How to Wash Shark Steam Mop Pads | Everything You Should Know

Steam mops are now the most popular cleaning tool among the plenty of mop variety of the market. You may also love to use a steam mop, but have you ever washed your steam mop pads? Many users think that the steam mop itself a master of killing germs and bacteria so, no need to wash its pads. But unfortunately, they are completely wrong. Regular maintenance of the mop includes regular wash of pads also.

Like the other things of your house, steam mop pads also need to be cleaned regularly. Experts recommended that you should clean the mop pad after every use to get the best next cleaning result.  

Are you worried about this new cleaning duty? Do not worry; it isn’t going to take you all day. You just need to follow some easy and simple steps, and that is all. Let us see the cleaning steps. 


How to wash shark steam mop pads

Well, we hope you are now convinced enough to wash your steam mop pads. For your convenience, here we are going to share a complete cleaning guide of shark steam mop pads. Stay with us-

1. Unplug the steam mop

You know that, like other steam mops, shark steam mop need also power to run. So, unplug it from the power outlet. It is an essential step in consideration of your safety. As there are a few steam mops models which are released steam automatically when it is plugged in. You may know that the shark mop’s water needs about 300 degrees Fahrenheit to heat up, which is a much high temperature. 

It can scald your skin. If you have been used your mop, then keep it at rest for at least 15 minutes to cool down. Then you can open its pad. 

2. Open the mop pad

If you have a Shark steam pocket mop, then its microfiber pads are very easy to clean. The standard size of the microfiber steam mop pad is 32X18cm. However, it can vary from model to model. Open the microfiber pad from the mop head and put it aside for cleaning. As we already said, experts recommend that if it is a disposable pad, then replace it after each use and if it is a microfiber pad, then wash after every use. Well, the microfiber pads are easy to clean. You can wash it both by hand or by machine.

3. Wash shark steam mop pad in hand

If your mop pad is made from microfiber or cotton, then it is reusable. Here is the washing method-

  • Take about one liter of warm water into a bucket. Add a small amount of laundry detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda—one tablespoon, not more than that for one or two pads. If you are going to wash more pads, then increase the cleaning ingredients.
  • Soak the pads into the cleaning solution for at least 15 to a maximum of 25 minutes.
  • Now rub the pads gently; otherwise, the fiber can damage or tear. 
  • Rinse the shark steam mop pads thoroughly after rubbing. I hope you have removed all stains, and dirt, and debris from the pads.
  • Run them under warm water and dip them into the clean rinsing water for a few times more. 
  • Ensure you have removed all detergents from the pads. 
  • Let it dry, and after that, your pads are ready to reuse. 

4. Wash shark steam mop pad in the washing machine

If your pads are not too dirty and you are in a hurry, then you can also wash them in the washing machine. These cotton or microfiber pads are machine washable. Let us see how can you wash mop pads in the washing machine-

  • Add a minimal amount of detergent into the machine. 
  • To kill last number of germs and bacteria, set your machine at a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit with hot water for 25 minutes. 
  • Give your mop an extra rinse cycle to clean the last bit of soap.
  • No need to use any fabric softener; simply dry the pads properly and attach them with the mop.
  • Your Shark steam mop is ready for next use.

5. Drying the mop pad

Your pads are clean enough now. Now it is time to dry them properly. Otherwise, there will be a chance of growing mold and a lousy smell. 

  • Dry the mop pad in sunlight is the best idea. It is also good for mop pad’s long-lasting. So, if you have an open place, hang the shark steam mop pads in a line and dry them in sunlight. It is an eco-friendly process also. 
  • If you do not have proper space to line-dry, then you can hang them indoors, but you need to ensure enough air circulation to dry them out. 
  • You can also use your dryer to dry the pads perfectly. Now your mop pad is clean and dry. It is now ready for the next use.

Important tips for washing shark mop pads

We hope your concept is now clear, and you know better than how you can wash your shark steam mop pads. However, here we bring some tips regarding the wash mop pad and its maintenance.

  • Do not forget to inspect the pads after cleaning and drying. Make sure that there are no tears or holes before the next use. The steam mop pads do not pick only the dirt; it also protects the surface from scratches. So, if there is any hole or rips in the pad, you should replace or repair before next use.
  • Never use bleach or any harsh chemical to wash the pads. They can damage the pads. Use only mild detergents and baking soda in a small amount.
  • Store the pads in a dry and clean place otherwise, the residual moisture can destroy the pad and develop mildew on your steam mop pads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you care for steam mop pads?

According to the experts, you should clean your steam mop pads after every use.  

How long do you soak steam mop pads?

You should soak steam mop pads for 15 minutes to 25 minutes. That will be enough to get the desire cleaning result.

Should I use bleach to clean steam mop pads?

No, you should never use bleach or any other harsh chemical to clean the steam mops pad because they can damage it.

Can you machine wash the steam mops pad?

Yes. If you have a disposable mop pad, then no need to clean them, just through away after each use. Besides, if you have a cotton or microfiber pad, you can wash it by hand or machine. 

Wrapping up

If you want a clean, tidy, and germ-free floor, you must keep clean your mop pads. Here we have discussed how to wash Shark steam mop pads, but you can also wash most steam mop pads following these methods. Do not forget to unplug the device before you open the pad from the mop head. Also, never use any harsh chemicals to wash mop pads.

Remember, your proper washing method will make the pad germ-free and long-lasting. So, follow the above-listed cleaning methods and clean the steam mop pads properly.

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