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To keep our house cleaned and tidy, we need to use various types of cleaning tools. The spin mop is one of the popular and most used cleaning tools. House owners love to use a spin mop as they do not need to touch the dirty water while mopping the floor. But unfortunately, spin mops often come with various issues regarding their bucket.

You can easily work around various small problems of this tool, but you need to fix it as soon as possible when it comes to its bucket. Sometimes the problem is not so simple that you can fix them own and you may have to replace it with a new one. But don’t worry; we are here to help you and guide you on how to fix the spin mop bucket.


Find out the problem of your spin mop bucket

Basically, we know that a spin mop comes with two major parts- the mophead with the handle and the bucket. Though the spin mop’s design and outlook can vary from model to model, the principles of the mechanic are the same. That is why most of the time, these mops have the same failure points. Check out the mop bucket to see if-

  • There is an obstacle that stops the bucket from rotating
  • The peddle does not work correctly
  • There is anything that comes out at you that seems wrong
  • The handle of the bucket comes out or
  • The basket comes away from the bucket automatically

Once you find out all the tool’s failure points, you need to go for the repairing process. So, check for your tool’s common problems and follow our bellow discussed guide for fixing them.

1. Problem one- The mop doesn’t spin when it is in the basket

If you see the mop head does not spin in the basket, check it carefully if there is anything jamming. If there is nothing creating jam, then something else is going on. 

At first, check the ringer can on the mop; if this cap is done up too tight, it will not spin when you press it into the basket. 

It is quite a common problem, and you can also fix it easily. If the tool has two handles, then often the bottom one becomes over tight as it is closest to the floor, and it stops the bucket from rotating. 

You just have to grip the bottom part of the mop and gently rotate as clockwise. Most probably, the problem will be solved. 

2. Problem two- Broken down the peddle

Peddle is one of the essential parts of the spin mop. In fact, without this feature, your bucket is nothing but an ordinary bucket. You need the peddle to rotate the basket. This peddle has gears to operate. Dirt and debris can become stored in the mechanism and prevent the basket from rotating. 

There are two screws near the paddle. Just turn the bucket over, and you see these screws. Open the screws and gently take off the panel. Then you will see the gear and the mechanism that allows spinning the basket. 

You will be surprised seeing how much build-up there is. Now very carefully, start to clean the build-up and make sure that you don’t detach anything during cleaning. Definitely, you will be surprised to see the amount of build-up. Carefully pull out these build-ups as much as possible and use some spray oil like WD40. Use this spray on the mechanism and let it sit for a while.

Finally, put the cover back on. Gently push the peddle to test, and hopefully, you will feel it start moving.   

3. Problem three- Detached the basket

The spin mop’s basket is often detached from the bucket. Gently lift the basket out and have a look at the bottom of the bucket. Usually, small particles or debris fall in this area and create a jam to stop the basket from rotating. It can also force the basket to detach when you use it. 

Just simply clean out the dirt and debris from the bucket and the basket and check if the problem is still alive. Just make sure that, during any cleaning work, the clips should never be broken off. Otherwise, the basket will not perform. Place the basket again on the bucket gently. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to mopping your floor using the spin mop, you need to make sure that the spin mop bucket works properly. Otherwise, you will never obtain the required cleanliness. Even excess water will spread everywhere. But the good thing is that, as these mops are designed simply, they are also quite easy to fix.

You just need to identify the problem accurately. Then follow the above-listed cleaning solution and fix it. We hope you can easily do it and no need to go to buy a new one.

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