7 Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors to Bring Beauty

The best steam mop for hardwood floors acts as a way of adding more life to your home surfaces. They create a healthy environment for all of your household members. Excessive germs and bacteria often spread many diseases, which we avoid ignorantly.

Thankfully, steaming the floor once a week makes the job more facile for the homeowners. With the constant water vapor and steaming, those unseen pathogens get killed.

But finding the reliable one according to your needs may bore you after some time. This is why you can pick the “Bissell power fresh steam mop” in your planning list. We tested some of the best ones and found this tool more reliable. It’s because this mop is affordable, high-tech, and has a larger water tank capacity. Continue to read to know more.


7 Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews 2022

Below we attached the best steam mop for the hard floor according to their power capacity, tank size, and steam.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Budget-friendly: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
  2. Best Lightweight: Shark S5003D Genius Pocket Steam Mop
  3. Best for Quick Cleaning: Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop
  4. Best for Multipurpose: LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop
  5. Best Eco-friendly: Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop
  6. Best for Flexibility: Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop S3973D
  7. Best for Carpet Cleaning: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

1. Best Budget-friendly: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Our first pick is the top-rated Bissell power fresh steam mop. This is not only a good product but also won’t dent your wallet. Bissell covers almost every feature that you require. From quick heat up to bigger tank capacity, Bissell is ready to provide everything. Below are some of the best key features of this versatile steam mop.

Quick Heat Up

The Bissell has experienced no problem with functions from the day you purchased it. This tiny steam mop is also an excellent buy for those who prefer to finish the work within a second. Yes, this mop is particular for warming and warming up quickly. Again, this mop can cool down the water tank as steadfastly as one expected.

Flip Down Easy Scrubber

This steam mop has a wide, spacious, easy to use scrubber. No matter if you have to clean a 1,000 feet square flat / more, Bissell is ready to kill germs quickly.

To clean messes, simply flip the gray piece on the mop head downward. Again, this mop also comes with stiff bristles to loosen up the mop to throw away the stubborn. Bissell’s power is worth it to sweep away the grout.

2-fluffy Microfiber Pads

We like this mop for the 2-washable, soft pads. One is used for regular scrubbing, with a solid white appearance. Again, the other pad (gray chevron stripes) is for heavier duty cleaning. The pad designation helps reduce the foul smell during mopping. It’s because both of those pads have a gray mesh pocket inside. For this, one can comfortably wash or sweep the nasty things. For your regards, we would like to say that those features are optional.

3-Digital Steam Control

Assembling the power fresh is relatively straightforward. Here you get three digital control buttons, including high, medium, and low. We must say it is an excellent option for any house owner. Because, every time, you may not be in a hurry to clean or wash the stubborn stuff from the hard floor. This steam mop is an expert at cleaning carpet mosses, filthy things, and dirt.

16 Ounce Water Tanks

This dirt cleaner has an extensive tank capacity for mopping any larger mopping large areas. Many users admired this as they felt satisfied using it in their yard. 16-ounce water capacity is splendid for quick fill-up actions. However, the tank is non-removable and doesn’t allow any kind of detergent except water.


  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Tank Capacity: 12 oz
  • Cord Length: 23 feet
  • Cleaning Pad Width: 13 inch


  • Easy to use
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Effective
  • 2-year warranty
  • Innovative washable pad


  • The cord length isn’t suitable for cleaning any bigger room

2. Best Lightweight: Shark S5003D Genius Pocket Steam Mop

Shark S5003D Genius Pocket Steam Mop

Shark S5003D is our second pick for its high-end ratings and lightweight design. It is hugely popular with many house owners for its innovative product design. Shark Genius is affordable, intuitive, and technologically active for taking the dread out of hard floor cleaning. Some prominent functions of this model are,

Touch-Free Technology

The Shark brand is a famous floor cleaning for touch-free technology. It is the most demanded product designed to work efficiently while minimizing physical effort. Shark mop is ready-to-brand for many homeowners for its eligible functions.

This touch-free technology lets you switch on the mop head with a push button. It releases the dirty pad without having to touch any fingertips until you have to put it in the washer. This will save you from potentially burning or any sort of inconvenience.

Steam Blaster

Steam blaster is the best feature for people who get annoyed by stubborn stains. Our opinion about this mop is widely based on key features. This shark mop comes with a powerful jet of steam. For this, it can be directed right at dryness or sticky scars. Again, steam blasters also break away dirt and filthy objects swiftly.

Steam Cleaning System

This next-gen model is imposing for cleaning out all your entire household debris. Suppose you have a 29,000 sq ft home with all downstairs hardwood floors and tiles. This shark mop cleaned all the dirt from the tank, taking less time to rub away the problematic spots.

Shark used one side of the two, including cleaning mats and floors, which is magnificent. The cleaning pad adjusted with this mop helps evenly distribute steam throughout the area. It implies a way to extend the pad size and width.

Easy to Maneuver

Like our first reviewed mop cleaner, the Shark steam mop heated up quickly. It heated as fast as the Bissell. The consistent steam volume across the mop head kept it even over the floors. Since there are several critical areas inside our houses, sharks’ mop can reach those areas nicely.

All-Purpose Pad

One thing you might like about this mop cleaner is its all-purpose pads. The special material and washing-friendly pad can be used almost everywhere. This microfiber pad is suitable for cleaning all sorts of hard tiles and porcelain-made floors.


  • Weight: 5.77 pounds
  • Cord Length: 18 feet
  • Water tank capacity: 220 ml
  • Cleaning Pad Width: 13 inch


  • Double-sided cleaning pad
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • 9% Germ cleaner
  • Touch-free technology


  • The product finish is often reduced and melted away

3. Best for Quick Cleaning: Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

Thirdly, we have a Bissell power fresh lift off steam mop. It’s not only a pet moss; the machine can clean quickly and easily. Bissell’s pet mop is well-built and solid and has a lift-off portion of the unit. Unlike this, it comes with plenty of features.

Easy to Set Up

This Bissell power requires very little time to set up. After pulling out of the box, all you need to do is install a single screw. Also, you might need to fill the tank with liquor. The entire procedure takes you 3-5 minutes. Hence, the tank is a bit complicated to fill.

Again, sometimes this mop drafting location (on the side of the unit) isn’t easy to access. However, it only took 30 seconds to start streaming once you finished filling the tank.

Steadfast Performance

Bissell power mop comes with steadfast technology. The cleaning tools it had were worth picking up dirt that is hard to detect with bare eyes. Yet, this pet lift-off steam mop is a bit heavier than other sorts of cleaning machines. Luckily, here you find the scrubbing brush with more delicate density bristles. Not to mention that we all know how useful it is to clean any hard surfaces with stickier mosses.

Sheer Number Of Attachments

Once the mop starts steaming, it has higher compatibility to suck the dirt from the root. We discovered that it effectively cleaned a dirty floor evenly. It’s because this brush comes with a sheer number of attachments. For instance, the largest mop cleaners had a grout brush, window squeeze, and angle concentrator tool. After pulling it out of the box, you also get the attached screws to install the tool. The brush has only a secure screw to perfectly cover up all the settings.

Exclusive Mopping Head

The lift unit of this steam mop does fit in the accessories provided by the manufacturer. All the connectors can attach and detach blissfully. However, the mop head is ma-hoo-sive, which is fantastic while cleaning large. Along with this, the impressive hard-sided case for attachments. Furthermore, the critical areas you feel trouble cleaning can easily detect over this head.

But the precise truth about this steam mop is that it is the worst for moping around furniture and toilets. Overall, this mop worked to wash away the tiny dirt patches from Windows.


  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Pad Width: Not mention
  • Weight: 10.43 pounds
  • Water tank Capacity: 12 oz


  • Plenty of attachments
  • Quick access
  • It comes with a wider size and capacity
  • Unique microfiber pads
  • Excellent packaging with lofty adjustments


  • The tank got leaky after being used for a month

4. Best for Multipurpose: LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop

Switching on the light and easy mop works if you have more than steam. It’s because this light and easy mop is adjusted with multipurpose tools to use in multiple works.

The detachable handheld functions work to steam your regular laundry as well as freshen the couches. One of the exciting things about this mop was that it was ranked-15 for review by 72 experts on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look.


In fact, for its versatility, we gave this product 100/100. Because this is the only mop that has strong reviews and bestows compatibility to fit in every hard floor. Most users love to add this product to their regular cleaning routine for its multiple cleaning options. It works very decently over porcelain and heavy-duty tiles. Your luxurious carpet got cleaned without any hassle of DIY tricks.

Back & Forth Handle

No doubt, this is a perfect steam mop for the price. Yet, life is easy, and shark steam does live up to its name and fame. The mopping cleaner comes with a back-and-forth handle. This architectural design gives it as it is used for pumping like a foaming bottle. By pumping, we didn’t mean that you need to tighten it more when you first take it out of the box.

Intense Microfiber Pad

This is the rule of every cleaning machine to get widespread and tidy bristles on its back. The primary purpose of these kinds of mop is to smear throughout the floor via the pad. Microfiber is very effective in those cases for frequent uses. Here you also get some exclusive microfiber cleaning patches like terry cloth.

Again, those pads work well and are not abrasive like other cleaning mobs. The pad soaks a tiny amount of water inside it. Use a more comprehensive portion of those liquors to ensure first-class cleaning.

Long Cord

We also get along an influential cord with this special mob cleaner. The 20-foot-long power cord is sufficient to reach all the corners in a vast room. This snaky cord didn’t get torn or bent away even if you brought it to the thinner parts at home.

Eradicate Lighter Messes & Dark

Lighter messes and dark patches are often difficult to eradicate from the carpet or clothes. In that case, removing those unseen patches through steaming is cumbersome. With this easy-to-install machine, it is convenient to be freed from such trouble.

Anyway, the spotless pads with this may be a good option for you if you need a medium to be heavy sweeping.


  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Cord Length: 20 feet
  • Tank Capacity: 220 ml
  • Pad Width: 10-0.2 inches


  • Fashionable and unique ergonomic design
  • Soft grip handle
  • Detect the bacterial germs
  • High-tech additional features
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable for heavier mosses and dirt

5. Best Eco-friendly: Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

Most homeowners these days like to buy steam cleaners that have eco-friendly operations. One of the crucial things about this steam mop drew our attention for its natural cleaning ability. All in all, this mop is very eco-friendly and doesn’t require using any irritating detergents. We gather some of the best features along with this mop. Just check them below.

Next Level Cleaning

Bissell Deluxe is very much effective and tactful in detecting any usual messes. This is the only mopping machine that can be readily handled. Those handles usually go beyond each corner in baths, kitchens, and other hard surfaces. Furthermore, it will quickly clean the hard surfaces of floors without the labor of brushing and chemicals.

Again, it has a freestanding streamer to carry away all the household debris. Unlike the lower model, this brush comes with a secondary scrubbing nozzle to free up the messes.

Robust Design

We found this canister-type steam mop with some unique, robust designs. The cleaning mop has very little weight, only 6-pounds. So you won’t need to handle a colossal machine while washing the germs.

Switch on such a sweeping machine to get you some bonus like getting rid of pet messes. Installing this mopping tool is relatively straightforward. It is swifter than any equipment to snap the main parts altogether. Just gather all the parts and attach them with a few screws before starting.

Hassle-free Command

It may sound too awkward, but we like this feature for guys who are crazy about this. They would like to say the steam mop saves them from the hassle of constant switching on and off. Commanding, this mop cleaner is also speedy and quicker. There you don’t find any power switch. So when plugged in, the boiler starts to heat up automatically. It took up to 30 seconds to reduce hot vapors and prepare the cleaner. Again, the cleaner had a protrusion around the handle so that you could wind the cord when it was unused.

Convenient Filling & Storing

This steam mop had an extra filling and storing capacity. No one wants to get annoyed by measuring the water to fill the tanks. It is pretty critical for beginners. Beginners are constantly struggling to measure the right amount of water. Thankfully, here you get an extra measure cup for metering the quantity. The cup comes with an attached handle for storage.


  • Weight: 6.4 lb
  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Tank Capacity: 12 oz
  • Pad width: 12 inches


  • Clean all the hard surfaces effectively
  • It comes with a scented boost
  • Deluxe mop pad kit
  • Spring breeze freshening discs
  • Manufactured with swivel steering


  • The brand isn’t durable to use

6. Best for Flexibility: Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop S3973D

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop S3973D

We will review the most famous shark lift away Pro steam in our sixth. This mop has a lot of modern features. It is helpful to use as both a steam mop and vacuum cleaner. Although this shark lift away almost looks like any traditional steam washer. Its name gives you a slight hint about how to input this machine. So let us see some particular advantages that lay behind these masterpieces.

Flexible Design

Despite being similar to other steam mop models, it is flexible to operate. There is a lift-out cleaner attached to the middle of this model. By this, one can quickly put on or off the mop in any situation. This shark lift away has an extreme swivel cut operating system. According to expert reviews, this model is tiny but effective at work. Again, this is very lightweight at 2.9-3 kg. The circular handle attached to this mop is quite interesting. But the matter of regret is that those are not comfortable to use.

This lift shark cleaner is also unable to stand up on its own. So you need to hold it in your left or right hand every time while working.

Quick-guard Install

Shark lift follows clear and distinct norms to install and reduce stains. The machine has a red light command on its back. So you will get notified that the lift is turning on and prepare to work. Again, it took remarkably 30-seconds to heat up after being filled with water. And it will take you 10 minutes of overall steaming. You also need to head back to the sink every 8-minutes later.

Despite having a very available design, you will get a water cap to refill. Luckily, the brand focuses on keeping the water tank from the exterior parts. So there is no risk of burnt hands as long as you didn’t disclose the tank up.

Satisfactory Cleaning Performance

The shark lift model arrived with no manual control. If you need to measure the water, it won’t let you do that. Altering the amount of water that comes out of the model is not facile. This steam mop will work automatically. There is no issue found about cleaning the hard floor. But we came to know about the 2-weaker points of this steam mop. That is-this steam mop has two critical settings like dust and mop, quite feeble at getting rid of any dirt.


  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Cord length: 18 feet
  • Water tank Capacity: 220 ml
  • Pad Width: 3 feet


  • Clear grout effectively
  • Removal handheld steamer
  • Dual pad grips
  • 3-levels of intelligent steam control
  • Handy to operate


  • It is barely warmer than room temperature

7. Best for Carpet Cleaning: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Our last but not the least steam mop is O-cedar Microfiber. It is more sophisticated than the ordinary bucket and mop. With a wide selection available on the market, this steam mop is affordable and has features and tank capabilities. The weight and working performance are pretty similar to other reviewed models. However, we also find here some clear-cut indifferent features attached below.

Effective Cleaner

The O-cedar microfiber mop is a versatile tool with some extraordinary benefits. This steam cleaner can clean carpets, tiles, marble floors, and standard surfaces. Using only water with non-detergent materials, this product can kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on floors.

The test reviews from the handful of customers about this cleaner stated that it could clean and sanitize various floor types.

Easy to Assemble

This O-cedar mop has a perfect and compact design. One of the valuable pieces of feedback that get mentioned a lot about this steam mop is that it is straightforward to assemble. This is symbolized that even though there is an assembly involved, the process isn’t as complicated. Again, we found informative reviews from a buyer claiming it takes only two snaps.

The cleaning method becomes more precious for you by putting those two snaps together. Besides this, it had the option of replacing pads with clear instructions. So acknowledging such replacement and installation is pretty good and inscribed.

Triangular Head Mop

The most addictive part of this model is its attached triangular head. It is recognized and compared to the immense sectional vacuum. The larger size of this head is well enough to devour a considerable amount of dirt at a time.

Plus, this unique feature of O-Cedar works to clean or wash away the corners. There, you won’t need to waste your valuable time refilling the tank and constantly switch this device to clean.

Unique Steam & Settings

As advertised, this sort of steam mop has an innovative cleaning mode, known as steam and settings. In only 20-seconds, this device takes little time to warm up. However, if this product is not impressive enough, it enables users to choose between two volume settings. So you have to decide the minimum for delicate floors such as wood or laminated. Again, you can also select the maximum for sealed hard floors.

Snap-on Glider

This kind of function is suitable for refreshing the carpet dirt. You can do so by accessing the carpet glider accessory, which comes with this one. You only need to push and pull the mop onto the carpet’s surface by being snapped in place.


  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Cord Length: 20 foot
  • Pad Width: 8.75 c.m
  • Tank Capacity: 400 ml


  • Clean hard to reach places
  • Eco-friendly
  • It comes with self-mode action
  • Having one extra refill
  • Machine washable pad for 25 times


  • The carpet refresher doesn’t clean deep

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

Buying any specific type of steam mop is quite annoying. We tend to choose the wrong one for our particular needs. We attach only the features you might not skip while shopping in our buying guide. Here are some of the basics you should acknowledge about the steam mop.

Water Temperature

Water temperature measures the sufficient amount of water you want to run your machine. Steam mop with efficient water temperature helps to provide delicacy and measure the right temperature to sweep the floor. The beginner will especially find it annoying to measure the water temperature correctly. In that case, you might have looked at the correct measurement attached to the mop.

Steam Efficiency

Steam efficiency is another consideration that you should have to be going for. According to some users, there are different sorts of total absorption heating values of the outlet. Though, you might consider deciding on one that gives you minimal support.


Although the main aim of such a steam cleaning session is so simple, they are only used to ease the scrubbing, wringing, or rinsing method. But you might grab the mop, which is easy and manageable in your hand. The weight of the scrubbing mop might deliver you sufficient support as you need to hold it all the time. Thankfully, you can find a bonus for buying canister-style steamers. Those steam mops can weigh the extra water with minimal user impacts.

Floor Compatibility

Some handful of customers complained that their mop wouldn’t be clean or suitable for the home floor. Most steam mops don’t allow cleaning porcelain or marble-based hard surfaces. So it’s pretty tricky to find a suitable one for your cleaning floor. You need to read out the reviews or ask the buyer before confirming the order to avoid those conveniences.

Steam Mop Pads

Steam mop pads are the crucial factor in buying this tool. The removal pad of a steam mop can hold so much grime before pushing the excess debris along.

Steam mop pads might be broader and thicker to soak and grab enough grime at once. Otherwise, you may feel annoyed to continue changing or washing the pad. It is an excellent value that most steam cleaners have microfiber pads nowadays. For this, those pads are very easy to clean and breathable. So you should look forward to this issue seriously.

Water Tank Capacity

Buy the steam mop, which has a bigger tank capacity. The wider the tank is, the more efficiently you will finish the job within a short period. To maximize the cleaning power, more extensive and faster heating water tubs can be helpful.

However, if you have a larger apartment or household, switch to canister-style steam. Those steam mops come with beefed-up capacity that eliminates the onboard structures.

Also, do not miss checking that your steam mop has an adjusted removal tank. Then, it will be convenient to fill in and wash the tank.

Chemical Free Clean

Chemical-free cleaning products often prevent tank damage. Again, you can find pleasure by washing the surfaces for these features. Besides, the complex and robust floor got worse or destroyed by the impacts of harsh chemicals. That’s why you need the steam mop on natural cleaning based or water.

Long Cord

Cord lengths on the models are very effective if you have a widespread home. The cord length typically varies depending on which purposes you’re using the mop. Steaming the small room around 600-700 sq ft is perfect for a short-length cord. Again, the 2000-2500 sq ft house requires 20-25 ft long cords to clean up the entire surface.

Swivel Head

A swivel head is beneficial to ease maneuvering in tight spaces. Again, using this kind of heat during the cleaning period helps omit germs from tricky corners. As you previously read our reviews based on this function, it had a nice angle to cover large areas.

Additional Accessories

Some steam mop models come with spotless accessories. Those tools are handy to wash away the grout and other surfaces. So beware of those matters to keep yourself benefitted and updated from others.

What Are the Benefits of Using Steam Mop Cleaner for Hardwood Floor?

Use a steam mop cleaner during your regular hygienic routine, and you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits. The common reasons are described below in detail.


Hence, steam cleaning is the clean of choices nowadays. People love them most for their eco-friendly traits. For the most part, those cleaners require water and use far fewer chemicals compared to other traditional cleaning solutions. It washes away all the dirt and pollutants when cleaning the tiles, grouts, or any tropical countertops. Again, those mop cleaners eliminate chemical residues at home and lessen your health risk.

99% Germ Reducer

Steam mop cleaner provides the appropriate contribution to kill unseen viruses and germs. They also create a solid zone to fight against many potential infectious pathogens. One of the advanced benefits of using such products is to remove bacterial germs and tiny elements with hot vapor.

Safe On All Surfaces

Those particular steam cleaners are suitable for use on any hard floor and surface. Most of them used to vacuum the pet mosses. Again, it also reduced the dirt from tiles, porcelain, or any sort of the strongest pathogens and allergy triggers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I have to use harsh chemicals in the tank?

Steam cleaners are beneficial to deep clean any hard and trash home floor. They can compete with surfaces since they don’t give before harsh cleaning products. Harsh chemicals are often harmful to the floor and the tank too. Their destructive impacts or reaction to the water tanks may demolish the job rather than clean it properly.

Are Steam Mops safe to use on hard surfaces?

A steam mop is very worth using on hard surfaces. We don’t get enough chances to wash away or detect floor stains from the root in our regular busy life. Some housewives typically manage their time every month. But the women, who have to go to the office five times a day, really didn’t get time. With fewer efforts, steaming the floor with high vapor water will help eradicate all the unseen germs and stains.

Is steaming better than mopping the hard floor?

Either way, it will ultimately be your choice whether you feel comfortable steaming or mopping. Mopping the floor requires hard labor, and most frequently, this is time-consuming.

Again, a steam mop will typically deal with stubborn dirt, mold, and stains. In contrast, traditional mopping didn’t have such an ability to find out the harsh and critical germs from every corner. Later on, those steam mops have microfiber pads to soak up spills. So mopping is less necessary in comparison to steaming.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Using Any Steam Mop On A Hard Floor?

Hence, using any steam mop to crystal clean the hard floors within a second has some demerits. Engineered hard floors are regularly manufactured with some special additives that the vapor of steaming may destroy.

Again, the sealed hardwood floors withstand the moisture and heat from streaming. They are reliable to clean appropriately, but vulnerable or damaged permanently. Unlike this, steam mopping is not suitable for use on laminate, painted, and vinyl adhesive tile floors.


Hard floors are the internal beauty of the houses and the symbol of a treasure. They seek the attention of your friends and relatives as they’re signing the welcoming trace. So they need to clean and tidy every time.

So they need to clean and tidy every time. Steam mop paved a way to clear out all the debris from your inside house as well as keep the hard floor new. Those are best to detect the unseen germs and bacteria from the problematic corners and countertops. You can also try out our models as mentioned above according to your budget. We reviewed the best steam mop for hard floors in this regard.

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