How To Change Batteries In Bona Mop | Simple Steps To Follow

Bona mop is the most popular mopping system at a super affordable price. All types of Bona mops are so simple and straightforward to use. There is no hassle navigating it. These mops are ideal for hardwood floors, vinyl, stone, and so on. 

However, Bona PowerPlus Motion Premium Spray Mop has a vibrating mop head for optimal cleaning. So this type of Bona mop requires batteries to create a vibration on the head. Other Bona mops work without batteries. 

Bona PowerPlus Motion Premium Spray Mop requires 4 AA batteries to work. So how to change batteries in the Bona mop? Here is the guide to changing the mop’s batteries. 


How do Bona mop’s batteries work?

Only the PowerPlus Motion Premium Spray Mop has batteries in the mop head. They work for vibrating the mop head. It delivers sonic action when you need to lose the stuck-on debris and messes. As a result, it cleans the floor faster. 

There is a round-push button at the right-upper side of the mop head. You can easily push the button with your feet and activate the ultrasonic mode. And you can switch it off and push the button again. It is so easy to use.  

The brand claims that this mop head cleans 40% quicker than the leading competitors. So you get the job done faster. With this mop, you can easily remove stuck-on messes and build-up debris. 

The microfiber moping pad with a vibrating head delivers effective cleaning. When removing stuck-on messes, you don’t push the mop harder.

Because the vibrating head works to loosen the dirt, just back-and-forth motion with gentle pressure will be enough to remove dirt and debris. You can get streak-free, spotless, and beautiful floors.

How to change batteries in the Bona mop?

Bona PowerPlus Motion Premium Mop is identical to the regular Bona spray mop. Only the ultra-sonic motion makes the difference. However, it is super simple to replace the batteries of the Bona mop. Only follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: There are two battery slots on the upper side of the Bona mop head. Each slot is placed beside two sides of the handle. You need to simply remove the latch with your finger, exposing the batteries. 

Step 2: Now, you take your fingernail and pry the batteries out here carefully. Click about one side; there is a little spring that holds the batteries in place. Thus, you can take out the batteries with real ease. Remove batteries from both battery slots. 

Step 3: It’s time to get the new batteries; you will need 4. You meet the new varies of the right ties, and you put them in the right place. 

Step 4: Make sure that you place the batteries in the right place and in the right direction. To ensure the thing, look at the springs where the negative side of the batteries should meet the springs.

And then the opposite side should be the positive side. The battery flares a little pompous is the positive side, and the opposite is the negative side.   

Step 5: Then close the battery lid and check whether the mop head is vibrating or not. Push the sonic activation button.

When do you need to change Bona mop batteries?

As I said earlier, batteries power up the vibrating function of the Bona mop head. Changing the batteries is essential to get an ultrasonic deep clean. If the head stops vibrating, then understand it’s time to replace the batteries. 

Also, when the batteries go out of power, the mop head doesn’t vibrate as much as it does earlier. When your Bona mop head doesn’t vibrate properly, you should change the batteries. You will require 4 AA batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does Bona mop need batteries?

Only the Bona PowerPlus Motion spray mop requires batteries. The rest of the Bona mops don’t need them. The batteries of this mop help to activate the sonic mode that creates a vibration on the mop head for deep cleaning. 

Why does My Bona Spray Mop not spray?

If your Bona mop doesn’t assemble properly, it won’t spray. So you should correctly assemble poles A&B. Then attach the mopping head and pad. Refill the cartridge and attach it by pushing down firmly with two hands until you hear a clicking sound. 

Is the head on the power plus stronger than the pro series?

Yes, the PowerPlus spray mop is stronger than the pro series. Because it has a vibrating mopping head that delivers deep cleaning to the floor. As a result, you can clean the floor faster and more effectively. 

Does the hardwood motion spray mop have a battery for the “ultrasonic” function? 

Yes, the hardwood motion spray mop has batteries for the ultrasonic function. This mode activates vibration on the Bona mop head that easily cleans stuck-on messes. 

How long does the battery last, and is it replaceable?

The Bona PowerPlus spray mop has batteries on the mop head for ultrasonic motion. The battery’s lifespan depends on your usage. If you use it too frequently, then the battery charge will go faster. And, of course, batteries are replaceable. 

Final Words

Bona mops are incredible for hard floor cleaning. If you are using the Bona PowerPlus spray mop, then you can clean the hard floors with ultrasonic functions. The ultrasonic function will work properly if you change the batteries on time. 

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