How to Clean Norwex Wet Mop Pad | 3 Easy Steps

Norwex consultants are making a real impact all around the world, aren’t they? American families are now reducing chemical use in their homes as they are empowered with a better quality of life from Norwex.

Among all Norwex accessories, we find ‘Norwex Wet Mop Pad’ to suit the home purpose. You’ll be amazed to know that this manufacturer’s mop pads are made from 70% recycled materials. We appreciate Norwex’s exclusive idea to get us world-renowned mop pads for various floor surface cleanup.

What do we do with the Norwex mop pad, anyway? You must be cleaning windows, walls, and ceilings through this pad. Once after extended use, it traps dust and grime in the pad. Be mindful of never cleaning floors and walls with dirty and wet mop pads. It will leave clear pollution and marks on the floor or wall.

In this guide, we will discuss ‘How to clean Norwex wet mop pad?’


3 Steps to clean Norwex wet mop pad

It’s never a debate, but all reviewers will agree that ‘Microfiber mop’ or ‘Mop pads’ are the essential home cleaning tool that all US families keep at their home. But what people often get the trend to choose from? Norwex wet mop pad is one step ahead of cleaning all sorts of surfaces. You’ll earn several additional benefits as the Norwex pad picks up the smallest particles very quickly.

Once after a long period of use, be careful of cleaning the wet mop pad necessarily, or you’ll get dirt everywhere and won’t be much benefited from the cleaning process. Follow us and see what we do!

Things you need

  • A washer or washing machine
  • A high-grade detergent
  • Machine dryer (If required)

1. Cleaning Norwex Mop Pads in the Washing Machine

The easiest way to wash a microfiber towel or pad is by washing with a ‘Washing Machine.’ You’re very familiar with it, so we don’t expect any problems to clean these pads. You must need a good-priced detergent. Be mindful of using a gentle detergent in the process. No matter what, we recommend using detergent from both liquid or powder version. We forbid using those detergents that are self-softening, oily, or soap-based. Try to use natural detergent in the process.

Have you checked how dirty the Norwex mop pad is? A dirty mop pad always involves large residues. Before getting the mop pads inside the washing machine, please use a brush to thoroughly break the molds or residues.

Have you brushed the dirt off? Once after brushing off the mop pads, put the pads in your washing machine. Use an adequate amount of hot water for the washing process. Using hot water will enable the fiber to eliminate all dirt that is stored between the fibers. Gradually, use a fair amount of detergent, and switch the speed setting to ‘Regular.’ Keep waiting until the machine completes its job.

2. Now, make the ‘Mop Pads’ dry

After washing the microfiber pads in the washing machine, take the pads out of there. You have to make them dry, and we recommend ‘Air Drying’ as the best opinion. The microfiber towel or pad dries very quickly. So, the process won’t take too long! Hang them somewhere like in the yard, fresh air, or on a rooftop. Let them dry! I don’t recommend using any drying machine as my wife faced damage to the cloth. Even if using a drying machine seems easy to you, don’t switch it to a high temperature. It will damage your pads.

3. Now, make your ‘Norwex Mop Pads’ already!

In our home, we often have many reusable microfiber pads, and you must be having so many pads. It’s relatively easy to wash all of them long and dry the microfiber materials in a clean spot through the washing machines. You should store them all in a drawer and use them in a gradual process.

Get rid of:

  • A fabric softener should not be used while washing Norwex wet mop pad
  • Don’t use self-softening, oily or soap-based detergent

Let’s wrap it up

Who doesn’t want their floor spic and span? It’s essential to start cleaning with a fresh mop pad. We have shown 3-easy steps to clean Norwex wet mop pad. You should unplug the cushion from the mop before cleaning. It doesn’t take long but 30 minutes a day. Consider it as a habit!

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

How long do Norwex mop pads last?

I use Norwex products for their popularity and instant customer service. From the manufacturer, it is said that the Norwex mop pads have a 2-year warranty. Even some Amazon reviewers were saying that their Norwex mop pads last much longer than 2 years. Excellent service is other than old manufacturers!

Can we use vinegar with Norwex mop?

Absolutely! This article has shown washing Norwex pads in the washing machine along with mild liquid detergent. If you’re using hands for a cleanup, you can use liquid detergent, baking soda, or vinegar – no more than a teaspoon. Blend these ingredients into a bucket of hot water.

Can you mop with just water?

We mop for sealed hardwood, unsealed wood, and laminate floors. Uses of these three types of floors have a different way of cleanup. You need hot water for sealed hardwood and laminate floors. But, we don’t recommend mopping with water for unsealed wood. Just mop!

Can you wash Norwex mop pads with regular detergent?

All we talk about ‘Washing Machine’ or a ‘Washer.’ An easy cleaning of Norwex pads is possible only with high-grade detergent powder. You can even use regular detergent. Be mindful of not using bleach or fabric softener in the wash.

How does Norwex clean without chemicals?

Norwex mop pads are microfiber and eliminate particles without chemicals. Norwex microfibers create an electrostatic charge; through that, it’s easy to remove dirt, grease, and moisture all along! Now is a world-renowned manufacturer, remember it!

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