4 Easy & Effective Steps on How to Unblock a Steam Mop

A steam mop is a very effective tool for cleaning, and usually, it reduces lots of work and hassle.  But as with every piece of tool, steam mops have their own problems too. One of them is being clogged up or blocked.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the reasons why a steam mop can get all clogged up, how to unblock a steam mop, and tips on how to properly use it while preventing blocks or damages. So, let’s dive in.


Steam Mop – How It Works?

Compared to the normal mops, steam mops are more like a complete package when it comes to cleaning and hassle. While in a normal mop you have to carry soap water in a bucket to clean the house. A steam mop on its own is enough to clean the floor, along with taking on the stains and other marks.

Steam mops usually have a tank or reservoir within it which carries water. When turned on, this water reaches around 250 degrees Fahrenheit and a flow of steam created from this water is sent to the mop pad. That is where the steam reaches the floor and assists in cleaning.

Benefits of Steam Mops

The pad of the mop soaks up this high-temperature steam and this helps it to take on any stain, dirt, or marks on the floor. While the mop pad is absorbing all the dirt and dust, the high-temperature steam running throughout the pad also kills germs on the floor.

After the cleaning, the user can easily remove and wash the mop pad in all of the steam mops. Most of the mop pads are machine washable, making them a really easy cleanup.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile and hassle-free
  • Requires no extra soap or bucket of water
  • Cleans even the rough stains
  • Absorbs the dirt and dust
  • Kills germs on the floor
  • Easily washable pads

A steam mop is far more versatile than a regular mop, and more sanitary too. But as there are so many mechanisms at work like the steaming of the water, the flow of steam to the pads, and many more. Therefore, there are more things that need to be checked up regularly.

Reasons for a Steam Mop Not Steaming

There is a long list of things that can lead to the steam mop not working properly or getting clogged up. We are going to discuss the most common ones among these reasons.

Lack of Water

This is not really a reason for blockage in the steam mop. But, this is one of the most common cases when the steam mop is not getting enough steam to the pads for cleaning.

Most of the time, users in a hurry start the cleaning only to realize there is no steam going to the mop pads to clean the floor. If the water in the water tank has all been used up or dried up and the mop is turned on, the lack of water to make steam can damage the device. Therefore, you always need to check and keep up to date with the water status in the water tank.

Water Leakage or Steam Leakage

The mechanism for the steam to reach the mop pad and eventually assist in cleaning is the pressure. The water in the tank gets heated up, and the steam builds up pressure. Due to the pressure, the steam is released to the mop pad.

Now, if there is any leakage in the water tank or steam leakage in the line, the pressure will not build and the steam will not flow.

Also, make sure to check the bottom cap. A loosely fitted bottom cap is one of the common issues for the pressure not building up, so make sure you have tightened it up.

Blocked line or Nozzle

Water has many mineral properties. And, when it is steamed and passed through the nozzle into the mop pad, it starts to build up very little mineral substances in the nozzle. These little substances eventually result in clogging up the nozzle or the steam line.

Many companies suggest the customers use distilled water in the steam mops. But, getting distilled water is a hassle most of the users don’t take, and therefore sooner or later, they need to deal with the blocked steam mop.

The rest of the reasons for a steam mop not working properly are a quick and easy fix or just a matter of checkup and keeping tabs. But, when the nozzle or steam line is clogged, you need to unblock it manually to get it properly working again. If you keep using the clogged up steam mop, it will not only clean poorly but also the device will get damaged from the resistance in the steam flow.

How to Unblock a Steam Mop

You need to follow every step closer to successfully unblock a steam mop. The method is really easy and takes little time to unclog and make the steam mop perform properly again.

Step-1: Unplug the Stem Mop

The first step is to make sure the steam mop is unplugged and completely cooled down.  Then, remove the water tank or reservoir and empty it.

Step-2: Locate the Spray Tip

The next step starts with locating the spray tip situated at the base of the steam mop. Usually getting access to it is really easy, but in some models, you need to open a screw to get access to this.

Step-3: Clear the Clogs Using Vinegar or Cleaners

After this, insert an object like a paperclip into the spray tip to remove the clothes or minerals that are creating the blockage. Then, pour vinegar or cleaners through the mop head. This will clear away any clogs or blocks that are sitting in there.

Step 04: Assemble the Mop

After doing all these steps, assemble your steam mop and make sure you are filling the water tank with fresh water. You now have a blockage free and properly functioning steam mop again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best temperature for a steam mop?

100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees F) is the ideal temperature for cleaning with a steam mop.

What are the best cleaners for cleaning a steam mop?

Vinegar, CLR, Lime-A-Way, these are some of the things. These are mostly used in cleaning the steam mop head and blockage.

How to clean steam mop pads?

Steam mop pads are easily washable and in most cases, machine washable.


A steam mop is really helpful equipment for cleaning in a regular household. Like every other machine, it needs to be taken care of and maintained, and follow tips to best use it. Even though it gets blocked with usage, knowing how to unblock a steam mop. It can help you overcome this issue, and make your cleaning experience great again.

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