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At present, Libman mops are a very popular tool for house cleaning work. Libman offers a sponge, an array of cotton, and microfiber mops that are widely used and rated as the best mops by users. Most of the models of the Libman mops have been admired with plenty of positive reviews.

Libman mops are full of attractive features and offer a great deal of use over their lifetime. The mops are designed in such a way that it is very easy to install. The mop heads can be removed easily and has a washable pad also.

Like other mops, the Libman mops also need proper maintenance due to ensure their longevity. You should wash the mop head after a few uses or after a certain period. Let us see how we can open the mop head and wash it at home.


How to remove Libman mop head

You must know that Libman has various models of mops. If you have a dust mop or spray mop, you will not need to replace the mop head at all. Only a microfiber mop head need to wash frequently. It is essential because a dirty mop head cannot give proper cleaning. It is also important to ensure the durability of the tool.

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1. Open Libman microfiber mop

Before washing your microfiber mop head, you need to detach it from its hook and loop closures. This pad is machine washable, and you can also replace it easily with a new one. The more convenient part of this mop is, the pad is available in the market.

2. Libman sponge mop

If it is a sponge mop, it needs to replace the cleaning pads only rather than the full mop head. The replacing method of the sponge mop pad is also a little bit different from others. According to the manufacturer, its sponge mops are featured with two small white plastic pieces on both sides of the handle. Press both plastic pieces altogether with your finger until the cleaning pad pops off. You need to follow the same way to replace the cleaning pad.

3. Libman roller mop

The Libman roller mop is featured with a pullable white handle. This handle is attached to the mop handle. You need to push down the white handle to replace the cleaning pad. Then slide the cleaning pad out from the mop head and replace it with a refill cleaning pad. Then pull the white handle back towards the original position for holding the new cleaning pad in the accurate place.

How to wash Libman mop head

If you have bought a Libman mop for cleaning your floor, you need to take care properly to ensure its efficiency and longevity. You must know it is a powerful and versatile mop that is able to make your house spick and span. As you are using a Libman mop, you better know that the mop heads are removable and machine washable. So, let us see how we can wash Libman’s mop head at home.

Step 1

Follow the above-listed methods and remove the mop head from the handle. Do it carefully; otherwise, your wrong press can break down the mop.

Step 2

Remove loose dirt and attached debris, particles from the pad yarn. You need to remove them first before you proceed to the cleaning work. The trapped large particles can damage the yarn during the cleaning work. You can use a soft old brush to prevent damage to the pad.

Step 3

Gather proper cleaning supplies. Check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the suitable cleaner. Usually, a mild laundry detergent is the best for most mop pad cleaning, but you should go for it if there is any specific instruction.

Step 4

Put the mop head into the washing machine. Add some limited amount of cleaner or mild laundry detergent into it. Set the washing machine to a short, warm cycle. Let the machine run for a certain period.

Step 5

Once the washing machine finished the wash cycle, remove the mop pad. Squeeze excess water from the mop head and hang it to drip dry from a hanger.

Step 6

If possible, hang the mop head under the sun to dry completely. The direct sunlight’s heat helps not to grow any bad smell and mold and dry the mop head quickly. If you do not have enough open space to get sunlight, hang the mop head where air can circulate without obstacles.

Step 7

Your mop head has dried out completely? If yes, then place it back onto the mop by installing the mop head back onto the mop. You should follow the above-stated method again to avoid any wrong installation.

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Wrapping up

As a mop user, you know better the importance of washing Libman mop head to ensure cleaning efficiency and long-lasting ability. Just remember that never use any harsh chemicals and softeners while washing the pad. Use only any mild laundry detergent or follow if there is any suggestion from the manufacturer. We hope now you can easily wash your Libman mop head at your home. All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How can I dry a Libman mop head?
Hang the mop head at any sunny open space to drip-dry from any hanger. If you cannot arrange an open sunny space, ensure proper air circulation to dry the mop head properly.

Can I machine wash Libman mop heads?
The Libman mops have become popular throughout the world because they have easily removable and machine washable mop heads along with thousands of features. So, you can easily wash the Libman mop head into the washing machine.

How can I clean dust out of a Libman microfiber duster?
Use warm water and gently wash the microfiber duster. Do not forget to use a few drops of dish soap or any mild laundry detergents. Let the duster dry under the sun or in any airy space. You can wash the duster both using your hands or a machine.

How does a Libman mop work?
Libman mop does not need any batteries to run. You may find a trigger on the Freedom mop to squeeze out and apply the cleaning solution on the floor. Now mop the floor and bring back its shine.

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