How to Clean Hardwood Floors With A Steam Mop | Step by Step

The hardwood floor is awesome until it is not dusty and ugly. If you have a hardwood floor, that means your hardwood floor deserves better. When you clean your floor 24/7 hours, then it always becomes shine. But is it possible to clean every day with your hand without using any tools? The straightforward answer is no. So, how to clean hardwood floors with a steam mop?

Using a mop, you can simply clean your hardwood floor without spend much energy or doing struggle. However, I will tell you what a steam mop, its pros, cons, and how you can use a mop to your hardwood floor and bring the best output is.


What is Steam Mop?

In a word, a mop is a cleaner that cleans the hardwood floor, steam mop on old hardwood floors, concrete floor, and some other types of floor. In detail, a mop uses the power of water vapor to clean your floor. The mop is also a safe cleaning process, even when you are new to use the mop. It looks like a vacuum to clean the dust, bacteria, and another harmful element.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using a Mop to Hardwood Floor

It is a great thought to know both pros and cons before using the product. Here, I discuss both eras so that you can take the best experience from this section.

Benefits of steam cleaning hardwood floors

  • To use a mop on the hardwood floor, you can not discover any stain or residue on your floor.
  • You have not used any harmful elements on your floor.
  • No streaking effect occurs on your floor.
  • It is awesome that you don’t need to wait for drying your floor because you don’t need to use any water types.
  • You can use a mop for your multiple floors for a long-time to save money.

Disadvantage of Using a Mop to Hardwood Floor

  • You may need to very careful attention to the temperature which comes out from the mop because of the fragile natural hardwood floor.
  • Some of the mops become too hot, which brings stain on your floor.
  • It is hassle enough to choose the best steam mop for hardwood floors.

Now, you are aware of the pros and cons of using a mop. Each of the products has both sides, but the majority of mop users found it helpful. Let’s check out the below section to clean your hardwood floor using a mop. I hope that it is the best hardwood floor cleaner solution for you to follow the steps.

How to clean hardwood floors with a steam mop (Step by Step)

Are you ready to clean your hardwood floor using the mop? If yes, collect the below elements before starting the cleaning method.

  • A powerful and awesome mop.
  • Some fresh paper or pad (at least 2)
  • Some washing powder.
  • A vacuum.

Have you collected this equipment? If yes, jump to the main section to clean the hardwood floor.

Step 1: Sweep the Vacuum on Your Hardwood Floor

Before starting or best steam mop for tile or hardwood you should vacuum your floor at least two times. It is not mandatory to use a vacuum; you can use an alternative source. But if you use good suction power, it easily takes the dust, dirt, and other harmful elements instantly. After finishing the sweep, your floor is ready for a mop.

Step 2: Prepare the Pad Which You Have

To remove trailing and to smear dirt, you may need to use the above 2 pads. The steam pads are generally lower price, so you need not spend much money. Use the pad with your mop and try to clean it. When you look out that the pad is much dirt, you should install another pad without delay.

Step 3: Focus on Hardwood Floor Surface

Sometimes the floor surface is too bad when you use it several times in your mop. It is a crucial fact that you should only use the mop on your sealed hardwood floor. Sometimes the moisture access on your floor, and it doesn’t look lovely to clean.

Step 4: Steam Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Well, you are already verified that your floor surface has a better condition or safe. Go ahead, clean your floor with steam cleaner slowly. Keep the steam mop and move it to each section of your floor. Note, you don’t need to still kept the mop a place for some time; it is harmful to the sealed.

Step 5: Wash the Pads

Hey! Now you professionally clean your hardwood floor to use the mop. You may need to do it several times, 1 month or a week. However, wash your pad on your hand or using a washing machine until the pad is white. After washing, you can dry the pad so that it helps you to use it several times to wash the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it ok to use a steam mop on a hardwood floor?

Of course, a steam mop is capable of cleaning the hardwood floor deeply and also remove bacteria, stains, and other harmful elements. But you should also focus on the surface and sealed on the floor when you use the mop.

What is the best thing to use to clean the wood floor?

There are several processes you will apply to clean your wood floor. But, when you thought about the modern era and wanted to save money and time, a steam mop is one of the best choices for cleaning the wood floor or hardwood floor.

Final Verdict

What next? The process is very simple to follow, which I already have described in this article. You just need to follow the upper 4 steps to clean your hardwood floor. A steam mop is so powerful and capable of cleaning so fast and effectively. So, what do you want else? Clean your hardwood floor right now using a steam mop.

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