4 Common Problems on Spin Mop and How to Fix Them

A spin mop is a very useful house cleaning tool. With unique technologies, a spin mop can be your solution to all the cleaning problems. Your floor cleaning job will be far easier with a spin mop and a lot faster too. Wherever you want to clean – your office, your home; you don’t have to worry.

When you work with the spin mop, you would want everything to work correctly, wouldn’t you? But alas! As there is saying goes: everything has its weakness, so does the spin mop. 

So, when you face a problem, and you don’t have time to run to the professionals, here’s how you can do it by yourself. Let’s get it.


4 Common Problems and How to fix them

We discovered three common problems on spin mop and solutions to these few problems with our core research. But before all of that, you should check out flaws in the mop bucket.

Flaws in the mop bucket

The market has a wide variety of mop buckets, but most of them follow similar build stricter and principles, so we can say mostly they get similar or closer flaws. 

  • Take a look at the mop bucket you have and check out if any problem sneaks out in front of you that might feel wrong. 
  • See if the handle has broken or come off. Is there any additional item that got stuck and prevented the bucket from spinning? 
  • Is it the basket itself that separated from the bucket and needs to be set back in? 

When you have done all the checking, and the flaw is still down there, now it’s time you should look for the common issues, which aren’t easy to find.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

First problem: The mop doesn’t spin when it is inside the basket

The mop won’t spin inside your mop bucket when you keep it in the drying tube, and it happens because of two reasons.

Reason one: The first possible reason is when you see the ringer cap is jammed too tightly. 

Many spin mops have this kind of ringer cap locks, like Mopando Spin Mop. The ringer cap lock is basically a second handle of the mop, which lies between the mop head and hand-grip.

When the ringer cap is too tight, the mop won’t spin when you press in inside the bucket. 


To fix the problem, you just have to perform a simple task. Just simply grab the lower part of the spin mop and the ringer cap, and then slowly rotate the ringer cap clockwise.

The mechanisms will then be freed and let you use your mop without reeling the mop head when you press it on the floor. 

  • Reason two: Now, the second possible reason is the drying tub may be housed with dust and debris inside


You can fix this one also easily. First, you have to use one or two pilers to unlock the mechanism that is used for locking the drying tub. When you do that, you can separate the drying tub. Afterward, you can clean dust or any other dirt by wiping it with a clean cloth. Then, apply a bit of grease for smooth rotation. Well, now, you’re set.

Second problem: The pedals don’t work to rotate the drying tub

Nowadays, advanced spin mops come with pedals. The pedals are for you to press and rotate the drying tub. It saves you both time and effort of opening the spin mop and pressing it down to the basket.

The pedal has gears that are required to operate, and over time, the gears catch debris and fibers unknowingly and eventually step inside the basket and spin mop. This debris and fibers tire up layer by layer and jam the gear mechanism, and finally, that stops the drying tub rotations.


In case of fixing this issue, you will only require a screwdriver and a WD-40. 

But what is WD-40? Well, WD-40 is basically a waterproof spray can that is perfect for using on lubricants and devices that get wet easily, such as the spin mop.

Now, turn over your bucket, and you’ll find two screws. Use your screwdriver to unscrew all the screws and parts from the drying tub panel and gently take it off. You’ll get to see the gears and other mechanisms that rotate the basket.

Don’t open up anything else, and remember the original placement of the parts you unscrewed. Then, start cleaning all debris and fibers out, and after you pulled out the garbage, start wiping up normally. Once you have done it, you can take the WD-40 and spray it onto the mechanism and gears you see.

Now, let it stay for a while, then reassemble everything. You’re done.

Third problem: The mop head doesn’t soak cleaning solutions efficiently

This is a natural and common problem that you will often face while cleaning. If you are using a mop for an extended period, the mop head’s fibers may start pilling off. 


During repetitive drying and wetting, the mop head’s fibers can lose their fertility and absorb power. And because of that, you may not clean floors efficiently as you did earlier.

The easiest solution for this is to buy a new mop head that will fit the spin mop you have. Then, fit the new one and enjoy cleaning.

Fourth problem: When the basket is detached

The basket is the vigilant part of the spin mop, and that’s what you’ll use the most while cleaning. It can be easily detached if it isn’t appropriately clipped. 

There might be other issues like the housing of dust and debris in the basket area, which will stop the basket’s rotation, and eventually, it may detach the basket too.


In case of dust and dirt, gently take out the basket and look if there are any real dust and debris.

Anyway, when you are done cleaning, simply press the basket back into position without any extra pressure. Or else, you might damage it cause it’s pretty vulnerable.

Apart from that, you’ll have to check out if there are any broken clips or pieces fallen inside. You have to make sure that there’s no broken piece; otherwise, the basket will not spin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you wash a mop head?

Yes, it’s possible. You can wash your mop head by using a mixture of hot water and a bit of detergent or bleach. 

How do you dry the spin mop head?

First off, using the mop bucket, you can get rid of dirt from the mop head and rinse it in clear water. Then, squeeze out the excess water. Then, let it dry outside in the sun.

How often should you change the mop water?

You don’t need to change it regularly. Every two or three months, you can change the mop water.

Is it OK to put mop water down the toilet?

Mop water is filled with dirt, dust, and germs. So, you can put the mop water into the toilet. And you can use the shower draining system too.

Do you need to mop twice?

As a ground rule, high traffic areas like dining, hallways, kitchens should be vacuumed every two or three days, and you can mop once a week.

Wrapping up

The spin mop is our daily driver while cleaning floors and rooms. When you are mopping your floor, ensure that the mop bucket is working and fully fit. Otherwise, you’ll be flooded with water in your room. Thanks to the manufacturers, they designed the spin mops so simply that you can fix them up quickly. When you find out the right issue (as explained above), try to fix it slowly and gently. Within no time, your spin mop will be running again. At best, it’ll take twenty to thirty minutes to fix the whole issue. 

You are the expert in your home. Happy Cleaning!

  1. I’m unable to get mop attached to mop stick
    Please help!!

  2. I think it sucks my handle is broken in my o cedar mop now that I’m able to use it again..Why would it break not being used?

  3. My mop is about 6 months old, ive bought replacement mop heads too, but this issue happend with the original mophead also. The red part that clicks to the mophead always detaches. All sides and corners are clicked. I absolutely love this mop. Could this be a factory defect? If so can if get a replacement?

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