Steam Mop Vs Regular Mop | Who Will Win The Battle & Why

Among the various house cleaning tools, mops are the essential ones. Though there is plenty of mop variety, a steam mop is one of the most popular tools, along with the regular mop. Both can effectively clean your floor, and both have some advantages and some disadvantages.

If you are in a dilemma of which one will be the best choice for your house cleaning, this article can help you make the right choice. Here we will discuss the differences, uses, and benefits of each mop.


A comparison table of steam mop vs regular mop

Here we present a summarized comparison between the steam mop and the regular mop to give you a quick fact.

 Steam mopRegular mop
Cleaning speedThe cleaning speed of a steam mop is relatively fast than other traditional mops. It takes fewer times to clean the floor.Though it can vary depending on its design, it is time-consuming compared to a steam mop.
Germs cleaning technologyAs steam mop produce and release hot vapor and it can effectively kill 99.99% of germsIt just cleans your floor, not sanitize at all.
ManeuverabilitySteam mops usually come in a comfortable size, which is very easy to move on and control.The size of a regular mop depends on their brands and models. Most are very tedious to use and need more labor to use than the steam mops.
Drying timeAfter cleaning with a steam mop, your floor with dry almost instantly.After cleaning with a regular mop, your floor will take much time to dry.
AllergensSteam mop able to clean allergens to make your house safe for kids, and petsA regular mop cannot remove allergens. So, it is not enough good for kids and pets
CostIt is an expensive one in a comparison of an ordinary regular mopPrice is comparatively low than a steam mop

Well, it was a summary comparison between the steam mop and the regular mop. Let us discuss on details.

Comparing the cleaning process

The cleaning process is a big issue to compare mops. Some will stand for the steam mop as they take less time to clean than a regular mop. At the same time, some will argue as they are satisfied with the fresh smell of the floor after clean with a regular mop. 

Cleaning process using a steam mop

  1. Fill the tank with clean water.
  2. Install the attachments like the mop pad to the head
  3. Plug-in the machine and let the water boil. It takes about 30 seconds to two minutes.
  4. Once the indicator changes its color, your machine is ready to use. 
  5. Start mopping by pushing it forward-in this time- it will release steam. Then pull it backward-it will pick up dirt and debris on the pad. 

According to the cleaning process, we can see the use of steam mop is relatively easy and simple. It is faster than other mops and also eco-friendly as it does not need any chemical or cleaning detergent for the job. It is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and disinfect the carpet, floor, what you want. 

Cleaning process using a regular mop

  1. Prepare hot water and mix some cleaning solution into it.
  2. Dip the mop into it and wring out excess water.
  3. Start scrubbing the floor by pushing the mop using your hand.
  4. Rinse the mop with clean water.
  5. Repeat the two or more times as need.
  6. Clean the mop, dry, and store it.

Clean with a regular mop needs much time to dry completely. Well, a regular mop can clean your floor but not disinfect. 

Advantages and disadvantages of steam mop and regular mop

As we discuss the comparison of two cleaning devices, we will focus light on the advantages and disadvantages of both products. 

What we like about steam mop

A steam mop is a beautiful cleaning device that is easy to use and provide supreme quality cleaning. 

Best product for cleaning stubborn stains and mold

Steam mop amazingly can remove stubborn stains. The hot water vapor can instantly loosen grime and remove by the mop head. As this mop comes with fast-drying technology, it can also successfully tackle mold.

  • Completely safe for kids and pets

If you have kids or pets, clean and safe flooring is essential. The steam mop uses only hot water to clean the floor; no toxic chemicals or detergent need to add to the water.

  • Kills germs and bacteria

As a mother, the steam mop’s most important feature is its germs and bacteria cleaning technology; if any of your family members has an allergy issue, then this mop may be the best choice for you. 

  • Minimum effort 

Yes, your minimum scrubbing effort is enough for the desired cleaning result. It is a faster cleaning device and able to remove stains super quick and nearly effortless. 

What we don’t like about steam mop

Undoubtedly steam mop does wonder on any toughest satin, but still, there are few things to consider. Let us see-

  • Electricity and batteries needed

To power, a steam mop needs electricity and batteries. As it needs constant electricity connection, you will need a near power outlet for cleaning the floor. It may not be easy when you are trying to clean a large space.

  • A little bit pricy

If your budget is limited regarding cleaning tools, then maybe steam mop is not the right choice for you. This mop is a little bit pricy compared to the traditional mop. 

  • Heady cleaning tool

Most steam mops are weighty. With an empty water tank, the steam mop usually comes at around six to ten pounds. If you want to clean stairs with a steam mop, then it may be going to tough, as it is a little bit heavy. 

What we like about regular mop

A mop with a bucket is a classic set for cleaning the floor. Though at present, there are plenty of regular mops models, even they are now more versatile than before. Now regular mops come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Let us find out some good things about a regular mop. 

  • Efficiently remove dust and stains.

One best regular mop can efficiently eliminate dust and stains from the floor. Even if you use microfiber mops, they can effectively remove up to 99 percent of bacteria. The fibers of the mop can easily trap all of the dirt that covered your floor. Even it can pick debris and crumbs more effectively than a steam mop. 

  • Safe for flooring

It is one of the most important things to consider while choosing the mop. Almost all regular mops are safe for all kinds of flooring. The best regular mop comes with versatile cleaning ability with suitability for all kinds of flooring. Steam mops are not safe for an unsealed hardwood floor, but a regular mop is fit for it. 

  • Quick clean-up process

A traditional mop offers quick absorbability, especially a padded microfiber mop. A quick absorbent quality of a regular mop allows for cleaning pet and kids’ accidents and spilling water or drinking instantly. 

  • Cheaper than other mops

Another good thing about regular mops is, the best model of it comes at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a good mop at a good price, then a regular map is ideal for you. 

What we don’t like about regular mop

A regular mop is really good for day-to-day floor cleaning, but there are still a few things that you need to think about them before buying. 

  • Need your physical energy

A regular mop needs a little bit more effort to clean your floor accurately. If you want to remove stubborn stains and grime, then you have to put more pressure while scrubbing it on the floor. 

  • Not an eco-friendly tool

You may need to use some chemical cleaner to get the desired cleaning result when you clean your floor with a regular mop. That is why we do not say that a regular mop is an eco-friendly tool. 

Winner of the battle

Now, this is the right time to make a decision, which mop will be the right choice- a steam mop or regular mop. 

If sanitizing your floor is more important, and you want to keep your floor not only clean but germ and bacteria-free also then you should go for the steam mop. A steam mop also will remove mold and stubborn dirt. 

A regular mop undoubtedly the best for capturing dust and debris. A microfiber head mop is really good for trapping dirt and safe for almost all flooring. If a good absorbent ability and low price is your requirement, then a regular mop will a good choice for you. 

We hope our discussion on steam mop vs. regular mop guide you to pick the right mop for your floor cleaning. Do not forget to share your decision with us. All the best!

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