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Are you tired of doing the old stick mop and bucket? Do you want to get such a mop that will spin automatically and wring out dirty water? If yes, then you should say goodbye to your old mop and welcome O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop.

You might be familiar with the spin mop, and O-Cedar is the best one in this category. It is not a stranger in the mop industry. The newest technology of this bucket-mop makes it easier to wring out your mop than ever. But what about the cleaning performance of this mop? Well, here we will find out.

Continue reading the below review to discover O-Cedar’s actual cleaning performance and if it is the right spin mop for you.


Specification of the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

  • Product dimension (Bucket)- 19.5 x 11.7 x 11.5 inches
  • Mop dimension- 51 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • Floor-type- Suitable for almost all hard floor
  • Water bucket capacity- 6.0 liter
  • Power supply- Cordless and manual


  • High-quality build-up
  • Able to clean various types of messes
  • The basket spins surprisingly fast
  • Excellent hand-free mechanism and extremely easy to use
  • Amazing splash guard technology
  • Reach to the corners easily
  • Flexible mop head with 360-degree rotation
  • Machine-washable mop head


  • The telescopic joints are not much strong. 

Product description of the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop contains all other standard features that usually offer other traditional mops, with some upgrades. Amazing cleaning performance, upgraded features, and building mechanisms make this mop more preferable than others.

1. Design

The overall design of the mop is really very nice. The product includes a bucket and mop with a microfiber mop pad. The design of the bucket is a bit more unique. You can use two-thirds of the bucket to reserve water for mopping.

The other third part of the bucket is the ‘EasyWring’ portion. In this section, users will place the mop head to wring out excess water outside of the bucket using the foot pedal. 

The bucket is sturdy enough and comes with a foot pedal. This pedal is used for wringing out the mop’s head cleaning. Once the pedal you will push down, the mechanism will start spinning the mop head to wring out water from it. In this way, you can mop your floor without touching the dirty water. 

2. Accessories and parts

The O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop does not come with plenty of extra accessories and parts. It has only a few parts that exactly you will need while mopping the floor. 

A microfiber cleaning pad comes with the tool, which is included in the package. This microfiber pad is washable and re-usable. You can purchase more cleaning pads and also replace them if needed.

The bucket has an “EasyWring” system inside it, which will allow you to wring out excess water and keep the desired level of moisture without touching it. The list of accessories ends here. There are no additional accessories that can make the mop perform at a higher level. 

3. Easy to use

The O-Cedar EasyWring is super easy to use. At present, it is one of the most basic mops available in the market. 

The setup of the mop is very simple. All accessories come in a single package. Unbox the accessories and screw the parts together following the manual book. Hopefully, within two minutes, you can assemble the entire mop. 

After setting up the mop handle, place the microfiber mop pad on the floor and push the mop head on it until the head fit in the right way. Once you fit the mop pad on the mop head, you can use it several times until you need to wash it or replace it. 

The next step is- to pour some water into the bucket. The water level should be under the max fill line of the bucket. You are now almost ready to mop the floor.

It is easy to spin. Soak the mop cleaning pad into the bucket water and place it in the spinning basket. Now simply hold loosely onto the wand and step on the foot pedal to the required dampness level. The more you will push the pedal, the more the mop will spin. The bucket comes with a fantastic splash guard design, which keeps splash water inside the bucket when spinning. 

4. Maneuverability

The O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop is easy to maneuver. The super combination of the lightweight bucket and handle and the triangle-shaped head helps to keep your control over the tool. 

The flexible mop head is designed with 360-degree rotation so that it cal lay flat. One of this mop’s major advantages is that you can lie it virtually flat to clean easily any low height furniture. 

The unique triangle mop head is specially designed to clean into the corners. So, now it is not matter to clean each inch of your house flooring. The microfiber mop head is safe for all floors and undoubtedly great for cleaning tiles and hardwood floors. 

Maintenance of the mop

Maintenance of the O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber spin mop is very simple. You can wash the mop head by hand or washing machine. Just add some cleaning solution into the water and wash the mop head by hand or machine.

You should dry the mop head under the sun or air-dry to avoid nasty odor. 

You can replace the mop pad whenever you need it. 

Wrapping up

Many people ask our expert that, is the O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber spin mop has a good value? According to the mop expert, this spin mop offers an excellent value. It comes with upgraded features at a low price, and other similar mops of the market can hardly beat this issue. Throughout the cleaning tests, the mop can surprisingly clean any kind of liquid messes. It can clean your floor quickly and effectively.

The triangular shape head and maneuverability will make you a fan of this cleaning tool. If you are going to use this cleaning tool for the first time, then do not forget to share your experience with us. All the best.

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