How to Clean Walls with Mop | The Smart Ways to be Followed

Cleaning the walls using a mop can be tricky. So, it is important to know the right processes on how to clean walls with a mop.

Mopping different parts of our house play a significant role in creating a healthy indoor environment. But all the places cannot be mopped in the same way.

This article shares proper guidance for cleaning the concrete, apartment, and painted walls with a mop. The discussion also includes information about cleaning frequency, safe cleaners, and different safety ideas.


How to Clean Walls with Mop?

The walls are such important parts of a flat or house which have been frequently affected by different types of dirt.

So, cleaning the walls after a certain period gets compulsory for maintaining proper cleanliness. There are different kinds of walls with various structures. The cleaning process with a mop also varies.

1. Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are tough & rough therefore can be tricky to clean properly. You can follow the following combination of dry and wet mopping steps:

Step 1: Dry clean the wall

Before going for extended cleaning, use a dry mop or feather duster to wipe away the excess debris or dirt from the different parts of the concrete wall.

Step 2: Make a liquid mixture

For wet mopping, make a cleaning mixture by taking around 1 gallon of warm water and adding a few drops or spoons of a multipurpose regular washer or mild soap.

Step 3: Apply the wet mop

Now use the dry mop and dip it into the liquid mixture. Wring the wet mop and wash the whole surface of the concrete wall.

Step 4: Remove the harsh stain

If your concrete walls have old and tough stains, you can use an extra bristled brush to wipe away the stain.

Step 5: Give a finishing clean

Finally use the wet mop and swab the wall with clean normal water but don’t let it be too wet. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to dry out the wall.

2. Apartment Walls

You need to keep some important facts in your concern before approaching for cleaning the apartment walls with a mop. Here is a handy process to be followed:

Step 1: First take a long-handled dry mop to clean the walls roughly and remove the different light dirty particles from the surfaces. Take a look at every corner.

Step 2: Make a mixture of warm water and regular mild soap or white vinegar. Take a soft mop and dip it in the liquid. Wring the wet mop very well.

Step 3: Use the mop softly to clean the apartment walls. Be careful about avoiding the sprinkling of water or extensive mopping water on the wall.

Step 4: Use a dry mop or microfiber cloth or spongy cleaner to mop the wall thoroughly but softly to remove any sort of wet element.

3. Painted Walls

Cleaning the walls with a mop is important and effective but this should be done causing no harm to the paints. Therefore, authentic ways or processes should be maintained in this regard.

Cleaning the white painted wall with a mop

Cleaning the tough stains on the white-painted wall can be almost impossible by using a simple dry mopping process. Therefore, the following wet mopping can be effective.

Step 1: Take a mop and dampen it in clean water.

Step 2: Now dip the wet mop into baking soda.

Step 3: Wring the mop a bit and circularly wipe the whole wall.

Step 4: Mopping all the dust properly, and dry up the wall.

To avoid any sort of harm to the white paint, avoid mopping hard or pressurized process. Be gentle with your approach.

Mopping flat-painted walls

Cleaning the walls painted with flat or matte paint is an important matter. The dirt or stain can be more visible on such paint. Follow this process for better cleaning.

Step 1: Take a spongy mop and dampen it with white vinegar.

Step 2: Now apply vinegar on the wall using the mop softly.

Step 3: You can use the circular motion to wipe away the stain.

Step 4: Now, mop the wall with normal water and dry it completely. You can use a dry mop for this purpose.

Mopping the latex and oil-based painted walls

Step 1: Take some warm water and mix a mild multipurpose dishwasher or soap with it.

Step 2: Now use a spongy mop and clean gently applying the soapy water to it.

Step 3: Then softly rub the walls to get rid of the stains.

Step 4: Finally use normal water to apply a thorough wash of the wall and then dry the whole surface properly.

How to Clean Walls Faster?

Cleaning the walls can be complex and time-consuming if you try cleaning the walls randomly without maintaining any proper process. So, here are some steps you can follow to clean walls faster:

Step 1: Arrange and keep ready all the cleaning materials like the mop or dry microfiber cloth, warm cleaning water mixed with mild multi-purpose washing powder, or white vinegar.

Step 2: Move away all the portable or hanging things like a wall-watch, pictures, showpieces, calendars, and all other things which can create impediments to cleaning the wall.

Step 3: Carry out a simple and thorough dry cleaning using a wall brush, feather duster, or vacuum cleaner to remove the simple loose dirt, debris, or unwanted particles.

Step 4: Take a long-handled mop and wring it well after dipping it into the liquid-cleaning mixture. Then mop the wall using the ‘M’ shape system.

Step 5: Finally mop the wall thoroughly with a dry microfiber or soft cloth to give finishing to the cleaning process.

What are the Benefits of Mopping Walls?

There are different benefits you can enjoy if you mop the walls. Proper mopping can help maintain the quality of the walls and make them long-lasting. Otherwise, your walls will be worn out soon.

Here are some specific benefits you can expect:

Enhancing the look

One of the biggest benefits of mopping walls is the enhancement of the look. Mopping will help you get rid of the debris or stain which harms the look of a wall. Clean and beautiful walls will turn your home into a beautiful place to reside.

Improving the quality of internal airflow

A dusty and dirty wall will lead to a smelly and impure indoor environment. So, mopping the walls will prevent those unwanted dust mix with the internal air. This will create a healthy environment in your home.

Helpful for future room upgrades

When your walls get dusted or stain for a long period, the re-painting or upgrading the look of the walls will get tougher. Hence, a mopped wall is easier to paint and decorate.

Keeping away the mold and mildew

After a certain period, the walls of your home can get mold and mildew which can harm the structure of the walls and contaminate the indoor air.

Mopping is a handy option to get rid of mold & mildew. Mopping the kitchen and bathroom walls is more beneficial in such cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a mop to wash walls?

A mop can be extremely handy to wash the walls properly. In this case, microfiber or rubber-made soft but sturdy wall mops will be the best options. You need to handle the mop softly on painted walls.

Can you mop painted walls?

You can mop painted walls with light warm water and can add mild soap or all-purpose cleaners. Use only a soft mopping cloth or sponge to mop the painted wall softly. You need to wring the mop or sponge well then begin mopping.

How often should you mop your walls?

If your rooms are exposed to an open or dusty environment through windows, you may need to mop the walls twice a month. Otherwise, monthly single mopping is enough. The bathroom and kitchen walls might need extra mopping.

What do you put in mop water for walls?

You can use warm mop water put regular all-purpose cleaners like dish soap and distilled white vinegar to mop the walls. Use a smooth mop to mop the wall smoothly and don’t forget to wring it properly before mopping.

Should the house be mopped every day?

The frequently used areas like the hallways, entryways, kitchen, bathrooms, and regularly used rooms need regular mopping like weekly 2 times.

The less used places like guest rooms can be mopped giving a weekly gap and better to be vacuumed occasionally. The floor should be mopped whenever you see dirt.

Final Words

A wrong concept about using a mop to clean the walls and a lack of knowledge about the exact process may give you an awful experience. Hence the article, “how to clean the walls with mop” presented the safe and fast ways of mopping the walls convincingly.

The analysis and evaluation of different issues related to the credibility and benefits of cleaning the walls with a mop are the results of practical concepts and multiple research.

I have also gathered the answers to some important quarries to guide you on what to do and how to do to clean the wall with a mop.

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