What Causes & How to Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop is undoubtedly the best steam mop that sells so far and this steam mop is amazing to clean the floor. Isn’t it? It is also environment friendly. As it only uses water and heat for cleaning your floor surface, it is favorable for kids, too. Though there are lots of useful aspects of it, you can face some problems among them nozzle blockage is the most common people complain about while using it at home. But, don’t worry!!! You can easily fix this problem by yourself. Just sit back and keep on reading!

In this post, we will let you know some tips and tricks by following which you can clean the nozzle on the shark steam mop with ease. These tricks will also save you both time and money. That’s awesome!


What Causes Blockage inside the Nozzle

If your shark steam mop isn’t heating like before, one of the top reasons behind it could be nozzle blockage. By decalcifying nozzles, you can easily fix this problem. So, we need to know how to decalcify the nozzle, right? Here we go.

Well, you need to clean the nozzle on the shark steam mop on a regular basis or every once in a while. Because, if you use hard water from the faucet to clean off with the steam mop, your nozzles may get blocked after a while. As hard water carries lots of limestone and minerals. These minerals are not harmful to human health, but they can affect your appliances badly. Because the minerals create residual buildup and thus create blockage inside the nozzle of your mop.

How to Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop

If your steam mop doesn’t emit steam, maybe the nozzles are blocked. But hold on for a minute!!! Your steam mop isn’t broken. So, you need not change it or buy another one right away. You can easily fix this problem by following these simple steps mentioned below:

Necessary tools

  • A screwdriver
  • Vinegar
  • A cotton pad or a thin pin

Steps to follow

  • First, unplug your steam mop and allow it to cool down. Also, empty the water tank completely.
  • Then, un-attach the nozzle with a screwdriver from the mop head base.
  • Access the nozzle carefully.
  • See if the nozzle of your shark steam mop is blocked. If yes, use a cotton pad to clean the blockage. You can also pour white vinegar onto the mop head and then rub it with a cloth to clear the blockage.
  • But if the residue is within the nozzle, use a paperclip or a pin.
  • Push the pin back and forth to unblock the nozzle.
  • Re-attach the nozzle with the mop head again.

How often you should clean your Shark steam mop nozzle

Well, cleaning the nozzle on the shark steam mop is a bit difficult. Isn’t it? It is not essential to clean your steam mop’s nozzle regularly. But we would highly recommend you to clean off your mop’s nozzle after you make use of it each time. That’s only when it can serve you properly for the longer-term.

So, we are going to give you some directions step-by-step to get rid of this trouble. If you follow this cleaning procedure, you can clean nozzle on shark steam mop flawlessly. So, let’s get straight into it!!!

How to Avoid Blockage Inside the Nozzle

  • Remove dirt and dust from the nozzle: Your steam mop’s nozzle can clog up occasionally due to all kinds of dirt and dust on the floor while cleaning. This blockage will surely make your steam mop totally useless if you don’t repair it. So, to avoid this trouble, clean off your mop after every use.
  • Use distilled water: One of the easiest ways to avoid blockage inside the nozzle is to use only distilled or demineralized water in your steam mop. Using demineralized water in the steam mop reduces the possibility of hard water buildup inside the nozzle.
  • Ensure regular maintenance: Another method you can follow is the regular maintenance of your machine. You should wipe away any kind of debris or dirt thoroughly on the nozzle of your steam mop after every use. You can also use a vinegar solution on your appliance once in a while even if there is no blockage to avoid further residual buildup within the nozzle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you put a cleaning solution in shark steam mop?

Do not add any kind of cleaning solution to the water in the shark steam mop as this may damage the appliance.

Can you put anything other than water in a steam mop?

Don’t use cleaning solutions, perfumes, or any other chemicals in a steam mop. As chemicals can cause erosion in your steam mop. That’s why anything else other than water isn’t recommended. Steam alone is enough to clean the floor.

How do I know when my shark steam mop is ready?

If your steam mop is plugged into a 120-volt electrical outlet and the power “on” light turns blue, you will know your shark steam mop is ready to use. It takes only 30 seconds for your mop to heat up and to make the steam ready.

Can you put CLR in a steam mop?

We would recommend you not to use CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover) in your steam mop. As anything else other than water can be hazardous for your health. But, you can use white vinegar instead of CLR to descale.

Wrapping up

A clogged nozzle of your shark steam mop could be very dangerous. Because, when you keep your steam mop plugged in, but the steam doesn’t come out, then it can blast. That’s why if you think there might be a problem, unplug it. Try to identify the problem As soon as possible and fix it according to the given instructions. If the problem is complex, contact a professional service provider.

Cleaning your shark steam mop’s nozzle after each use is the finest option to extend its durability. But, if you cannot clean it daily, try to clean once-in-a-week. Since an hour is enough to accomplish the steps properly. So, we hope from the above-mentioned steps you already have a clearer picture of how to clean the nozzle on the shark steam mop.

If you would like to share your experience with your shark steam mop, we would love to hear them. And if you have any other questions, put them in the comment box below!!!

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