How to Hide Brooms and Mops | 4 Different Places & Ways

Do you use mops and brooms? But you don’t know how to hide and store them looking for some way to hide them?

Here you will find some way to hide them. In every house, there are some brooms and mops for cleaning the floor. It is usually used for cleaning the floor of the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. Brooms and mops are an item used incessantly on an everyday basis. We have to properly care for them; if we are not properly cared for, it can’t last long.

Besides this, won’t you destroy your interior house decoration by keeping this cleaning tool here and there? Not at all. So, you must store them in a place that hides and provide them a well sanitary environment.


4 Places to hide brooms and mops

Brooms and mops are such cleaning products that you might need regularly. If you store them properly, they sustain for years. Their appearance anywhere in the house is not so pleasant. There are many places you can properly hide your brooms and mops. Such as-

1. Brooms cupboards

Cupboards are usually made for broom storing, which is called broom cupboards, and they are the best ways to store your brooms and mops. By broom cupboards, you can ensure that your brooms and mops stay out of sight and stay clean. It is most important, however, to make sure that your broom cupboard is dry and safe.

Broom cupboards are usually made in small spaces to avoid being visually unpleasant to anyone. They are made for small places like space under the stairs or in a small corner of the house. In broom cupboards, you can put brooms, mops, and other cleaning equipment without worrying about them being an eyesore to anyone.

2. Mounted Racks

Mounted racks are probably the most effective way to store mops. If you store brooms and mops on a mounted rack, their stands and threads hang down, which causes constant aeration. Brooms cupboards can fit in the smallest spaces, squeeze in corners and nooks. You can wash and clean your brooms and mops up easily. 

The mounted rack makes the mop heads constantly dry when there is constant aeration. If it doesn’t happen, some sort of dampness can find its way to your broom and mops. A mounted rack is better to keep them properly dry to avoid any sort of harm. It is a great way for this.

3. Safe and sanitary storage

The important thing to keep in mind is that the storage should be safe. You can damage your brooms and mops if you show negligence when it comes to hygiene, and the most important thing is to watch for dampness.

Brooms and mops are not a piece of long-lasting equipment, but if you used them properly, it could last some days, and if you don’t use them properly and after using you keep the store without cleaning then it will be damaged. 

It depends on how it is made; your storage space can fall prey to various deteriorating situations. Dampness is one of the most occurring examples. It can not only damage your brooms and mops, but they can sneakily spread around if you don’t notice them and keep on cleaning with them.

4. Ways to hide brooms and mops in garages

In every house, the garage is the place where you store all equipment properly, and you can find this easily. Cleaning equipment or anything you want to put there will not appear out of place. Garages are a great place to store your mops and brooms easily without eliciting a raised eyebrow. 

You can choose a corner or a nook to store your mops and brooms if you have no other places to put them. It is often built with such storage options. In the market, you can always find yourself or closets built to provide you with ease. Garages are the best way to hide brooms and mops to put them in some suitable shelves made for such purposes. You should make sure that there is no harmful material left inside.

Ways to hide kitchen brooms and mops

In the kitchen, mops and brooms are used more frequently. We are making many dishes for ours, and we can spill something or drop something on the kitchen floor, then we are clean with the brooms and mops.

But they can become some little accident if they are lying or standing in the kitchen. Also, they get in your if you are trying to walk across the kitchen. You make them slip in some way.

When you are not using them, it must be so that you should easily get your brooms and mops when you need them, but you should be able to store them conveniently. There is someplace to put this. Most kitchens have selves or storerooms. There is some useless equipment, and we can put brooms and mops properly.

You can keep a mounted rack behind the kitchen door. This is a good way to store and hide brooms. 

Tips for better hiding 

If you want to look neat and clean your home, hiding brooms and mops are essential. Do you want better tips to hide your brooms and mops?

Here you will find some tips for hiding them.

  • Brooms and mops are clean and dry before storing. Most important is that you do so after taking the proper precautions and measures to save them from harm. If you don’t clean your brooms and mops before hiding them, it is possible that germs and bacteria stay in them.
  • You can store them along with other similar cleaning tools. You can put them in a certain place so that they don’t look out of place. For example, such hiding can be in some sort of cupboard which is made for this purpose. Buckets, brushes, and other equipment stores with them if you can. Proper hiding ensures that your house looks pretty to anyone who sees them.
  •  You must use a safe and sanitary space to store your equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I keep a mop and broom?

The easiest solution is to mount the broom and mop it on the back of the closet door. 

Can we keep the broom on the balcony?

No, brooms and mops do not come with as much as pleasant a look as you can not leave them in such an open place like the balcony. 

How tall should a broom closet be?

You can provide the measurement according to your choice, but the ideal size is about 72 inches long and 18 inches in width and depth.

Where should a broom closet be placed?

Though you can place this closet anywhere out of eyesight, nut ideal is to put it in the laundry room or a garage.

Where do you store a mop bucket?

A cool and dry place is ideal for storing a mop bucket.


After using them, we recommend to store them in some way that doesn’t remain in anyone’s sight. There are some ways to hide mops that provide as well as safe containment. If you want to get the most out of your equipment, then you should follow all tips. I hope all tips help you.

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