How to Dry a Mop in an Apartment | 8 Easy & Effective Ways

The mop is an essential cleaning tool for every house. When we spill something on the floor or simply do regular floor cleaning, we need to use a mop almost daily. Mops are usually for cleaning the floor but have you ever thought it is also essential to keep the mop clean? 

Yes, because only a clean mop can provide better cleaning. It is not necessary to dry it after cleaning. Otherwise, it will damage quickly, and it will also start growing germs and bacteria. Mops are not long-lasting equipment. If you don’t maintain it correctly, the mop will ruin it soon. After every use, you should clean and dry properly and then store.

Drying properly is quite tricky for those who live in apartments as they have less space. Often people complain that they have to buy mops frequently as it becomes unusable only after a few uses. The main reason is that they do not dry the mop properly after each use.   

Do you look for some tips to dry a mop in an apartment? If yes, then you can see the below tips. We hope these tips will help you to dry your mop in the apartment.

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Tips for drying a mop in an apartment

Most apartments come with limited space, so it becomes quite tough to dry the mop properly. Well, you need to be a little bit tricky to find some different way to dry the mop. Let’s follow the tops.

1. Dry the mop in the sun

The best way to dry a wet mop is to dry it in the sun. You should clean the mop with soapy water or another appropriate cleaner after each use and let it dry.

The sun’s heat absorbs the water of the mop and makes the mop germ-free. The good thing about drying mop in the sun is that it comes out if there are any insects in the mop. 

2. Use a hairdryer to dry the mop 

Although this may seem like a crazy delusion, it works if there is no other way to dry the mop. First, you have to put the mop on the rack and dry it with a hairdryer. But you have to make sure that it is free of water and hassle around it; otherwise, there is a possibility of electric shock.

The hair drying machine needs a lot of power, so you have to be careful while using it. And when drying the mop with the hair drying machine, the mop head should wring so that it cannot drip. You should gently shake the mop head to let it dry very quickly.

3. Use the fan

After using the mop, it should clean and dry well. If you can’t put it outside to dry, you need to wring the water well and put it under the fan. Ensure that it can dry properly. As it will take enough time to dry under the fan, there is a chance to grow a foul smell or bacteria. So be aware of this.

4. Dry near the window 

Windows are the significant source of the air circulation of the house. You can also let the wet mop dry near the window. Open the window and ensure enough air circulation through it. Put the mop in a suitable place so that the air can dry the mop quickly.

There is a problem also. An open window is also an easy way to enter insects in the house. These insects can ruin the mop head. So, make sure that the insect should not get the chance to enter your house. 

5. Put mop in the balcony 

A balcony is a very common area in all the apartments. We can also dry mop on the

balcony if we want. In that case, you should place the mop on the balcony in such a way that the air can circulate directly and the mop can get the outside air. It is common to dry anything on the balcony in today’s home, so you should keep clean the balcony so that the dirt does not get into the mop.

6. Dry inside of the apartment 

If there is no space on the porch or anywhere else, you can let the wet mop dry inside the house. First, you have to wring the excess water off the mop well; then you have to pull a rope from one side to another in the room, then you have to put the mop in the string and make arrangements so that the outside air comes in and dry the mop, but the process is a bit slow. It will take more time to dry completely.

7. Dry the mop inside the bathroom 

If there is no space in the house, you can hang the mop in the bathroom. It does not matter how it looks like because it is more important to dry the mop head. Hang the mop at one side of the bathroom allow it to dry properly. 

8. Use mop drying sheets 

One type of mop drying sheet is currently available in the market. With these, the mop can be easily dried indoors, which saves a lot of time and less trouble.  

And the mop lasts for a long time, undoubtedly. There are different types of mop drying sheets available in the market. Buy any suitable one and dry the mop head properly.  

But it also has some disadvantages. This sheet is drawn excess water from the mop; as a result, the mop becomes rough. In addition, the use of a mop drying sheet is quite expensive also. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you dry a mop head in the dryer?

Though it is possible to dry the mop head in the dryer, a temperature of more than 140 degrees can damage the mop head’s microfiber. So, it is better you try to dry the mop head under the sunshine instead of the dryer.

Can your machine wash spin mop head? 

Yes. Most of the spin mop heads are made from soft microfiber materials, and these are machine washable.  

How do you hang a mop to dry?

To prevent the growth of bad smells, germs, and bacteria, make sure the mop head is dry before you store it. To dry the mop properly, wring the mop properly so that the excess water as much as you can. Then hang the mop head outside on a cloth rack or a rope. The sunshine will naturally kill mold and bacteria.

Wrapping up 

Finally, the mop is a very useful tool for cleaning the house. So, it is important to maintain it properly after each use. You should clean and dry properly and store it away from the dirt. A wet mop is easily damaged and destroyed. You have to keep it dry for long-term use. Come to the health; a wet mop is an ideal place to breed germs and bacteria. Mops collect a lot of dirt and debris while cleaning. Those will be the perfect place for bacteria to grow faster and stronger. And believe us, they are strong enough to make you sick. So, follow the above-listed tips and dry your mop head properly after each use. All the best.

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