Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming | Know The Reason Behind It

In case you suddenly see your Shark steam mop not steaming or does not produce sufficient heat, getting clogged, or stuck while working. It’s not true that all those problems that happened to you cannot be fixed or solved. 

Most of these issues occurred due to mistakes, lack of proper knowledge to operate the machines, and many more. If you read this right now, you have already faced these difficulties and are looking for proper solutions.

No worries, I will reveal and share all the solutions with you so you can fix them at home. Therefore, check this out before throwing away your old steam mop.


Why is My Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming?

Think why the steam mop is not steaming or stopped working abruptly. Open the tank and keep an eye to inquire if there is any clogged debris or lime dirt in it. You may wonder how to remove those blocked limes. 

Removing mineral limes with just water plays a significant role in this regard. But there are more solutions to fix the possible difficulties caused by different cases. The most common symptoms one may face include, 

  • No steam or gets clogged for the deposits of a lot of minerals inside the tanks, nozzles, and other parts
  • Steam does not come out 
  • The steamer is not turning on, etc.

1. Lime Scales or Minerals 

Lime scales or minerals are the common enemies that your steam mop needs to be fixed. It stopped or isn’t able to act appropriately for this. Another biggest issue may occur for clogged lime scales that the steamer won’t move out of, and it feels uncomfortable to clean the floor properly.

Possible Fixes

  • Make a mixture of water and vinegar /CLR/ Lime-A-Way
  • Maintained the ratio of 50:50
  • Mix them all 
  • Pour them onto the tank
  • Start to clean the steamer with that solutions 
  • Remove the head, pick a descaling pin to remove blocked grime from the hole

Note: Use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar if you don’t want to invest much in it

2. Blocked Nozzle

Your steam mop stopped or didn’t run properly due to the blocked nozzle. When the water limes start to deposit inside the tanks or nozzles, it often stops functioning properly. It may occur even after you follow the process of decalcifying the nozzles. 

Possible Fixes

  • Rinse the tank with distilled water
  • Turn on the steamer to reduce the limes
  • Refill it with water once again to cure the problems 

3. Internal Leakage

Inspect the internal leakage to see if it needs to be turned on or working appropriately. Sometimes the problem might occur due to leaked plug sockets or plugs. Also, watch out for the operational light to see if it’s illuminating or lights up properly. 

Possible Fixes 1

  • Change or replace the fuse 
  • Test the fuse in another power socket at your home if possible 
  • Do the similar process as you follow in cleaning the limes if the fuse isn’t damaged 

The light blinks if the steamer needs to be turned on after applying all these processes. It means that the steamer of the mop is clogged to sediment or lime scales. 

Possible Fixes 2 

  • If the steam mop is not turned on due to lime scales and sediments, you probably find them stuck inside the tank. 
  • As soon as you find them, disconnect all the attachments like the power hose, pole, etc.
  • Place the steamer in a tub or kitchen sink
  • Next, unscrew all the secured parts with the help of a screwdriver such as valves, mop head, and others
  • Flush them out for rinsing with water 
  • Keeps it continuing until you notice clear water coming out of the tank. 

4. Insufficient Water in the Tank

Shark pockets will only make steam sometimes when there is sufficient water in the tank. Correspondingly, the pocket will also prevent the steamer from blowing or leading in case of cracks or holes. For this, the mop pocket will have issues and create inadequate pressure to generate steam. 

Possible Fixes

  • Add sufficient water according to the tank capacity if it is empty
  • Check the tank is seated correctly inside the device’s housing
  • Take help from any expert steam mop repair service center to fix cracks or holes

5. Non-heated Water

If the above steps fail to fix your problems, there could be a solution to get rid of them. Non-heated water might trouble your machine and get stuck in the middle of your work. 

Possible Fixes

  • Pre-heated the water properly.
  • Let the tank heat up as mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t unplug the tank immediately until it alarms you about correct heating.

How to Fix the Shark Steam Mop Not Blowing Steam?

As a part of an electrical appliance, there is no guarantee that your steam mop will get damaged or dead. It is a universal truth that we cannot avoid.

However, the most common issue you may face about a damaged steam mop is that it stops or does not blow steam all of a sudden. Your steam mop doesn’t continue to operate for clogged lime scales or accumulated dirt. 

In addition, there is the highest possibility of such issues for clogged lime scales due to the water. Calcium water is often responsible for lime scales inside the Shark steam mop’s nozzles, water tanks, and other equipment.

Above I clarify all the possible causes which may be the main culprit of such concerns. Yet, I want to share a quick fix that may work and let you immediately clean all the lime scales.

Herein, all the steps are in detail. Follow each step one after one to make the equipment work.

Step 1: Open the Main Body

Turn off your Shark steam mop. Open up the main body at first. Separate each part from it, including the mop head, tank, nozzles, microfiber pads, and others. 

Step 2: Rinse It Using Water

After emptying the tank, it’s time to rinse the inside of the mop using only water. Omit or rub all the lime scale traces through the mineral deposits.

Pick the steam mop tank on one hand and pour the distilled water through the opposite hand. If the lime scales come out of the tank slowly, try to rub them using your hands. Rub gently inside the tank to clean the dirt.

Step 3: Fill the Tank Using Distilled Water

Lastly, fill the tank using distilled water once you remove all kinds of lime scales. Try to do this every time after finishing your work. It will help to prevent future blockage. 

You may notice some of the mineral residues remain on the tank. It’s for whether those grimes are very old or too stubborn to remove by hand. In that case, you can use a soft bristle brush to rub them smoothly.

Step 4: Use Steam Button to Remove Dirt Regularly

Heavy mineral deposits are complicated to remove immediately. They leave yellowish-dark marks inside the tank. For this, you should clean those specks of dirt regularly.

With the help of the steam button, you can clear those deposits from the tank slowly. Although this process sometimes requires cleaning wholly, you’ll get a new machine that works as smoothly as before. 

How to Maintain Shark Steam Mop?

Regular maintenance is the core of strength, prolonging your steam mop’s lifespan. You must take proper care to avoid ending up with a damaged, defective Shark steam mop. Keep these things in mind to properly nurture your favorite steam mop at home. 

1. Clean The Shark Mop Using Water Only

Experts are always recommended to conduct distilled water to clean Shark mops. These mops are extremely sensitive to heavy chemicals or cleaning solutions.

If you use any regular cleansing powder, it may badly affect all over the mop body. Ensure to use only distilled water to clean it after finishing the task.

2. Follow Two-Step Cleaning Norms

First, you must have swept or vacuumed the entire floor before cleaning it with the steam mop.

Secondly, turn on your steam mop and run it over the floor to sweep all the dirt. Two-step cleaning procedures are essential to throwing away dry dirt and clogged debris. They may get stuck on the mop and produce heavy dirt filters if you skip them.

3. Empty The Steam Mop Before Storing

Before using the steam mop again, clean and store it properly; most of the time, people need to pay attention to cleaning the mop tank and the body appropriately after finishing the task.

It’s not good and appreciative. Empty the steam mop before storing it, and check twice whether it is cleaned or not. 

Meanwhile, unplug your steam mop and let it cool for a while. Don’t be too hasty to clean the mop unless it cools down properly. 

4. Follow the Proper Way To Clean Dirty Grip Pads

Try to follow the proper way to clean the dirty grip pads separately. Dirty grip pads always require warm water and liquid detergent. Avoid using bleach, powdered detergent, or any kind of fabric softener since they can damage the pads. 

Those harsh chemicals often leave coatings on the grip pads as they reduce their cleaning performance and absorbency.

Instead of using those chemicals, follow or check out the line dry or tumble dry norms by keeping your machine on a low setting. It helps to extend the life of that microfiber fabric simultaneously.

5. Replace Dirt Grips Every 3-4 Months

Replace the dirt grips every 3-4 months. It produces the best result and gives a cleaner, less dirty floor every time. As long as dirty particles, grimes, grease, and frequent washing can cause the microfiber pads or fibers to break down. Therefore, change the pads every 3-4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to de-scale my Shark steam mop?

Of course, you must describe your Shark steam mop for mineral deposits. Mineral deposits are common residues occurring for the water minerals, limescale. Those things go inside the steam mop and easily block the internal surfaces of the water tank spray, nozzles, etc. 

Can I run vinegar through my Shark steam mop?

There are more effective ways to clean the Shark steam mop than vinegar water or vinegar with cleaning solutions. To prolong the life of the mop, many experts usually recommend using only distilled water in the tank.

That’s why you ensure to add water only, except for the vinegar, unless it may damage the steam mop. Although vinegar contains natural ingredients, it is often unsafe for a steam mop.

How to prevent water from coming out of the steam mop?

Clean the steam mop water tank regularly. It’s because excessive build-up inside the steam mop can block water passages. It immediately causes water to spill out of the body of the streamer.

Excessive water from the steam mop is also responsible for damage to its nozzle. Try to squeeze the trigger down only for a short time to prevent it.

Check out the water tank and cap for cracks or damage. Fill the tank with water and test the x-valve by pushing. Also, verify whether the rubber gasket at the tip of the cap is still attached to its bottom.

How to fix a Shark steam mop which is unable to release steam?

A Shark steam mop requires water to make steam. Inspect the mop’s water tank to clarify whether there is water. If there isn’t water, unscrew the tank cap and fill the flask to pour distilled water.

Keeps it continuing until the entire water of the tank reaches the fill line. Afterward, I replaced the tank cap and tightened it.

Can I use tap water in the Shark steam mop?

Steam mop requires only distilled water to prolong its lifespan. Make sure to add only water to the tank, which is free from chemicals or cleaning solutions.

Furthermore, some models usually come with dual functions, designed to be used with water and mild cleanser. You can choose them if you want to add tap water to a Shark steam mop.

Final Words

If you still need clarification about why my Shark steam mop not working, then ensure that it meets the proper amperage and voltage.

There is a little chance that the steam mop was not turned on or failed to work. Look at the power cord or cables on its back; see if it looks thick and sturdy! Sometimes smaller cables are susceptible damaged the steam mop’s internal components.

In that case, I suggest you leave unimportant habits likewise stored unclean or improperly. Keep the power cord tangled or pressed against an object in a weird shape. In short, the more you store and transect the steam mop, the more the chances of it worsening.

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