How to Fix O-Cedar Mop Handle? Practical Solutions to Your Worries

Being an important home accessory, an O-Cedar mop must function smoothly. But there are some functional impediments regarding the handle of this mop which can become a matter of headache. It is important to know the remedies for those problems. So, how to fix the O-Cedar mop handle?

There are different issues related to the malfunction of the handle of an O-cedar mop. You may face problems in extending, tightening, and even find the handle locked hard.

Many of you may accidentally or carelessly break the handle. You don’t have to worry as the following analysis has all possible solutions.


Why Does an O-cedar Mop Handle Stick or Break?

Every accessory requires certain maintenance, a specific operating system, and storing policy. Wrong steps in any of those may lead to stuck or breaking of your O-Cedar mop handle. Some common reasons are:

  • Collapsed storing: It is always a good idea to store your O-cedar mop handle extended. When you store it shortened or collapsed, the liquid mixture from the head of the mop may come down and make the handle-lock stick.
  • Wrong twisting: The handle of this mop handle is supposed to be twisted toward the left to get loose and right to tighten or lock. If you twist hard but in the wrong way, this may cause the handle to fracture or even break down.
  • Putting excessive pressure: Another thing that can break the handle is the impact of excessive pressure while mopping. More pressure for better cleaning is a wrong idea. You need to be tactic and understand the usability.

How to Fix O-cedar Mop Handle?

You may face different fixing issues with your mop handle. Each problem comes with specific solutions. If any problem gets beyond the repair, you will have to opt for replacement. Here are some ways to fix various problems in an O-Cedar mop handle.

1. Locked Handle

It is a typical problem to face a locked O-Cedar mop handle. No need to worry as the steps below will help get rid of this issue.

Step 1-Spray silicon or lubricant

If you find your O-Cedar mop handle locked and stuck, bring silicon or dry lubricant and spray on the lock.

Step 2-Try to move counterclockwise

When the spray eases the lock, try to twist it to the left to unlock or loosen it.

Step 3-Repeat twisting right to left

As soon as the lock is free, repeat twisting it clockwise and counterclockwise to make the handle smoothly operable.

2. Handle that Won’t Extend

Many of you may face sudden problems in extending the handle of your mop. The following steps will help you fix the mop handle that won’t extend.

Step 1-Collect lubricant

To fix this issue dry lubricant is very effective. So, collect a bottle of dry lubricant to approach the fixing.

Step 2-Put the lubricant on the crack

Next, spray the dry lubricant on the crack and leave it to work for a while.

Step 3-Check the handle and use lubricant again

The handle should be easily extendable now. Wipe off the previous dry lubricant and use another small layer of it on the handle.

3. Broken O-cedar Mop Handle

Different reasons may cause your O-Cedar mop handle to break. You have to fix it before you opt to use it again. So, you need to carry some steps to fix the broken handle.

Step 1-Cut off the uneven broken part

Carefully cut off the uneven broken part of your mop handle and make it perfect to push into the other part.

Step 2-Put the broken part in the main port

Take the broken part of your mop handle and put it into the wider port of the main part. Make an alignment of the separated parts.

Step 3-Drill through the joint to use bolts and nuts

When you put together the broken part of the handle to make an alignment, drill through them and connect the parts by using bolts and nuts.

Step 4-Use alternative ways

If you don’t want to use the drilling process of fixing, you can also fix the broken handle using strong adhesive glue or cello tapes.

How to Tighten the O-cedar Mop Handle?

The mopping will get very uncomfortable with a loose handle of your O-Cedar mop. Tightening the handle is easy but can be typical if you don’t know it specifically. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1-Get a grip on the handle

To tighten the O-cedar mop handle, first, you need to have a grip on the red and grey parts of the handle.

Step 2-Twisting counterclockwise

If you want to extend the handle, you may need to make it a bit looser. In that case, twist the red part of the handle to left.

Step 3-Adjusting the handle

As soon as the handle gets loose, you will have the opportunity to adjust the length of the handle according to your requirement.

Step 4-Twist clockwise

When you are all set with the right position of the handle, twist the red portion of the handle to the right or clockwise maintaining a grip on the grey part. Thus you can tighten the handle easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get the O-cedar mop handle to lock?

To lock the handle of the O-cedar mop, you need to extend the handle. For that extension, rotate the handle counterclockwise and get it loose. When the handle gets loose, pull it toward the highest length. Then rotate the handle clockwise again and push the handle back to lock it.

How do you adjust an O-Cedar mop handle?

For adjusting the handle of your O-cedar mop, you need to unlock it first. Therefore, hold the red portion of the handle and twist it to the left or counterclockwise.

The handle will be loose enough to adjust it according to your need. Then, twist the handle to right or clockwise and fix it.

How do I put my O-Cedar mop back together?

To put your O-cedar mop back together, you need to twist the handle counterclockwise to adjust and clockwise to lock. Then you need to screw the handle on the red plastic base. Make an alignment of the handle and push it down to snap it firmly on the fiber base.

How long do O-Cedar mops last?

In a package order of O-Cedar mop, you will have four mop heads made of microfiber. Each of those mop heads is supposed to last around 3 months on average based on regular weekly use on an average-sized house.

Do you just use water with an O-Cedar mop?

The microfiber used on the mopping head of the O-cedar mop is ideally designed to clean the surface smoothly using just water. There is no requirement for any harsh chemicals.

Final Words

An O-Cedar mop is not just about basic use rather there are multiple things like the way of adjusting, locking, and the possible reasons behind the problematic issues.

So, in the article “How to fix O-Cedar mop handle? Practical solutions to your worries” I have put answers to important quarries.

Cleanliness is often compared to Godliness and an O-Cedar mop is an addition to this significant task. All the fixing ways analyzed in the article are based on the user manual and the practical experience of different users.

So, follow the steps whenever you face any of the issues and avoid everything that can cause trouble.

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