How to Clean a Carpet With a Steam Mop | You Should Know

A steam mop is an excellent tool to give speed in your house cleaning work. These mops usually come with plenty of attractive features, like they are inexpensive and light in weight. It is easy to move around with them, and you do not need to use any harsh chemicals during cleaning with a steam mop. 

Some steam mops are specially designed for use on hard surfaces like tiles and hardwood floors. At the same time, there are also a few multi-functional. Have you ever cleaned a carpet with a steam mop? Do you think it will be safe? Well, if you still do not use the steam mop for cleaning your carpet, then stay with us. Here we will guide you on how to clean a carpet with a steam mop easily. 


Why you should steam clean your carpet

Carpets can be anywhere in the home, like in the bedroom, hall room, living room, and even the stairs. Carpets are made of uncountable individual fibers, and these surfaces are prone to attract all kinds of dirt, human and pet hair, soil, and food particles. That is why cleaning a carpet is more challenging than cleaning the floor or other surface.

  • Carpet needs to clean correctly: You can vacuum your carpet daily, but if you do not clean it properly, very soon it will look ugly with a worse smell. If you steam clean your carpet correctly, it will look fresh, clean, and no bad smell can be formed. 
  • Kills dust mites and bacteria: Carpets are not only prone to attract dust; a dirty carpet can be a sanctuary of dust mites and bacteria. Vacuuming can help to remove them but not completely. Steam cleaning of the carpet able to kill dust mites and bacteria completely. Even steam cleaning is only the way to get rid of bacteria from the carpets.

How to clean carpet with a steam mop | Step by Step

If you still do not clean your carpet with a steam mop, then this step-by-step guide will help you to learn it. This cleaning method does not have any hard rule that you cannot follow. Let us see how you can steam clean your carpet. 

1. Test on a small area

Steam mops release very hot steam, which can damage the carpet’s sensitive surface. If the manufacturer instructed any specific cleaning method for the carpet, then you should follow it. Otherwise, test the steam mop on a small hidden area and examine the result carefully.

 If the tested part of the carpet can tolerate the high-temperature water vapor, then you can go for the entire carpet.  

2. Remove lightweight furniture and other loose objects

We know that removing furniture is not an easy job but keep patience and trust us-it will make your carpet cleaning work more comfortable. You will not need to move with the steam mop awkwardly around the furniture, and you can finish your work with more speed and flawlessly. 

Another importance of remove furniture is, you may have noticed that stain and grime often build up under the furniture where your hand or regular cleaning objects cannot reach. So, you need to remove furniture to clean these build up dust and stains. 

3. Vacuum the carpet first

Many people want to skip the vacuuming stage of this cleaning process. They want straight go for the steam mopping. But you need to remove all loose dirt, dust, debris, and hair from the carpet; otherwise, they will get stuck on the steam mop head. And a block steam mop head will not release the necessary steam for proper cleaning. 

4. Attach the carpet glider

Make your steam mop ready to clean by attaching a carpet glider to the mop head. This special cleaning attachment will help you to run over the carpet surfaces smoothly. Even it also protects the nozzle of the mop gets block by the fiber of the carpet. 

Attach the glider before you turn on the mop as there is some steam mop that automatically starts, so you should attach the glider on the mop head before you plug it. 

5. Pour water into the tank

The next step is filling the water tank. Check the maximum capacity indicator while you will pour the water into the tank. The average capacity of the steam mop tank is about 16 fluid ounces. Many models of steam mop come with a measurement cup. Use it if your model has. 

6. Start moping from the corner

Start your cleaning work from the far corner of the carpet. Usually, corners are placed away from the entrance and the doorway. So, start from the corner as there will be less foot traffic, and then gradually mop the whole carpet. After cleaning one room, head to the next one and clean all the carpets of your house by turn. 

7. Drive the mop straight

The heat of the steam mop is enough to remove various stubborn stains. It can clean stains efficiently from the carpet. You just need to drive it properly. You should go with straight lines. It will help you identify which side of the carpet is not mopped yet.

8. Let your carpet dry properly

Your carpet needs some time to dry properly. Ensure proper air circulation and do not walk on it. How much time it will take to dry correctly will depend on the type of carpet. Obviously, a high-pile carpet will take more time than a low-pile carpet. On average, it can take about four to ten hours to dry properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I use tap water for a steam mop?

As normal tap water can be hard, it will be best if you use distilled water. The hard water contains minerals that can create a block in the mop’s nozzle. 

Can steam mop kill germs on the carpet?

Yes. The normal vacuum cannot, but the steam mop’s hot water vapor can effectively kill germs and pathogens.

What Is a carpet glider?

Carpet glider is a plastic-made attachment that needs to attach to the steam mop head while mopping the carpet. 

Is it necessary to use any cleaner with the steam mop?

No, not at all. The hot vapor of the steam mop is enough to eliminate any hard stain and kill germs. The main purpose of the steam mop is to clean your carpet without any chemicals. Despite that, if you use any cleaner, it can damage your steam mop. 

Do steam cleaners remove mold from the carpet?

Yes, a steam mop can effectively remove mold from the carpet.

Wrapping up 

Clean a carpet with a steam mop is not a too tough job. If you are going to do it the first time, then just follow the above-listed cleaning guide. Do not forget to use distilled water for moping. After you finish your work, it is important to clean the mop head. Otherwise, the dirt or debris car creates a block in the mop’s nozzle. It can damage your machine quickly. It is also necessary to dry the carpet properly. Otherwise, it can create a bad smell and also can grow mold. So, clean your carpet with the steam mop and get a germ-free clean, and new-looking carpet. Happy cleaning!

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