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Making a mop at home is an incredible DIY that is beneficial in many ways. For example, you can recycle the used clothes, solve the mopping problem, save money, and have fun. Mopping is an integrated part of home cleansing and helps to keep healthy yourself and your family members.

Most mopping products are worn out after using some time, and you need to buy them often. If you make a mop using some DIY, it will last for a longer time as well as you don’t need to spend money. You can use them using the things nearby.


How to make a mop at home

Before starting the process, gather the necessary equipment that you need to make a mop. 

  • An old towel or t-shirt.
  • A stick for the handle ( wood/metal)
  • Scissor 

Note: it will be best if you choose linen clothes. It will make the mop durable and long-lasting.

After arranging these simple ingredients, you are ready to go through the making process. You need to follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Set down the towel on the surface and make it stretchy properly. It will help you to cut it easily.

Step 2:

Use the scissors, then cut the towel in stripes. Cut it equal to 1 inch wide.

Step 3:

Imbricate all the towel stipes and thrust them like a bundle. Take the top end and place the mop stick in the middle of the heap.

Step 4: 

Take a stripe to tie the mop really tightly. You can use the cable ties additionally to make it more tight and secure. 

Step 5:

Hold up the mop and shake it. For the finishing touch, cut out the other ends of strips. 

Now you are all set to use the mop. This mop is more durable than the commercial mops that you find in the supermarket. Making a mop is very straightforward and can complete the process in half an hour. Don’t miss any steps; otherwise, you can’t make the mop properly.

Mopping Solution

For hygienic and proper cleaning, you must need the mopping solution. You will find many mopping liquid products on the market. But they cost a lot of money. So you can manipulate some home solution to make the mopping more effective. Here are some specific things you can pursue: 

  • Vinegar solution

Vinegar is widely used to keep the home disinfectant. It is a cheap and easy ingredient you can buy out there. But many don’t endure the smell of the vinegar. Don’t worry about the scent; it will fade after drying out, and you will get a clean, hygienic floor. Mix some vinegar with warm water, and you are ready to mop. Add some dish soap for a more effective result. 

  • Window Cleaner

Window cleaner is an accessible ingredient that is found in most houses. Though the window cleaner is not natural equipment, it cleans the floor nicely and makes it shiny. The cleaner liquid helps to prevent stickiness and hard dirt. You can use it to mix with the water or simply spray on the floor, then wipe with the wet mop.

  • Dish Liquid Soap

Dish liquid soap works excellent on the floor. Sometimes plain water can not clean the floor properly. Dish soap is mild, so you need to be careful using it. Always stir with water, and don’t apply it directly on the floor. You may use some lemon juice for a pleasant smell. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the mopping alternative?

There are many things that you can use as a mopping alternative. The sponge is a useful tool for cleaning the floor. Actually, the sponge is suitable for small areas. It also collects bacteria quickly, so you can disinfect it by popping it in a microwave for one minute. Older socks can be used as an alternative. Just soak it in the mopping solution and wipe it out.

  1. What are the cleaning techniques?

Following the cleaning, techniques make the mopping process easier. First, use a broom to sweeping the dust from the larger areas. Then use the mop, and wipe it out around the floor. It is more efficient for mopping. 

  1. Do you mop with just water?

Just water does not clean the floor properly. Sometimes it feels sticky, and periodically water can not remove the oily spots. In that case, you need some soap base ingredients to clean this stickiness. Dish soap, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and window cleaner can be used for this purpose. 

  1. How to make a mopping pad at home?

A mopping pad is used for flat mop heads. For this, you can use the old towel. Lay down the towel and place the mop head in the center. Cut the towel in a square shape and make sure it can fold over the mop head. Stick the plastic snap on the two opposite sides of the towel using the snap tool. Then it will be ready for mopping. It is an eco-friendly and reusable mopping pad; after sweeping, dry it with direct sunlight. 

  1. Can I use the laundry detergent for mopping?

Laundry detergent is the most usable cleaning ingredient at home. You can use the detergent for mopping to remove the grease on the floor.  While you are using the detergent, you need to wipe the floor twice. Once with the detergent, mixed water and again with just water.

Final Words

Mopping is a necessity for daily clean up. Many products are used for cleaning up. But the traditional mop does an excellent job for floor cleaning. In the article, we have described the process how to make a mop at home. Using the guide, you can successfully create an effective mop reusing the old clothes. You can organize the required ingredients around the house. So why be late? Start the DIY of making a durable mop at home.

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