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The Yocada sponge mop is an ideal tool to use as a regular mop. From my Yocada sponge mop review, everything will be crystal clear to you. It helps to clean the grime from accumulating on the surfaces.

Yocada sponges focus only on cleaning rather than gathering 3–4 tools altogether. It prevents the trouble of wasting more time in cleaning. The adjustable handle and iron pole eliminate the physical labor of the user too. Aside from this, this sponge mop is good for commercial use.

To check more amenities this small cleaning tool offers, let’s dive into the depth. Check below instead.


Yocada Sponge Mop Review & Specifications

Yocada is a well-known, great mop brand, working in this cleaning sector for many years. Based on their experiences, this brand’s invented products are super.

As time progresses, this brand becomes one of its users’ favorite cleaning tools. It is now available on Amazon, Walmart, and other best-renowned sites, along with many good reviews.

Yocada Sponge Mop

1. Specification

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 52 x 10.24 x 52 inches
  • Surface Recommendation: Window, Floor, Tile
  • Handle Adjustability Upto: 42.5″ to 52″ inch
  • Item Weight: 2.79 pounds
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Handle Design: Telescopic
  • Number of Sponge: 2
  • Sponge Norms: Super absorption, soft, honeycomb
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 10001101475

2. Versatility

Yocada Sponge mop is worthy of use everywhere. It is good for use in both home and commercial areas. The mop head is dimensionally too large to fit in big places like restaurants, hospitals, malls, etc. I like its versatility and think of this one as a money-saving item for the short-budget user.

3. Ergonomic Steel Design

It has a very well-constructed design. The entire body of this mop is made with stainless steel or, ideally, aluminum -which seems so lightweight. Yet, many users prefer to use high-quality plastic.

But there is a high chance that the sponge will break. In that case, the body material chosen by the manufacturer is ok.

The overall weight of this mop is 2.79 pounds, which is not too heavy when carried on hand. The squeeze brush requires one push button for attachment, which is easy to understand for anyone.

Plus, its body is so thin that it is comfortable to hang or store anywhere around the house.

Besides, the mop head is manufactured with an iron clamp that can easily attach to sponges. How it’s designed, anyone can easily trigger it to wring out excess water from the floor.

Now, let’s talk about the mop head. It has square shapes, just like any top-notch paint roller. Unlike the paint roller, this one can vanish stubborn stains profoundly.

4. Soft, Honeycomb Sponge

People always love to sweep the floor using breathable products. In this regard, this one is so soft.

Again, one of the best parts of this item comes with a sponge scrub brush. No, this is not only a normal scrubbing brush. It is included with a soft, absorbent, honeycomb-type brush. A sponge mop is identically more absorbent, easier to dry, and stronger in breathability.

Apart from this, I admit that the sponge is so soft and sturdy. It is so decent to clean hard surfaces from laminate to hardwood floors.

5. Easy to Assemble

Assembling this sponge mop is another attractive feature of this. I’ve no major complaints about assembling the sponge and tool. The metal pole (made with stainless steel) comes in three parts. I don’t even find any particular complaint from its users.

All the best reviewers of this sponge mop used to say that “the instructions are super cool to understand.”

To assemble, a user needs to put all those parts together. To do this, align the pieces and round the mop handle clockwise (moving the pole anti-clockwise will allow you to adjust the mop length properly).

Once done, you must insert the iron clamp onto the sponge head. Make sure to keep the alignment straight to avoid any further consequences. Congrats, it’s done, and get ready for work.

6. Can Reach Certain Areas

With this sponge mop, you can reach any area. This became possible due to its excellent height adjustment. The pole that comes along with this item can be adjusted from 42.5″ to 52″ inches.

This is why you won’t have to bend over the critical areas much when you mop the critical areas. It prevents back and shoulder pain and muscle injuries.

I agree with many others who have the squeeze or brush attachment regarding mop functionality. The mop adjustment is crystal clear and appropriate to fit under any cabinet. Moreover, it quickly slides on and off, so the user can mop without it attached.

7. Sponge Mop Removable Sponge

Unlike any particular cleaning tool, this sponge mop differs. It is a great user-friendly tool that provides many facilities to ease the struggles of their user.

In this perspective, I must include here the sponge section of this product. It can be removed and installed like any toy. All in all, removing and cleaning the sponge becomes less stressful here due to this useful function.

8. Machine Washable

All the sponges that arrived with these items are machine washable. That means you can directly throw them into the washing machine. Besides, it often requires self-cleaning. It is also cool.

For self-cleaning, press on the top of the head and trigger it to squeeze out water. Repeat this work more than 2–3 times to clean the sponge completely.

9. Clean Well

At the end of the day, we all want to buy a mop to keep our home clean and tidy. This ultimate sponge mop can give the floor a well-polished look. But this sponge mop is the best option for some stubbornness in which you cannot wipe out normal cleaning accessories.


  • It is very versatile
  • Perform great in cleaning most floors from laminate to hardwood
  • Suitable to use for both home and commercial purposes
  • Allows the user to squeeze water out from the sponge effectively due to an excellent wringing system
  • To attach the mop head appropriately, it comes with an extra brush and squeeze tool
  • Strong, solid built quality
  • It can use as both a rough and gentle scrubber according to the user’s preferences
  • The sponge soaks water quickly to dry the floor


  • Its sponge is the worst to use for any big spills
  • The wringing system doesn’t always work so well

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Bleach Cleaning Products with This?

Probably not. This cleaning sponge is so delicate when it comes close to chemical products. Therefore, using any bleach or harsh chemical products with this one for mopping is not good.

What Is the Spongy Part Made Of? Can I Use It on A Concrete Floor?

The spongy part is sturdy, and this mop’s “bright yellowish” section is made with decent foam. But the material is solid, not as hard as other sponges.

Besides, you can use this sponge mop to clean the granite tile shower floor, although I had this mop a few weeks ago. This sponge mop is dense and firmer than the typical drugstore mops.

How Do I Get the Sponge Head into The Bottom Pole?

It is easy to follow my thumb instructions if you do not find the manufacturer’s instructions helpful. Hold the mop head through your right hand with the rail facing up.

Pressurize the tab to the right side and then hold it with the attachment end downward and the level toward you.

Then, slide the black rail of the sponge with the tab to the right. Now, tab the right part and enter it into the groove until it clicks.

Does Mop Absorb Liquid Well?

Yes, the mop will absorb the liquid very well. At the same time, I’ve only used the mop to clean the floor and not mop up the spills. This one is really helpful in fighting excess water.

Overall, this mop pad is easy to squeeze out, so you’re not dripping water onto the floor.

How Do I Use a Sponge Mop?

Use a sponge mop with the help of any mild soap and water. Since its manufacturer didn’t mention any specific cleanser, I wouldn’t recommend using them.

Final Word

My only aim is to give you overall ideas through these Yocada sponge mop reviews. In simpler words, this mop is very versatile, sturdy and soft, and worthy of use on any floor. Besides, buying this sponge mop is effective since it offers a replacement guarantee.

I appreciate the wringing system and the handle that makes it fully adjustable. It has a squeegee and brush tool to clean high-traffic areas.

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