How Does a Spin Mop Work | Step by Step Guidelines

At present, spin mom is a trendy cleaning tool. You have probably seen the spin mop if you watch television and pay attention to the new technologies for maintaining a tidy house. The spin mop is designed to allow the user to clean all types of dirty floors without touching even the dirty water. Besides, this mop is suited and entirely safe for use on all floor types, including wood, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, and travertine. But how exactly work a spin mop on the floor?

The incredible feature of the spin mop is it can spin at 360 degrees. Though many people say that this mop is a little bit pricy but trust me, people who actually want to keep their house clean and the floor tidy just love spin mop. If it is your first attempt with the spin mop, you must have a clear idea of how a spin mop works?

For your convenience, we will discuss here how does a spin mop work. So that what should be your action with this mop on the floor works?


How does a spin mop work?

At present, there is a various model of spin mop available in the market. Though the model is different, the working process is almost the same for all. Well, here, we will discuss the working process of the spin mop step by step.

Step 1

A spin mop comes with an amazingly rotating microfiber mop head that can effectively remove dirt, dust, debris, and liquid spills. You should read the direction carefully to hold the mop handle accurately. Because there are many models of the spin mop that come apart, and if you do not hold them accurately, they may become separate while you are going to scrubbing the floor. So, ensure that you hold the mop in the right way to avoid this mishap.

Step 2

Now make your floor cleaning solution depend on your floor types. On average, you can use a few numbers of detergents or vinegar or a small amount of rubbing alcohol with water. Now dip the mop head into the water and wet the mop head yearn well. Now put it into the spinning basket, which is attached to the main water bucket. Press the foot pedal to start this spin of the basket. By spinning, it will squeeze out excess water from the mop head.

Step 3

You need to ensure that the mop head should be at the level of the basket. Otherwise, the spinning basket cannot remove excess water properly. You should also hold the mop handle in such a way that it should be at a 90-degree angle and parallel to the surface. It will prevent your mop from wobbling while you are mopping the floor. Though it is not tough to handle spin mop, you will not get the best mopping result if you do not go the right way.

Step 4

You should squeeze away the dirty water from the mop head as soon as possible. Because the longer the mop head will hold the dirty water, the more you will move with dirt around the floor. So, you should rinse the mop head whenever you need it.

The spin mop’s best cleaning method is, wipe a small area of the floor and then rinse the mop head with clean water. It will ensure that the floor you are wiping is truly cleaned and not mopped with dirt collected from other areas of the floor.

Step 5

Change the dirty water often. It will ensure more cleanliness of your entire floor. You should use warm water whenever you fill the bucket because warm water can clean better and easily can remove stains from the floor than normal or cold water. After a few times rinsing mop head with the bucket water, you should change it as the water may have been dark and full of debris. Cleaning with this dark water means only makes your floor dull.

Step 6

Another most essential thing is that you must clean the bucket and the mop head with clean water after each cleaning season. It will ensure that you will get a clean and fresh mop and bucket for cleaning your floor when you will want to use the mop.

Tips for using a spin mop

  • The spin mop is not only for cleaning the floor if it can efficiently clean the tiled walls in the bathroom and the shower stalls.
  • Various spin mop models come with a pumping handle with a lock to trigger the spin function and keep pumping on use. Do not forget to unlock the mop before you rinse out; otherwise, it cannot spin in the bucket.
  • The best spin mop comes with a proper angle that you can easily rich the hard-to-reach areas such as under the low height furniture or into the corners. So, check when you will purchase your spin mop.
  • Remember that the faster you will spin the mop head in the spinning tub, the more water will remove from the yarn.

Wrapping up

If you love to mop your house’s floor by yourself, use a spin mop will be very helpful. If it is the first time that you are going to use a spin mop, then at first, you should know how a spin mops work. Well, we hope you have read this article carefully and already have learned better how it works. Now, you can properly use it and easily clean your floor using this wonderful cleaning tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Spin Mop good?

The best spin mop cleans easily reach remote places in your house like under the refrigerator and the chair. As you can adjust the handle’s height and push the bucket easily due to having wheels, now it is less stressful to clean the floor with the spin mop.

Are spin mops budget-friendly?

Well, it will depend on your budget. But there are various models of spin mop available in the market, and they come at various prices. So, you can choose any one that best suits your budget.

Why is my mop not spinning?

Not spinning is a common problem of a spin mop. There are two possible reasons for this problem. The first reason is you may be locked the ringer cap too tightly. And the second reason is, the dry tub may be filled with dirt and debris. Find out the problem and solve it, your mop head will spin again.

Can you wash a spin mop head?

Yes. Most spin mop heads are made from soft microfiber yarn. These mop heads are machine washable, and even you can wash them by hand also. Do not use bleach; just mild detergent and warm water are enough to clean the spin mop head both in machine and hand.

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