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Many of us spend lots of money at the gym to gain our necessary health fitness. But have you ever thought that your regular household work could also help you reach your targeted weight? Any household works, whether it is cooking or mopping the floor, sweeping, cleaning the room, or washing the dishes, all these works burn lots of calories.

Well, maybe these works are unpleasant for you, but they can wonder about your body. Among the lots of household works, mopping the floor is one of the most common works which is considered as a good exercise. Sweeping and mopping the floor, in particular, have the capacity to balance your mind and body. Do you have ever try this? If no, then it is the right time to start. Make this household chore a habit; your health will be secured.


Is mopping the floor a good exercise?

During the quarantine period in our homes, we had to do our work without any housemade. Surprisingly, we found mopping the floor on a regular basis bring some amazing changes in our body. Even when we use hand and knees for mopping the floor, it can burn more calorie than using a tool. 

According to the experts, mopping or sweeping can burn about 240 calories per hour. In addition, during mopping and sweeping, your body does an exceptional upper and lower body workout. That means, if you mop your floor every day, taking about an hour, it will be equal to any other exercise. 

Another study shows that about half an hour of mopping can burn 145 calories for and 60 kilograms woman while 80 kilograms man can burn approximately 188 calories. That means mopping is undoubtedly a good exercise, helping you ensure your fitness by burning targeted calories. 

5 Health benefits of mopping

When you mop your floor, you can easily include some other effective workouts for creating a circuit-training session that offers cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening benefits. Besides, mopping and sweeping have many other health benefits. Let us discuss them.

1. Weight loss

Tend to eat more and work less is the prime reason for gaining excess weight. Overweight can be the cause of various health issues. To keep your weight under control, you just need to burn your calories. Even you should also intake a limited amount of calories. Thus you can keep your weight in the normal range.

By mopping the floor regularly, you can stop increasing your weight and also decrease some belly fat certainly. According to the studies, mopping the floor using hands, knees, and legs, and bend can help cut down the excess belly fat. 

2. Burn huge calories

Burn a certain amount of calories is an important requirement to get the required fitness for every health-conscious people. This is the reason why people spend lots of time at the gym. But if you think that only the gym can give an accurate workout, then you are wrong. 

It needs lots of efforts in house cleaning work, especially doing the most exercising parts, sweeping with a broom and mopping the floor. These house cleaning work can give you the best workout, even without going to the gym. It helps you to burn calories, just like you would doing exercise in the gym. So, no more wasting money at the gym; just mop your floor and burn your excess calories. 

3. Reduce stress levels

Do you know, house cleaning work is therapeutic? A clean, tidy, and dust-free house can reduce your stress level remarkably. Whatever cleaning work you are doing, it doesn’t matter; it can be dusting the upholstery, sweeping the floor using the broom, or mopping the floor using any tool or manually. Any house cleaning work can reduce your stress, and you would feel calmer. Have a look over the tidy environment; your brain gets a signal of relaxation and brings you to come back. 

4. Take control of your temper.

Sometimes we become very short temper that lost control over our anger. Do you know, house cleaning works can be an easy way to vent out all the anger you have inside. Often it happens that you are mad at someone, but you cannot shout- at them; then what should you do? Take the mop or microfiber cloth and vent out your anger at the mop and the floor’s germs. 

5. Prevent spreading germs and allergies 

Infections and allergies are usually caused due to dust that carry plenty of harmful particles, bacteria, and virus. The only effective way to remove these hostile factors from your house is to clean it properly. Yes, a regularly cleaned house can ensure the secure health of you and your family.

You should use a good quality cleaning product while mopping to remove all hostile factor and disinfecting the floor. 

Wrapping up

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining body fitness. But in a busy life, it is quite difficult to take out some time every day and go to the gym for doing exercise. It becomes nearly impossible for a working mom. Mopping the floor can be a great solution to this problem.

As we already discussed, sweeping and mopping the floor has lots of health benefits; in addition, it keeps your house clean and tidy. So, no matter if you cannot arrange times for going gym, take the tool and start mopping the floor! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is mopping good for weight loss?

Mopping the floor for one hour can burn 230 calories, which can reduce excess weight.

 Does mopping actually clean?

Mopping is a great way to keep clean your floors. Foot traffic can lead to soil, dust and germs in your house. Mopping is really the best way to clean the floor. Even it is sometimes better than sweeping or vacuuming. 

What housework burns the most calories?

According to the experts, among the plenty of household works, vacuuming can burn most calories. Surprisingly, 130 minutes of vacuuming can burn up to 380 calories. 

How many calories do you burn in a day without exercise?

Various studies show that non-exercise movement, like various house cleaning work, can burn up to 350 calories per day.

Does mopping build muscle?

When we mop our floor, it offers us various cardiovascular muscle-strengthening benefits. Well, you may need to spend a few hours in a day mopping your house for burning lots of calories to build muscle.

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