How to Remove Mop Head from a Spin Mop | Step by Step

The spin mop is a widely used floor cleaning tool. Almost all house owners are familiar with it. Spin mops come with plenty of benefits like no need for electricity to run, no need to touch dirty water, suitable for sealed floor, long-lasting and more.

However, after a few use for deep cleaning your house, the mop can get dirty and need to be cleaned. Using a dirty mop head means wasting all of your cleaning efforts. The easy way is you have to clean the mop head or change it with a new one.

If your mop head is still in good condition to use then, you can wash it for reuse. Before washing the mop head, you need to remove it from the body. If you do not follow the proper way of removing, then a malfunction or broken mop can occur.

Each model from a different manufacturer has a different mechanism for opening the head for the spin mop. It is the reason why many people treat opening spin mop heads like a challenge.


how to remove mop head from spin mop

Almost all spin mop comes with a manual book containing the instruction of assembling and uses. But still, it can be quite tough if you are removing the mop head for the first time. This article will learn how we can remove the mop head by following some easy steps.

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Steps of removing mop head

  • Arrange an extra or spare mop head that you will replace with the old one and keep aside.
  • During separating the mop head, hold the mop straight-up mop in order to reveal the pole.
  • When the mop head will turning, gently step on it.
  • A C-clamp pin is placed near the top of the pole; find out it and lose it.
  • Other regular mops usually come with a wing nut that tightens the spin mop head in its right place. You have to lose it entirely to lift off the metal bar that is locked against the mop head.

On the other hand, if it is a plastic mop head, it might have an adjustment knob and a plastic clip that can be slid out easily.

  • Once you have unfastened the old spin mop head, now you should prepare the new mop head. Remove the new mop head from the package and find out its center panel.
  • There are a few models of spin mops that come with strands for hanging on the sides. You have to slide the mop handle into the center panel for this mop.
  • After sliding the handle into the mop’s center panel, you can easily replace the C-clamp, the wing nut, or can adjust the knob easily for the plastic mop heads.
  • Use your hand to tighten the clamp and ensure that the C-clamp had snug against the mop head. Also, make sure that the C-clamp pin has locked securely in the replaced mop head with the pool.
  • If the mop comes with any extra attachment, then also replace it in the right position.
  • Now shake the spin mop head two or three times to make sure that it is attached tightly to the end of the handle. If it is loose or falls off, that means you did not tighten the mop head well.

Few important considerations for removing a mop head

We hope now you have learned how to remove the spin mop head for replacing or washing. But there are some important points to consider while removing the mop head. Let us see.

  • There are lots of models with lots of design, and it may require a little bit of force to remove the mop head from its handle. You may also need some attempts to go through the manual for a few models to remove the mop head if required.
  • Do not forget to read the manual book and the instruction before trying to remove the mop head.
  • Keep in mind that all spin mop heads are not machine washable.
  • First, you should remove the extra attachments that come with the mop head before you try to remove the mop head for changing or washing. Otherwise, the extra attachment can damage your washing machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wash my Vileda spin mop head?

Yes. The Vileda spin mop comes with a microfiber mop head that can be removed easily and is machine washable.

How do I dry my spin mop head?

Once you wash the mop head, twist it using the mop bucket to wring out all excess water. Now hang it outside under the sun for dry. If you do not have enough sun-dry space, keep it in an open place for air drying and ensure proper air circulation.

Does dose spin mop really work?

Yes, of course! In fact, the mechanism of the spin mop reduces your effort by a significant amount. You can clean almost all well-sealed floors using a spin mop without touching dirty water.

How often should you change the spin mop head?

To prevent your spin mop head from becoming a great place of growing bacteria or cleaning hazards, you should replace the mop head every two to three months. You can also replace it sooner if it looks too dirty.

Wrapping up

The removing or changing process of a spin mop head, as stated above, is not a tough job at all. It is a straightforward and quite easy task—even with no need to ask help from any technician or professional for removing the mop head. Just remember that you have to read the further instruction carefully from the mop manufacturer before proceeding so that you can avoid all possible damages to the mop head.

You just have to follow the manual and that it. The mop head will be in your hand after a few minutes. Do not forget to check if the mop head is machine washable before putting it into the washer. All the best.

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