, the reason your steamer is not producing the steam can be less heat.
  • If you are still facing the problem, you can try cleaning up the mop. It will help you unclog every part inside and it may reproduce the steam again if the case is deposit build-up.

Tip: to avoid future deposit build-up and clogged nozzle, you can use distilled water. Using tap water can repeat the same problem creating an annoyance for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is shark steam mop not steaming problem fixable?

Yes. We have suggested a few ways. You can follow our instructions to fix your not steaming problem.

Do Shark Steam Mops really sanitize?

Yes. these mops actually work incredibly well in cleaning and sanitizing your floor and any other surface. Especially, the steam that these mops produce helps clean up in a better way.

Can I use vinegar in my shark steam mop?

If you want to remove the built-up deposits, vinegar can help you. But otherwise, it won’t be a wise option to use vinegar every day. If your intention is to make a better sanitization of the surface, you can go for it once or twice a week.

Can I use tap water in my shark steam mop?

Yes, you can. But using tap water is not suggested entirely because tap water contains different properties that lead to deposit build-up in the mop’s tank. As a result, you will face disrupted steaming, or even it may stop working. So unless you want to build mineral and calcium deposits inside the reservoir, you need to use distilled water inside.

Can you put anything other than water in a steam mop?

No, the steaming mainly works because of the water. So you cannot expect the steamer to work without water. Also, experts suggest using distilled water to use in the reservoir for a better experience.

Wrapping up

By now it should be clear to you how to solve your Shark steam mop making knocking noise problem. The solution is quite easy so you can do it yourself following our lead. But in case it doesn’t solve even after following our solution, in that case, you have to visit an expert. If your mop comes with a warranty, you can visit the shop for a solution as well.

In the end, our suggestion will be not to panic if something like this arises. Try basic troubleshooting and your problem should be solved. Also, try preventing these problems using the mop in the right way and by using distilled water to mop. Hopefully, you can enjoy the hassle-free moping experience.

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