Why Do My Steam Mop Leave Streaks | 10 Reasons & Mistakes

Mopping is the best way to keep your floor clean. And steam mops add a new level to your cleaning process. Steam mop uses water steam from its reservoir and cleans the floors. Better than traditional moping, this type of mops helps you work much faster and easier.

Most steam mops produce 250° F of steam to clean floors, making the hard dirt softer to clean. It kills bacteria from the surface, and the finishing looks much satisfying. But there might be a question pondering in your mind why does my steam mop leave streaks? Well, it leaves streaks for some humans and Machine error.


10 Reasons Why Your Steam Mop Leave Streaks

Let’s try to understand the reasons why your steam mop leaves streaks. What are your mistakes, and when to blame your Machine?

1. Not Swiping or Vacuuming Before Mop

First, let’s face it, Steam mop is a mop, after all. You can’t expect to clean it whatever they’re on the floor on its own. Some people are lazy and don’t use the vacuum or swipe the floor before moping. That leaves dirt and debris that can cause steaks while you mop. So please start cleaning your floor correctly before moping.

2. Leaving an Idle Mop

While you are moping, don’t get distracted. You are getting busy in a phone call while moping can result in terrible streaks on your floor. A mop gets hotter as you keep using it. And if you keep the mop in one place for a long time, this will generate a lot of heat with steams.

And this may result in more expense for you. Either change the flooring completely or hide your elegant floor with carpet. So, when you are not actively using the steam mop, please turn it off and lay it down instead of keeping it straight to avoid streaks.

3. Using Something Else Except Water in Reservoir

Most of the mops are designed in a way to use only water for steam. And believe me, the water is enough to clean your floor with steam mops.

Those may leave streaks on your floor if you are using anything else like floor cleaners or detergents. Stream dry quickly, and using anything else than water will leave soapy power like a waste. And these will lead to streaks.

Use water only to avoid these situations and enjoy the streak less floor after mopping.

4. Using Dirty Mop Over and Over

Using the same cloth on stream mop is not a good idea. This is both lazy and disgusting. When you use a dirty cloth to steam mop your floor, you are doing anything but cleaning. Using a dirty cloth means you are just sweeping dirt from one area to another.

And the dirt that the cloth collects can make streaks while sweeping the floor. These streaks are both irritating and unhealthy. Sometimes they become impossible to remove because of dry heating.

So, keep more than one cloths for moping and change them from floor to floor.

5. Keeping Your Mop Cloth with Dirty Clothes

Keeping the mop cloth with dirty ones is one of the biggest mistakes we often make. Your moping cloth may be a dirty one because you clean the floor by it. But that doesn’t allow you to put it into the dirty cloth list.

You can’t be sure that the mop cloth won’t collect any sticky dirt or grim from them. And when you start cleaning your floor by steam mopping, all you see streaks everywhere.

6. Flooding the floors

The wet floor is fair and easy to clean dirt quickly. But making it flooded with water is not a good idea. If your floor is soaked with a heavy layer of water remains. Don’t use steam mop there. Doing so will lead to watermarks and streaks.

Never spill water on the floor to clean quickly. Instead of making your cleaning time short, it will destroy your floor. And streaks are just a bonus to this.

Try to use a steam mop when your floor is as dry you can keep it. Yet spraying with just a little water won’t harm that much.

7. Bad Mopping Technique

Sometimes you will feel like to mop an area twice or thrice for better cleaning. And sometimes, you will feel to use a zigzag to cover areas quickly. Or using a circular motion moping to clean faster. All of these are bad decisions and will lead to streaks.

Don’t rush on cleaning your floor. This will make it worse than the starting point. Start from one corner and get to the other in a straight line. Even the professional home cleaners advise cleaning in one stroke. Come back for 2nd time cleaning if you need. Don’t use overlapping and make things worse.

8. Use of wrong mopping

If you see streaks even, you make sure you haven’t done anything wrong from earlier points. Then it may be your Machine to blame. All steam mops are not useable on every floor.

Besides, you should avoid mopping on laminated or hardwood floors. These are unsealed flooring with almost no moisture. Using a steam mop will add moisture and damage the floor that is resulting in streaks everywhere. And the worst-case scenario, you will damage your beautiful floor.

In solution to this problem, our suggestion is not to use a steam mop on wooden floors. Yet if you are looking for a steam moping for convenient cleaning, look for a machine that suits your floor.

9. Over Heating Issue

You know that using an overheated mop on a wooden floor is a bad idea. This goes for tiles as well. If you use an overheated mop on a porcelain or ceramic floor, that may leave burn marks. And streaks will be a bonus to that. And if you ever use that on a wooden floor, that means damaging your floors. Dark lines will be all over the floor with the steam mopping.

Make sure your steam mop is on controlled heat before starting sweeping. And if there is a technical issue with your mop, repair or change it. It is not just about getting streaks on the floor; this can lead to an unfortunate accident.

10. Choosing a Low quality

Technically all mops work the same. The machine uses water steam to clean dirt and debris from the floor. But not all the product delivers the same quality. A better and dedicated steam mop always performs better than low-quality ones. The low-quality ones will leave streaks. You can’t complain about that.

Get a high-quality mop that meets your need and compatible with the floor. If you have a hardwood floor, get the one specially made for wooden floors. That will reduce the rate of getting streak and lines on your floor.


Why does my steam mop leave streaks? Now you know the reasons why you are getting streaks on your steam mop. And it’s high time to follow some strict rules to avoid that.

Following our suggestion, we can assure you that will get fewer to no streaks. Now it’s your turn to use the tips and making sure you don’t get streaks on moping your floor next time. Enjoy the clean floor.

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