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What’s your kitchen floor made of? Is it tile? Most US homes contain hardwood in the dining room, hallway, and master bedroom. Let me share my opinion. I don’t have a mop! It doesn’t mean I don’t love it, but it’s like mops don’t work for me!

I’m a lazy duck! Still, ‘Hands and knees scrubbing’ is the best-suited way for me to get the grime off my tile kitchen floor. A mop doesn’t dig the dirt out of the grout. It’s mopping the floor, my hands and knees all the way.

We recommend having a bucket of soapy water, a rag, a scrub, and most importantly, a nylon scraper during the physical effort. Recently, I read some forums that talk about the best knee pads for cleaning floors. You can mop the whole house comfortably with this!


Do Your Maids Clean on Their Knees?

Cleaning hard floors is done with hands and knees following the old methods. Using a cotton towel or knee pads will clean the floor like the gold standard. Our grandmothers did it. So, we must try once in our life to clean better than our grandmothers. Well, I am not talking about competition!

I don’t know about maids much as I don’t have one, but I have seen people wearing knee pads and cleaning the floor by crawling one side of the kitchen.

Backing in the old days, there was no better way than getting down on knees and scrub. Still, the floor cleaner is the most favorite option for decreasing physical efforts.

We have tried both sponge mops and string mops and found no significant benefits other than physical cleaning. Cleaning multiple homes a day with hands and knees provide more clean and sanitary result. Unfortunately, it has injuries related to this type.

How to mop/scrub a floor by hand? 3 ways to do

Today’s generation uses all great hacks to clean a house. It would help if you tried cleaning as quick and painless as possible. Getting down on hands and knees may look old-fashioned; still, the process provides more value in a detailed kind of clean. Let’s see ‘Mopping floor by hands’ in 3 ways!


  • Prepare bucket three-quarters full with water. Be mindful of using hot water. Use a ‘Multi-Surface Cleaner’ into the water.
  • Use a scrubbing brush to get a rag.
  • Put on Cleaning Gloves.

1. Scrubbing under the home appliances!

We don’t move home appliances very often, and it’s very likely having dirt and grimes under them. I have experienced ground under the bottom of the fridge, dishwasher, or stove is far tough to clean. A vacuum cleaner and mop can’t get there! What’s the solution in case? Simple, move the appliances and clean under them using hands. It would be best if you used vacuum first, and then rag over the area. Doing with the brush and hands will remove stubborn spots extensively.

2. Brushing off the toe edges

The tiles or hardwood have little edges and corners. We find dust and dirt inside them that are too small. The cleaning process is out of reach sometimes. I have seen the seams in the toe kicks of my kitchen cabinets. Is it become hard to clean the edges where the floor transition? You should make your fingers rag-covered and clean these spots augment with a few cotton swabs. You’ll enjoy cleaning dark areas than your expectations.

3. Cleaning the labor-saving device

For the next challenging step, like cleaning baseboards, walls, and doors, please change the mop water. While going through the floor, you’ll see black or yellow spots on your baseboard. You can make a right hand wash to get rid of these tougher marks. Remember that a good rub-down as well.

Cleaning Floors with Healthy Mind

The floor cleaning method is done with color-coded mop pads. Those knee pads that are used in the bathroom should not use in other areas of the home. Using the best cleaning products will boost up your confidence. Let’s see some found products quickly and can be used with a mop, hands, and knees.

  • White vinegar
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning degreaser
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Spray Bottles

Investing in a professional cleaning team is quite a waste if you have better cleaning results at home. You will feel relaxed on your hands and knees. This system removes dirt very well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you clean floors in hand?

Almost every housemaid starts cleaning floors by hand. ‘Floor Swift’ is a brutal way to eliminate dirt from the tiles and hardwood. When you intend to clean floors using hands, be prepared with a microfiber towel, warm water, and a good cleaner. Scrubbing the floor with hands will create a good value.

Why is my floor still dirty after I mop?

During the wet equals clean, we often forget rinsing out the knee or mop pad, resulting in a dirty floor. Using all materials and water onto the floor will make a fresh cleanup. Be mindful of this!

Does mopping clean?

People won’t deny that mops are great tools to keep floors clean. We often leave footprints in our house. Having germs in a home should be removed by sweeping or vacuuming regularly. Cleaning hard floors is possible with a clean mop. Good mopping and cleaning techniques with hands and knees are considered an effective way to remove grime and germs from the seams.


This guide is a short comparison of Mop vs. Hands and Knees. Some people love working hands and knees; some people work with a mop. Let me share an experience. I used to clean my kitchen floor using a ‘Swifter Wet Jet.’ I faced problems wiping up small spills from a clean floor and then searched for the most common way to clean floors. I’m not a swifter fan; still, I would recommend getting in the corners on hands and knees and then go with a mop.

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