How to Wash Spin Mop Head in the Washing Machine Perfectly

The spin mop is a popular and top-rated cleaning equipment, and many house owners love to use it. Like others, spin mops come with a number of advantages and disadvantages also. Cleaning the mop head is one of the essential tasks as it is necessary to keep the mop head germ and bacteria-free. Have you ever washed spin mop heads in a washing machine?

Most of the people do not give much attention to cleaning or washing mop head after using it. The spin mop head can be washed by hand, or you can wash it in the washing machine also. As the mop head deals with plenty of germ and bacteria during wiping the floor, it is not enough safe to wash it by hand. 

The mop is an essential product for house cleaning, and keep it clean is also necessary. This content will guide you on how you can wash spin mop heads in the washing machine without any damage. Let us see.


Importance of washing spin mop head

You should clean your spin mop head as often as you can. There are some benefits of washing mop heads frequently. These are-

  • The result of floor mopping will be great if the mop head is clean. 
  • A dirty mop head prone to grow germs and bacteria. It is unhygienic and a threat to your family also.
  • Your proper wash of mop head after use will kill thousands of collected germs and bacteria.
  • Proper cleaning can remove a bad smell from the mop head. 

How to wash spin mop head in the washing machine

Most cleaning equipment has some specific way of washing and cleaning. It is the same for a spin mop. Though spin mop head is manually washable, many mops offer the machine-washable feature also. Let us know how you can wash your mop head in the washing machine. 

1. Open the mop head

The handle of the spin mop is detachable. You may have to twist off some models, while some need to unclip to detach the mop head from the handle. At first, open the mop head from the handle. You should be very careful to avoid any damage. If you are doing it the first time, follow the manual book to learn the right method. 

2. Determine the cycle

The maximum manufacturer provides certain information about the safe cycle that you should use. If you do not find any clear instructions regarding the cycle, then we will suggest using a gentle cycle with mild heat. 

3. Arrange cleaning product

You have to decide which cleaning product or detergent you will use to wash the mop head. According to expert opinion, any good quality normal laundry detergent is enough for washing. 

4. Set the mop head into the machine

Put your dirty spin mop head into the machine. As we already said, dirty mop heads contain thousands of germs and bacteria; you should wash them alone. Otherwise, it can spread germs to other cloth. 

5. Bleach is optional

We said that bleach is optional because it is not mandatory to use; most of the time, a normal laundry detergent is enough for cleaning. But if the mop head is too dirty, then you can add one tablespoon of bleach with the detergent powder. Now your machine is ready to wash.

6. Take out the mop head

After completing the cycle:

  • Take out the mop head from the machine gently.
  • Check it carefully if it is clean properly or not.
  • Run another cycle if need.

Maybe, your mop head is clean now, but it is not still germ-free. A wet mop head is prone to grow bacteria. So, you need to dry it properly. 

7. Dry mop head properly

After completing the entire cleaning process, you need to dry the mop head properly. Hang the mop head outside and let it dry under the sun completely to increase the durability of your mop. It will help to kill the rest of the germs, bacteria, and mold. Even you should do it after each cleaning cycle. 

If it is rainy or winter season, you maybe cannot dry the mop head out. Do not worry; hang the mop head in your bathroom and ensure enough ventilation. 

Benefits of washing mop head into a washing machine

Wash mop head into a washing machine is indeed a time-consuming job. But in addition, there are few more benefits of washing mop head into the machine. These are-

  1. The machine can clean your mop head properly and faster.
  2. A machine wash helps to prevent bacteria’s growth in the spin mop head.
  3. Compared to manual washing, a machine can do this job more efficiently. 
  4. A machine wash ensures the durability of the mop and protects it from spoiling quickly.
  5. A proper machine wash can effectively remove or minimize the awful smells from the mop head.
  6. It will save money as you need not replace it frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I put my mop head in the washing machine?

Yes, just detach the mop head from the handle and put it into the washing machine. Add proper laundry detergent to clean properly. The mop heads made with cloth strips or towels can go for regular laundry and normal air dry. 

Can you put mop heads in the dryer?

Yes. But it needs to keep the heat low because the temperatures above 140 degrees are harmful to the microfibers. If you do not want to use dryer, you should twist the mop head to remove excess water and hang it outside under the sun to dry properly. 

How often should I wash my mop head?

According to the normal cleaning rules, you should change your mop head after 15 to 30 times wash and a little more for cotton mops. If it is a modern microfiber mop head, then you can replace it with the approximate equivalent of 500 times washings.

Can you put an O-Cedar mop head in the washer?

Yes, O-Cedar microfiber mops heads are machine washable. 

How to use a spin mop?

  • Fill water into the mop bucket and if necessary, add some cleaning liquids. 
  • Dip the mop head into the bucket water and put it in the spinning basket. A spinning basket is attached over the bucket.
  • You may have to either step on the pedal or pump the handle to start the spin basket, depending on the mop’s brand.
  • Start your moping and repeat the process whenever you need to rinse it.

Wrapping up 

We hope you understand how it is easy to wash spin mop heads in the washing machine. It is quite easy and time-consuming also. You just need to know how to deal with your mop; that’s it. A clean, pathogen-free house or office with a great smell is only possible when you clean your house using a germ-free, clean mop head. Do not forget to buy a machine-washable spin mop to minimize your effort: happy cleaning and all the best.

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