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O-Cedar is a popular brand of making brooms, scrubbers, mop refills, gloves, pads, and lots of different cleaning tools and products to make your cleaning daily cleaning work easy. Though there is plenty of modern cleaning tool containing fancy technology, the O-Cedar is still great with its intelligent manual cleaning process.

It is absolutely the best O-Cedar product, which can make your floor 99% bacteria-free without using any chemicals. Another amazing benefit of the O-Cedar spin mop is you can wash the mop head whenever you need it, and even you can also replace it.

Well, do you know how you can remove the mop head for washing or replacing it? For your convenience, here we will discuss the process of how you can remove the O-Cedar spin mop heady easily.


3 Steps to remove O’ cedar spin mop head

Usually, spin mops are a long-lasting cleaning tool. Replacing or washing the mop head after a certain period or whenever you need turns this mop and the bucket into a long-lasting investment.

Well, the process is extremely easy, but only when you know the accurate trick. Your wrong attempt to remove the mop head can break down the handle. So, here we will share an easy and correct way of removing the O’cedar spin mop.

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

The first step- Learn about the construction of the spin mop

The spin mop comes with an adjustable handle. This handle is super flexible, and you can easily adjust the handle according to your height. Many people often make the mistake that they remove the whole stick from the mop head since the adjustment and customization facility is still alive.

So, just focus on the mop head and try to separate it from the handle gently. Read the manual book or other instructions regarding the mop head’s removal process carefully and try to get a clear idea of it. 

The second step- Focusing on the mop head

Have an in-depth look at the mop head; you can find a triangular red plastic frame, and plenty of strands are coming out from it. As you need to look carefully at the mop head, you must have flipped the stick mop.

Now have a close look at the red triangular area. You will notice the microfiber strands are not sticking with the red zone at all. You will find a black piece inserted into the red area, and the strands are nicely attached with this black piece. This black piece is what you need to separate from the red area.

Never think that removing the mop head means you have to remove the entire red area; you just have to remove the microfiber pad only.

The third step- Remove the microfiber pad

Once you figure out actually which one you have to remove from the mop head, it will be easy to work on it. In fact, this job is really quite easy; just hold the triangular piece tightly and pop the black thing out. The entire microfiber mop pad will be in your hand. It is as simple as you are pop opening a lid only.

This microfiber mop pad is machine washable, so now you can wash it or through away it to replace a new one.

When you should replace the O’cedar spin mop

As we already said that O’cedar is a famous brand for a manufacturing cleaning product, they really make this mop durable and for long-term use. So, if you have purchased an O’cedar microfiber spin mop, just get ready to use it for a long time. But with the continuous use of the mop, the cleaning pad can be damaged.

In such a condition, you may need to use some additional cleaning products to increase the mop’s cleaning efficiency or replace the pad with a new one. 

If you want to wash the mop head instead of through away, then you should use some mild detergent or soap. The microfiber pads are high-quality products. They are a super absorbent and long-lasting product. But if you continue you use it, then the pad can destroy quickly. In such a situation, you need to replace the pad with a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any chemical cleaner for washing O’cedar mop pads?

You can use mild detergent or soap, but bleach, other chemicals, or even softener can damage the mop pad.

How does O’cedar spin mop work?

The O’cedar is not a different one from other regular spin mops. It also has a long handle with a triangular mop head and a bucket. It can successfully kill 99% of bacteria and germs without touching a single drop of dirty water.

How do you dry the spin mop head?

The best option is to dry the spin mop head under direct sunlight. It prevents growing any bad smell into the pad. But if there isn’t any open place for sun-dry, then hang the mop pad where air can circulate properly.

Can you put the O’cedar spin mop head in the washing machine?

Yes, you can clean the mop pad into the washing machine.

Wrapping up

We hope now have come to know how to remove the O’cedar spin mop head. It is a straightforward and hassle-free job. The microfiber pads of these spin mops are machine washable. So, it will be best if you can remove the cleaning pad after each use and put it into the washing machine. Wash the pad thoroughly and dry out. If you can dry it under the direct sun, it will be the best. Otherwise, air dries are also a good option.

So, no more dirty mop pads; whenever you feel your pads need a wash or replacement, just pop and remove them immediately. All the best.

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