10 Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors | Buying Guides & Reviews

Home is our best place to live. But when the atmosphere inside it gets dirty, it’s our core responsibility to make them healthy, hygienic, and pure.

This is especially important if you have children, pets, or allergy-prone people in your household. Cleaning is important, but what about the stains and spots on the hardwood floor which can’t be detected even after applying multiple cleansers, detergents, etc.?

To eliminate such difficulties, everyone elects a dust mop for cleaning. But thousands of products are available in the current market, so how can you know which will suit you best? Too much confusion, right?

Let’s make your labor handy; I research and test the 10 best dust mops for hardwood floors. So, check below and get the one at home.


Feature Analysis of 10 Best Dust Mops for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors usually seem very classy due to the diverse graining and color varieties. Their different textures, materials, and dimensions make them rich and add significant value to the home.

So, when it comes to keeping them properly clean, you must buy a worthy one. Here’s a detailed analysis of the best dust mops. Some of them are unique; some are fashionable and casual to use.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Deep Cleaning: O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop
  2. Best for Any Occasion: Eyliden Dust Mop
  3. Best for Reuse: VanDuck Dust Mop
  4. Best for Commercial Use: Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop
  5. Best for Durability: JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Cotton Floor Dust Mop
  6. Best for Wet Mopping: CLEANHOME 36″ Commercial Dust Mop
  7. Best for Professional: FORSPEEDER Dust Mop
  8. Best for Marble Tiles: Yocada Dust Mop
  9. Best for High Quality: SWOPT 24″ Microfiber Dust Mop
  10. Best for Materials: Kefanta Dust Mop

1. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

Our first pick is from O-cedar dual actions. Those microfiber pads are good for deep cleansing, especially for baseboards.

This one is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors for multiple uses per day. It even has brushes which spread on the floors and go very deep. Although O-cedar sweeper dust mops come with some more percentage like-


  • Surface Recommendations: Wood, laminate, linoleum, and tile
  • Made With: Microfiber & ultra-dense chenille
  • Features: Machine washable mop head
  • Type: Dust mop
  • Size: 50 cm
  • Number of pieces: 1
O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

Long Handle with Width Pad

It comes with a long handle with a width pad. Bringing and holding such big things are great while cleaning each side of your home. It also decreases the trouble of cleaning off underneath the tea table, sofas and bed.

Deep Cleaning Microfiber

You’ll find this one with an additional cleaning microfiber. This is a magic microfiber pad for the ultra-dense chenille.

The ultra-dense chenille makes it unique and lets the user sweep the floor more comfortably. Because you can collect more dust, Dirt, and hair than the traditional cotton mops here.

Cleanse Baseboard Mostly

O-cedar dual-action microfiber pad is deeply manufactured for use in baseboards. They sweep away all the Dirt and dust efficiently on those surfaces because of their flexible mop pads. It can also be used in dry and wet norms, whatever you prefer to conduct during the mop time.

Machine Washable

Although those mopping pads require easy disposable traits, one can throw them into the machine. This means you can use the pad again and again. Those pads are more eco-friendly and don’t spoil easily.


  • Suitable to use for all types of floors, especially for baseboards
  • Comes with dry mops, available for multiple hard surfaces
  • Soft and thick.
  • Perfect for home use.
  • 3 months of handling replacement guarantee.


  • The handle is made with very cheap material

2. Eyliden Dust Mop

Eyliden dust mop is a top-line pad which can do anything. If you wish to use the pad to clean the bathroom and kitchen, you can make it a habit.

Even so, this mop has a telescopic handle, adding another surprise to this model. The telescopic handle is great for fixing and freely extending the mop head around 32.9 “-52.6” in length. It also comes with a 1-touch replacement pad, 2-reuseable washable pads, and many more benefits.


  • Handle Type: Telescopic sponge handle
  • Recommended Surface: Vinyl, Wood, Hardwood
  • Handle Extended Length: 32.9 “-52.6” inch
  • Mop Model: PB-06-02
  • Washable Traits: Yes
  • Number of Mop Heads: 2 reusable washable pads
Eyliden Dust Mop

Wet & Dry Dust Mops

This cleaning mop pad can deal with dead angles, pets, human hair, etc. Eyliden is well-worth for cleaning both wet and dry floors. Floors like hardwood, tiles, laminate, types of vinyl, and wood are specially treated by this mop for ease.

Provides Long Reach

Due to having telescopic handles, this mop pad is so flexible it can extend up to 32.9 “-52.6” inches in length. That means this one seems more comfortable and able to meet the different heights you need. Although it provides long reach for high corners, hang on to the handle.

1-Touch Replacement Mop Pad

Continuing to remove and install the mop pad is annoying. Because the duration of mopping lasts, in that case, the Eyliden mopping pad gives you much relief for easy-to-remove features. This cleaning pad has 1-touch replacement traits, requiring only one touch to lift the mop pad.

2 Reusable Washable Pads

Since this one comes with 2-reusable pads, it helps you to save both money and time. Those pads are soft, water-absorbing, durable, machine washable, and reusable. Eyliden pads are also valued for treating the kids or adults as they’re claiming for greenwash.

Adaptable For Any Occasions

Those pads are superb and adaptable to exercising anywhere. It lets you sweep any hardwood area, such as the kitchen, restaurants, offices, garages, etc.


  • The mop head is so dense and soft
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Comes with 3-different handles according to user need
  • Requires less effort to clean big


  • It sticks and stops working if the floor tile is uneven

3. VanDuck Dust Mop

I knock off this Swiffer mopping pad for some unique characteristics. First, this tool has a flexible, soft brush which can move around easily. You will love this since it has a supportive handle that fits smoothly over the mop. Even so, some users find it effective to clean the car mirrors, both inside and outside.


  • Sweeper Mop Size: 10.3 “-4.4” inches
  • Washable & Reusable: Yes
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • For Wet & Dry Use: Dry
  • Purpose: Dust mop pad
  • Compatible With Swiffer Wet Jet: Yes
VanDuck Dust Mop

Combined With Quality Materials

The most surprising fact about this handy tool is that it is made with two strong materials. It comes with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This means those mopping clothes are durable, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant. It dries very quickly and retains shape well due to the polyester.

Easy To Wash

Unlike any standard mopping pads, this one prefers machine washing. So, you need to deduct them from the handle, dipped into the soapy water, and simply wash them off.

Remove 100+ Dry specks of Dirt

Removing dry Dirt like pet hair, human hair, sand, and plant leaves is now cozier and less time-consuming. Because VanDuck’s dirty mop pads are highly resistant to dry debris, the mop bristles won’t stick with the brushes and suck off them like any portable vacuum cleaner.

For All Types of Floors

This one has very thick, bushy, and even bristles. So, when you press it over the floor, it expands lightly. For that reason, you can conduct this dust mop on any floor. But the manufacturer says that it works mostly on hardwood and laminate floors.


  • Grabs a ton of pet hair and dust
  • Perfectly fit on any floors
  • Clean inside and outside the home, even, shiny
  • Its brush is very thick, absorbent
  • Made of microfiber, chenille


  • The mop head feels a little tight while getting on

4. Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop

Tidy tools are the finest dust mop pad for cleaning the hardwood floor using commercial purposes. After buying such a wonderful dusting product, you might realize cleaning has never been easy like this.

The head of the mop is reusable, which is better than particular brooms. It is built to last and uses special cotton-made fibers which are not so sticky and vibrate.


  • Mop head Material: 100% cotton
  • Mop Head Size: 36×5″ inch
  • Mop Head Spread Out: 44×11″ inch
  • Handle Length: 63″ Inch
  • Surface Recommendations: Floor, wood, tiles
  • Handle Material: Metal
Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop

Get Swept Away

Tidy tools and mops act very swiftly when used on hardwood. It’s a great sweeper with a pivoting head for easier movements. The heads won’t swivel as much as you would have liked.

Quick Cleaning Benefits

After sweeping the entire flat or house, you may not have the energy to clean the pads separately. Fortunately, this one allows washing the pads regularly. You can clean the cotton mop head using warm water or a washing machine. No need to put spotless agents, detergents, or anything else.

Better Than Broom

As I already mentioned, tidy tools are worthy of performing in commercial places. So, they’re naturally built to last more than another dusting mop in the market.

The manufacturer chooses two special materials here, cotton and nylon. Both are supreme at washing off solid wood, which means they’re stronger than normal brooms.

Comes in a Perfect Size

Sometimes you may need a dust-cleaning tool for business purposes or a small kitchen. There you will find these two options. The tidy tool has the mop you need since they come in different sizes to suit multiple spaces.

Thick & Tufted Ends

Anyone could expect a better performance here because the mop head is very thick, luxurious, and has enough density to hold the water or cleaning agents. For this reason, you can clean the Dirt of large areas without dipping them in a bucket over time.


  • Comes in the perfect size to fit every place
  • Extendable metal dust mop handle
  • Reusable mop heads
  • Tough, durable and surface-free
  • Easy to maneuver out in the open as well as in the corners


  • The handle is too heavy to carry to turn around and adjust the angle

5. JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Cotton Floor Dust Mop

Jinclean is the best solution for multiple floor users. Industrial people may find it more comfortable, ideal since they’re strongly clinking on epoxy, bamboo, marble, and wooden floors.

It has an excellent absorbent cotton yarn which causes dust and grime to cling to it without trouble. Its mop head is designed with a steel wire for scrubbing on strong dark patches.


  • Unit Count: 1.0 count
  • Surface Recommendations: Stone, cement, laminate, tile, hardwood, bamboo
  • Handle Height adjustment: 31 “-59” inch
  • Handle Design: Telescopic
  • Handle Angle Position: 180 degrees
  • Cleaning Pad Size: 24″ inch
JINCLEAN 24 Industrial Cotton Floor Dust Mop

Ideal Dusting Solution

Enjoy more facilities with this finest long dusting mop handle. It lets you clean out hardwood, epoxy, bamboo, marble, and wood.

Even though you can pick any specks of Dirt like pet hair, debris, and others as if a duster since it comes with a 24″ cleaning path, sweeping large and tough areas is more convenient.

Heavy-Duty Finish

This dry mop head is designed with steel wire with ⅕” thickness and spot-welding technology. Plus, they have a super luxurious steel handle of around 1”-inch thickness with an adjusted height from 31 “-59” inch. That means it feels handier and can reach each corner of the house.

180⁰ Maneuverability

It comes with double action advantages such as 180⁰ maneuverability and 1-touch technology. A user needs only one touch to work with this mop because a stop-and-go system constructs the Jinclean 24″ mop. It also lets the Jinclean user adjust the height while working.

Congenial to Use Anywhere

Since I tell you it is made to sweep away industrial high-traffic areas, you can use it more than that. This sweeping dust mop is easy to fit in universities, offices, factories, schools, and shopping malls. It has a 24″ wide cleaning pad to provide a nice sweeping performance.


  • An industrial class tool from top to bottom
  • The installation process is quick & easy
  • Having a very extendable, steel-made handle
  • Good for cleaning drywall debris
  • Feel less shaky during task time


  • The telescopic handle is unfitted to stay locked into place

6. CLEANHOME 36″ Commercial Dust Mop

It is the life savior mop pad for the machine wash, with easy bending benefits. If you’re tile floors, it will help to sweep over with less effort. This dust mop supports air drying traits which won’t bother you to dry the pads in wet conditions.

Clean home commercial mopping tool is great for grabbing dust and quickly mopping large areas; it won’t break immediately. However, you feel happy to know their installation process since they’re super facile to put together and deduct.


  • Surface Recommendations: Floor, tiles
  • Mop Pad Size: 39 “×8.5” inch
  • Pad Material: Polyester
  • Handle Angle Movement: 360⁰
  • Handle Design: Telescopic
  • Handle Adjustment: 50⁰-59⁰
CLEANHOME 36 Commercial Dust Mop

Large Microfiber Pad

Wash away a large amount of debris with these good absorbent polyester pads. Each pad is 39″ in width and 8.5″ inches thick. Those pads are good absorbent and have the grandeur to conduct wet and dry sweeping.

Durable Extendable Rust

Most of the mop handles are made with cheap plastic-like materials. If they come with plastic, there is less risk of rust and corrosion.

But while they’re found in stainless steel, copper-type elements, rust can spoil or damage them. The sweeping dust mop does not get rust swiftly. Because they’re, you have an extendable rust-proof metal pole that makes the tool lightweight and corrosion-free.

Flexible Mop Head

No matter how much harder the floor is. Those pads are super flexible, soft, and heavy-duty stitching made to improve your broom cleaning performance.

50-59″ Long Adjusted Handle

With a 50-59″ long adjustable handle, this works fine and traces the specks of Dirt like a microcosmic lens. They could reach each house partition and even into the large swimming pools.


  • Super durable, improve cleaning performance before
  • Easy to assemble
  • A larger pad can sweep large areas in single strokes
  • Reduce the struggle of changing water over time
  • Works great on basements


  • Its handle can easily damage


With a robotic stick handle and Grable adjusted mop head, this tool looks very elegant. Its size is medium and perfect for the short wrist hand people. But the most awakening part of this mop is the two-way disposable pad system.

That means this tool does not only come with chenille microfiber pads but is also compatible with any cleaning clothes. Moreover, you get 3-high density mopping pads here.


  • Surface Recommendation: Window floor, wall, wood, tile
  • Handle Angle Movements: 360 degrees
  • Number of Pads: 3
  • Dry/ Wet Use: Both
  • Handle Length: 58.5″ inch
  • Disposable Cloth length: 16×12″ inch

Dual Use Professional Floor Mop

This one is an easy and money-saving floor mop due to the dual use of professional systems. You can mop with attached pads to the packaging or use any extra rag, wipes, towels, and old clothes.

It is specially made for people who dislike washing mopping pads. One can toss away the disposable cloth directly after use.

Provide Effective Cleaning

Another best benefit you may go with this product for high-density chenille pads. This can remove dust and Dirt more effectively with amazing water-absorbing power.

Adjustable Long Handle

A Forspeeder dust mop handle consists of 4 sections, which make it easy to put together. This handle is up to 58.5 inches long. So, the Forspeeder dust mop is a good choice for cleaning high areas like windows, walls, and ceilings.

It allows adjusting the handle height according to your need. For this reason, this is an awesome dust mop for back pain and osteoporosis patients.

Flexible Swiveling Mop Head

Other notable actions of this dust mop have flexible swivel joints. This means it allows the flat mop underneath the table, bed, sofa, and other furniture.


  • Made with premium quality chenille pads
  • High water absorbing power pad
  • Washable and reusable
  • Much better mop than flash
  • Durable and can use through any rag


  • Adding extra detergent may decrease the mop’s absorbing power

8. Yocada Dust Mop

Yocada dust mop has a special telescopic handle, ranging from 46.8″ to 5.7″ long. It allows reaching under any object from any distance.

You won’t need to curve your back for this. In terms of cleaning, I find it more flexible as well as other pads. This dust mop allows for reaching under objects or adjusting to various heights. Meanwhile, you find here-


  • Surface Recommendation: Floor, tile, ceramic
  • Adjusted Height: 46.8″ to 57″ inch
  • Mop Head Size: 19.7″ inch
  • Pad Materials: Soft cotton yarn
  • Pad Thickness: 9″ inch
  • Pad Number: 3
Yocada Dust Mop

Sturdy & Reliable Handle

With this one, you can get a sturdy and reliable handle that withstands all types of cleaning. Yocada dust mop is also suitable for providing a hassle-free sweeping experience; this tool does not snap like plastic while working.

Unique Cotton Dust Mop Head

The cotton dust mopping head feels soft, making the floor less scratchy. Meanwhile, cotton pads deeply absorb specks of Dirt, water, dust, hair, and debris from the floor. It acts as a quick fix on disposable pads, which helps to save money and reduce waste.

Special Mechanism for Installation

This dust mop tool has a special mechanism to make your installation journey easier. If you want to adjust or open the lock, press the button located on the mop pod to the plate disc.

For adjustment, follow a similar process but this time, you need to open up the lock on the pole to adjust. After a few times, close the lock to fix the handle length.

Comes with Extra Pads

The dust mop has an extra towel intended for dry mopping. So, you don’t need to dry the used mop and insert it into the mop plate disc again. It also helps to add non-woven mop pads or any old rag into the four holes onto the disc. For this reason, you can finish the cleaning job as early as possible.


  • Strong water absorption
  • Machine washed pads
  • Strong adsorption capabilities
  • Immediate maneuvering systems for quick clean
  • Suspension handle for easy storing


  • The pole is too large for a small opening on the mop head

9. SWOPT 24″ Microfiber Dust Mop

SWOPT 24″ microfiber pad is different from other microfiber pads. It has its own design, width, and very efficient cleaning traits. There is not as much padding or length on the pad as on another dust mop.

These dust mop handles are versatile, with a long handle for quick and easy cleaning. Your handle will never twist or lose again.


  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dust Mop Adjustment Size: 24″ inch
  • Number Of Memory Sticks: 1
  • Included Components: mop head
  • Handle & Head Adjustment: 18″ inch
  • Is Assembly Required: False
SWOPT 24” Microfiber Dust Mop

High-Quality Mop Head

No more trouble spending more time changing or installing the tool. This tool is very efficient and keeps the closet more organized than before because it delivers swift change with the push of a button.

Versatile Performance

If talking about performance, this tool is versatile for featuring high-quality microfiber. It is great for lint-free cleaning on wood, laminate, and tile flooring. You can use the tool for multiple cleaning since it has one swept handle and head.

Featuring Snap Lock Technology

This one has a snap lock technology which helps to create a secure, solid connection between the head and handle. It pays off for anyone to elucidate the areas confidently. Easy to SWOPT with a one-push button to ensure the user never has to touch a dirty mop head again.

Easily Stay Organized

Say goodbye to your old closet, which is full of brooms, mops, brushes, and other cleaning tools. It has an interchangeable cleaning system to fill most of your space and helps to keep the closet neat, clean, and well-organized.


  • Good quality
  • Excellent price point
  • Great on gym stall mats
  • Easy to change head
  • Provide lifetime warranty


  • Free from additional microfiber refill

10. Kefanta Dust Mop

This mop is exactly what you’re looking for. Kefanta dust mop is well-made and comes with 3 cleaning pads, making your daily washing task easy.

They attach to the mop head securely, and you would like to notice how the mop head has rubber corners so as not to produce scratches. The slim design also allows this mop to easily go under doors and appliances.


  • Surface Recommendation: Floor, wall, tile
  • Handle Adjustment Length: 44.5″ to 54″ inch
  • Angelic Movements: 360⁰
  • Mop Pad Size: 18-½” to 6-½” inch
  • Handle materials: Iron
  • Pads Norms: Machine washable
Kefanta Dust Mop

Wet & Dry Dust Mop

With two pieces of reusable refill, this dust mop provides better cleaning power and can quickly absorb water. Soft fabrics are suitable for cleaning hardwood, marble, laminate, tiles, and other smooth surfaces.

360⁰ Rotating Dust Mop Head

Adjust the length of your handle from 44.5″ to 54″ with a quick twist. The extension part of this product needs to be pulled up and can rotate on its own for fixing. Since it has flexible rotating 360⁰ spins, ensure to clean the floor underneath the sofa, bed, and other corners.

2-Reusable Washable Pads

It comes with two layers of thick and soft cotton yarn to ensure deep cleansing and absorb Dirt, water, dust, hair, debris, etc.

After the dry cleaning, this one will give a sparkling finish. Kefanta microfiber dust mop pads can also be used as traditional and normal wall mops. Although it has two reusable and washable pads, you can work with them perpendicularly.

Machine Washable Easy Installation

Dust mops for floor cleaning are now easier for you. Because those are machine washable, you can clean, and pure and change them as if the clothes.


  • Can use for multiple occasions
  • Operate by one-press buttons
  • Re-washable microfiber cleaning pads
  • 360⁰ rotating angle for better optimization
  • Pads are flexible to reach any corners


  •  The cleaning pad is found to be too small to work in some cases

5 Things to Consider While Buying the Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floor

Finding the best dust mop is challenging, but it is more challenging to pick the right one. Because proper planning or lack of buying ideas can lead to chances, make mistakes. It would help if you didn’t do so. To avoid such obstructions, keep the following things in mind while buying dust mops.

1. Understand The Mop Norms

Dust mops are available in two varieties: wet mop and dry mop. Fortunately, most dust mop comes with both norms. Buying only between dry mops or wet mops, it is better to switch on the mop, which comes with two.

Because you cannot predict in which situation you want to use a dry mop or a wet mop. However, let us see the detailed comparison between dry and wet mops.

  • Dry Mop Cleaning Pad

A dry mop cleaning pad is a traditional mop that lacks moisture. For example, you can see the O-cedar sweeper dust mop or Vanduck dust mop. Both of them are required to use dry norms. It is worth mentioning that, by using a dry mop, one can only pick up debris like dust and pet hair.

  • Wet Mop Cleaning Pad

Now, it comes to the wet mop cleaning pad. A wet mop is efficient in removing heavy stains. For example, if your house has a lot of members, there would be a lot of Dirt which may not be swept by dry mops. You need to clean them with wet mopping pads.

In short, a person must demean a dry mop before using a wet mop. Without sweeping away the dry messes, you cannot attain a clean surface every time.

2. Handle Size

A long handle crucially plays a significant role in reaching more corners. If your dust mop has a long and precise handle, it will be far better to clean more accumulated Dirt than brooms.

Yet, make sure to have at least 45 “-58.5” inches. It is a common and big standard size to sweep every hook and crook inside your home. This is especially helpful to reach difficult areas like sofas, beds, tea tables, etc.

3. Mop Materials & Reusable, Machine Wash Traits

Another important thing about a dust mop is its mopping head materials. Somewhere you may find the mop head made with 100% cotton, whereas some are with microfiber pads.

No matter which one you’ve, ensure to buy reusable and machine-washable pads. Reusable and machine-washable pads can be used over time and are easy to clean after finishing the task.

4. Height Adjustment

You may not be able to know how long you need to clean the entire flat or apartment. Unlike this, no one could be.

In that case, height adjustment features are best since they let you fix the handle height according to your necessity. Height adjustment is an obvious matter for commercial or industrial purposes. Those places are often crowded and filled with more debris than others.

5. Multi-Purpose Use

It is not a wise decision that you should purchase the dust mop for clean hardwood only. Some other dust mops in the shop can apply for multiple occasions (marble, stones, tiles, vinyl, etc.).

One of the common benefits of grabbing a multipurpose dust mop is it saves both time and money. Plus, multipurpose mopping pads are stronger and more flexible in delivering better performance.

How Efficient Are Dust Mops to Remove Germs and Bacteria from Hardwood Floors?

A dust mop is a long-headed tool attached to a microfiber pad. Hardwood floors can be cleaned using this method effectively. Since dust mop is available in different ranges of size, usually found in 60 inches to 10 inches.

If we are talking in-depth, this supreme tool is very efficient for daily use. Now, you may have a question: why?

Well, this cleaning mop will remove about 90% of the bacteria from your home. It is challenging to keep your home entirely germ and bacteria-free.

Because your bare eyes hardly notice those germs. Even though those microorganisms can’t remove through the normal detergent or bleaching elements.

Microfiber dust mops are also better than regular brooms. Standard or traditional brooms have failed to fight against those tiny germs.

Meanwhile, you aren’t satisfied with the results. Since the heads of the dust mops are strongly attached to microfiber pads, they won’t need much effort to bend or clean any surfaces.

Those tools also give you extra benefits like-

  • Remove extreme dark spots, and stains from hardwood floors;
  • Erase the scratch; safe to use for already damaged or spoil surfaces;
  • Can defend against the germs directly;

Free from the difficulties of continuous disposal, change the head of the mop over time.

What Are the Simple Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors?

Cleaning is a big project that needs more attention, particularly cleaning hardwood floors. This sort of floor is easily damaged by little scratches and Dirt and loses its even polished look for lack of enthusiasm. Yet, a little care can save them from this unanticipated tort.

Therefore, try to perform these simple ways to clean the floors.

Step 1: Begin to Dry Mopping

First, clean the entire area with a dry mopping pad. This could make the cleaning task faster and less cumbersome. Dry mopping pads will sweep away all the mosses like a pet and human hair, food packets, and others.

Notes: Keep in mind that hardwood floors are not required for the appliance by heavy-duty cleaning devices like a steam mop, vacuum cleaner with bar attachment, etc. So, avoid using them while doing this task.

Step 2: Prepare Mild Liquor Cleanser

Prepare some mild liquor or cleanser for the task. Dust mop won’t remove the stubborn Dirt and grimes which occur repeatedly. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you must use an eco-friendly, commercial cleaning solution like Bona or Murphy soap.

Besides this, some experts suggest making homemade natural solutions with vinegar and warm water. This texture becomes more powerful if a few drops of liquid Castile soap are added.

Step 3: Start Mopping

It doesn’t matter, whatever you choose for cleaning. The process of how to clean a hardwood floor or any engineered floor is undoubtedly the same. Pick the clean rug or mopping pad, and check the height adjustment of the handle.

Now, dip them into the solutions and start mopping. While scrubbing or pressing the mop head, hold it gently and rub it calmly. Next, remove the excess water and mop the floor with a dry rag to avoid further issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should You Replace the Dust Mop?

It depends on the purpose of usage. For commercial purposes, replacing the dust mop after 2-3 months of regular use is better. 2-3 months is not mandatory if the mopping pad condition is not too good to continue.

Change the mop after 6 months if you owned it for home cleaning. But cotton mop heads can stay up to 50 washes, and microfiber have a longer lifespan, up to 400 wash or more.

What Are the Materials of Dust Mop?

Dust mops usually come with natural or synthetic fibers, mostly cotton or nylon. There you also can see a yarn attached to a carrier substrate. It helps to hold the shape of the mop head while working.

Besides this, you may find some more materials about dust mop heads like fabrics, microfiber pads, lambswool, etc.

Can Dust Mops Be Used on All Types of Floors?

Yes, almost every mop pad is now free to be used on all floors. But for most of the common surfaces, they often prefer to use tiles, vinyl, and wood. Depending on the mop head materials, you can use some of them on marble, stones, linoleum, etc.

What Is the Best Cleaning Solution to Be Used with Dust Mops?

A quick squirt of dish detergent is one of the common and best cleaning solutions to be used with a dust mop. Pour them into a bucket and mix them with lukewarm water.

Dish detergent is made to dispel grime and grease from the hardwood floors. But ensure not to use too much on the floor to prevent them from becoming dull and uneven.

Does Dust Mop Damage Hardwood Floor?

Excessive cleaning may damage the natural texture and polish the look of the hardwood floor. You should avoid using a dust mop again and again if it does not damage or seems untidy to manage.

Many housewives and cleaning experts advise sweeping or washing the floor once a month. But you can still clean the floor twice a month in case of an emergency or if it is ruined by accidental incidents.

Final Words

Try out our tested and top-notch 10 best dust mop for hardwood floors. Each has its special features that can be changed to the present look of your floor. But if you’re in a hurry or do not have enough time to read the entire article, I suggest you read only one.

Among the 10 products, I genuinely like the O-cedar dual-action microfiber dust mop. It’s because they have long-handled, soft thick bristles and deep-cleaning microfiber pads. All in all, the manufacturer gives you a replacement guarantee with the packaging.

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