Pursteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-In-1 | In-Depth Review

It’s almost impossible to stop the dirt from returning, even if you use a top-notch cleaning element. They also become the worst enemy if the current cleaning machine of your house fails to clean them properly.

In that situation, you can replace it with the Steam mop cleaner. This is the one that can be used anywhere for any purpose without giving you an extra burden. The Pursteam 10-in-1 is a versatile, multipurpose tool for different attachments and functions. It is good for regular usage.

Below I share the depth information about it. I catch them all from the authentic Pursteam steam mop cleaner 10-in-1 reviews, magazines, cleaning experts, and other sources.


Pursteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 Review

This steam mop is too easy to use with a long power cord and two reusable pads. Unlike the other microfiber pads or mop heads, this one is also well-manageable and machine washable.

Vacuum cleaners and other traditional items are good options from the past few decades of usage for home cleaning accessories. But each has some limitations to use over various floor types and sensitive areas. Pursteam steam mop cleaner is the best tool and can be used everywhere.

Pursteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-In-1

1. Specifications

  • Surface Recommendation: Floors, Tiles
  • Power Source: Therma Pro 211
  • Capacity: 380 Milliliters
  • Style: Therma Pro 211
  • Product Dimensions: 8.07 x 9.45 x 23.94 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Department: Therma Pro 211
  • Care instructions: No chemicals needed; machine washable (pads)
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Cord Length: 15.9 feet
  • Wattage: 1550W
  • Heating Start Time: 20–30 seconds
  • Special Feature: Child and pet safe, detachable

What’s Come into The Box?

After getting the 2.2 pounds box in your hand, the first thing that comes to mind is its packaging. It seems neither too stylish nor too normal. It is quite like another normal packaging with some clear instructions.

These instructions include how you should manage that machine to operate and how to assemble them correctly.

However, in the box, there are 3 initial items found. You got 3X replacement pads, a handheld removal steamer, and a folding for compact storage. Besides, you got some 3 steam mop cleaning pads for free.

2. Built Quality & Dimensions

It could be the one if you are looking for a clean, tip-top-shaped steam mop system. Dimensionally, it is eligible to cover wide areas and is supposed to fit on any hard to low traffic areas. People with deep concerns about cleaning their office premises at public institutions should buy this.

As it is made with plastic, they’ve not confined only it. The mop base and handle are strongly attached to the machine and can detach separately. It has a flexible head to ease the labor of reaching complicated places.

Instead, its head is so flexible anyone should not enforce it too much during the cleaning period. Otherwise, it gets damaged or destroyed forever.

Furthermore, it comes divided into multiple parts that are neither difficult to attach nor detach. The box includes all the instructions so you can do it without fear.

3. Cleaning Performance

Cleaning performance is a vital metric in any steam mop evaluation. I found this steam mop cleaner so gentle and efficient in this pretext.

Yes, steam mops are well-worthy for removing the toughest messes where other cleaning accessories fall short. The users of this mop are highly satisfied with the feedback. The most highlighted comments passing over this machine are “fabulous,” “miraculous,” and “regular cleaning friendly.”

Those are senses that the performance this machine deliberates is superb. To clarify this more intensively, I stoop statistics on different brands and their cleaning grades according to quality. Check below to relate this tool to others.

Name of Cleaning Products BrandAverage Performance Metrics
Black+Decker 7-in-16.7%
Shark Lift-Away Pro6.3%
Power Stream 10-in-15.3%
O-Cedar Microfiber4.3%
Light N Easy Ultra2.9%

This will make clear to us that Puresteam mop cleaner provides average performance. These are tested on the synthetic floor, tiles, and stones.

According to the tester, other mopping tools perform excellently on tiles and marble floors. But this 10-in-1 steam mop mostly loves linoleum floors. That’s why the metric range of this machine is average compared to other best brands.

4. Easy to Maintain Hygiene

Using this mop is easy, and also the assembling direction. Since it is made with artificially crafted plastic, all kinds of accessories are attached perfectly to each. The holding handle of this machine is thin and available in a compact size.

Therefore, you can hold it longer and store it anywhere in a small place. It can clean up to 99.09% of bacteria from the floors and kills germs.

5. Heat Like the Wind

Despite being a part of a completely new brand, it had already won its users’ hearts. The reason for this is none but the unbelievable heating capabilities of the steam mop. It heats quickly as fast as possible.

Describing by its manufacturer that Puresteam starts heating within 20–30 seconds once you turn it on. This is awesome for anyone who gets rid of all the bad spots and nasty dirt within 30 seconds.

6. Require Only Water

While everybody is tired of buying expensive cleaning stuff to run their traditional mop, it requires only tap water. That means the entire surface of your house can be cleaned through the water. You can save money from the monthly budget and invest it in other purposes.

7. Wide Capacity Tank

This is the most beneficial feature of the Pure steam mop. The entire capacity of its tank is around 350 milliliters or 1.5 cups of water. It allows for cleaning any wide areas or big commercial hall rooms quickly.

Again, the mop has an excellent built-in handheld cleaner, additional nozzle, brushes, and a window shape squeegee.

They all work to easily reach highly competitive areas like furniture, side table corner, tea-table, etc. Meanwhile, its well-absorbed mopping pad can remove bad stains from any floor.

8. Versatile Cleaning Capabilities

The piece of mop is extraordinary to use because of its versatility. As the name represents, it’s a 10-in-1 product, which means it can handle more than one.

The first advantage is it can remove stubborn, accumulated dirt from any floor. Second, you can check out the mop head squeezes. It is specially made with a super cover and absorbed pads.

In addition, those pads are easy to wash and reuse. But their firm work is to spruce up the roof grouts. This gadget makes cleaning upholstery, windows, and carpets easier and facile. The estimated nozzle brushes of this machine make it double effective.

9. Multifunctional Household Tool

It becomes safe on any surface that anyone wants to keep dirt free. Floors like hardwood, vinyl, tiles, marble, ceramic & porcelain tiles are the best suited to clean with it.

Not only that, clean anything around the house with this. With the help of a built-in handheld steam cleaner, installing attachments is handy and admired by its user.

10. 3 Adjustable Modes

3 adjustable modes can be used for your needs. They’re highly initial when you want to save the natural floor finishes. With this mode, you can speed up or decrease the power. The power of the steam is modified by the three adjusted modes on, off, and lower mode.

Therefore, users can eliminate the power and raise it according to the floor types and finishes.

11. Long Steaming Time

Waiting as long to upright the streamer to release powerful steam is disgusting. After all, who has much time to wait for this?

Luckily, this mini budget-friendly steam mop is not like any others. You need to wait around 25 minutes at the maximum setting. Then, the gadget is ready to release powerful steam to fight against strong stains. With that machine, you can steam over the spoiled carpet through pet and human hair.

12. Microfiber Replacement Pads

Microfiber replacement pads are best to use for machine wash. Additionally, those reusable pads are available to purchase separately. Furthermore, its microfiber cloth pads can securely associate with the mop head with 5x Velcro pieces.

Moreover, the ultra-fine microfiber cloth is soft and gentle on the surfaces. They spread over the floor so smoothly and didn’t damage the natural polish of the floor. Sensitive floors like hardwood and laminate can both be cleaned by those pads.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The ThermaPro attachment comes with this can easily trace grouts
  • It provides 20 minutes of heat which is enough to kill most germs
  • 3 Adjusted modes to cater to the mop’s steam level according to user need
  • Eliminate the need to buy pricey cleaning products
  • The power cord is long enough to put the cleaning power of steam on your hand palm


  • Sometimes it makes noise while operating

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Uses Do I Get Out of One Steam Mop Pad?

Well, this is unpredictable, to mention how many uses you can get from one pad. But it would help if you change the pad when it is worse and gets dirty for further use. I can remember on my own that I threw them away after 6–8 months of usage.

Does It Work With 220V Electricity?

No, it doesn’t work with that requirement. Therefore, you should have to buy a high-voltage transformer. Because the power voltage is not the same for all countries, and it varies from state to state.

How Hot Does PurSteam Mop Usually Get?

This machine can heat up to 212 F to warm the water to clean surfaces. That means its internal temperature resistance is around 200-212 F.

Does Steam Mop Damage the Laminate Floor?

Compared to the other traditional steam mop, PurSteam is highly appreciated for proving gentle on laminate. Since the laminate floor is so sensitive and scratch-prone, this steam mop is proven to clean dirt safely from them.

Does PurSteam Mop Require Chemical Cleanser Purify the Floor?

No, the manufacturer recommends only using water to clean dirt from the floor. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals like bleach, detergent, liquid detergent, or even rubbing alcohol also. That means this machine is 100% chemical free and eco-friendly to use as a home cleaning accessory.

Final Wrap

Finally, I want to wrap up this article by providing some advice. I learned from some of the PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 reviews that it doesn’t meet their expectations.

They also suspect the low price of it. The price of this machine is indeed too low compared to other brands. 

But that doesn’t mean their quality isn’t up to the mark. Despite some controversy, I love the dimension and size of this tool. Its performance also satisfied me because I can use it for multiple works. Everybody should try it once because of its quick heat-up, lightweight design, and easy installation direction.

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