10 Best Mops for Small Apartments with Reviews & Buying Guides

A tiny apartment has a small space that isn’t sufficient to store more stuff. Somewhere you feel more trouble cleaning each corner properly like the side table, sofa, bed, etc. A small apartment can typically sweep and vacuum, but if the floor is made with hardwood, vinyl, or tiles, you must switch on to mop.

Mops usually become so bulky and stringy, and the best thing is it’s easier to use everywhere. I found the 10 best mops for small apartments, which are proven to be tidier and worthy for every floor.


Why Do You Need a Mop for Cleaning a Small Apartment?

Living in a small apartment has become a curse for some people since they struggle to find suitable space to put in stuff.

There is not enough space for storing the mop and bucket also. In this regard, people find using a microfiber pad with cleanser more comfortable than the traditional mops.

Perhaps this mops pad comes with ready-to-cleansing elements that save money and energy.

It’s because cleaning the apartment with soapy water and refilling the bucket overtime to sweep the floor is annoying.

Instead of using such big stuff, mopping pads are found to be cozier and less time-killing. Using mops for small apartment bring some blessings to you, like-

  • Saves time and energy;
  • Clean dirt from difficult areas properly;
  • You feel less trouble while cleaning tough floors like marble stones, hardwood, vinyl, etc.;
  • No need to follow different cleansing maintenance for different floor types;
  • Because of their small spaces and counterparts, small apartment dwellers often need close relatives and tiny house sets. In that case, a mop is the best tool to store anywhere. You can even find a square hooked option at the bottom to hang the tool safely.

10 Best Mops for Small Apartments 2022 Review

Don’t forget that sparkling floors begin with the correct equipment. This could be possible when you choose the right tools, which is true about buying a mop. Below is the in-depth feature analysis of the 10 best mops for small apartments.

Read them carefully to find out your exceptional one.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for All Wooden Floor: Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop
  2. Best for Size: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
  3. Best for Machine Wash: O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop
  4. Best for Pet hairs: PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner
  5. Best for Versatility: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
  6. Best for Heavy-Duty Mopping: Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mop
  7. Best for Tough Messes: Libman Wonder Mop
  8. Best for Multi-Purpose Use: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Mop
  9. Best for Tiny Apartment: Beyoco Microfiber Spray Mop
  10. Best for All Floor Types: Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop & Floor Sweeper

1. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

Firstly, I have a Swiffer WetJet hardwood and floor spray mop. It is the best mop to sweep all types of wooden finish floors. This one is very easy to use and great for little messes.

The best thing I found about this Package is that it comes with a few extra pads, which make cleaning a breeze.


  • Specific Use: Tiles, floor
  • Surface Recommendations: Vinyl, tiles, wood, floor
  • Item forms: Pad, Liquid
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Batteries: ‎4 AA batteries required
  • Unit Count: 1
Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

Super Lightweight

This tool is very lightweight and free from a heavy load. For this reason, you can carry the Swiffer mop anywhere, especially bent or triangle the mop shapes whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Especially For Wooden Finish Floor

Wooden floors require some special care. Since they are made of wood, you must follow some basic rules and a special cleanser to retain their polished look. This mop is basically made for a wooden finish because of some key ingredients. Moreover, this one is safe on all finished wood floors.

Comes Off Huge Stuff

Buying such a mop will provide its user with money-saving benefits. This Package includes 1 Wetjet spray mop, 6 heavy-duty mopping pad refills, and 1-bottle of cleaning solutions, cleansing solutions, etc.

Recycling Advantage

Swiffer mop pads give recycling advantages. You can ask the authority to recycle the older one and get the new one by downloading a free shipping label.

Absorb N Lock Strips

Those mopping pads come with high-profile absorption power. For this, you can use the mop for longer to clean all the debris from the floors.


  • Solid lightweight mop
  • Easy to use and more efficient than hand and knee washing
  • Reasonably compact, which is easy to find a place to store
  • Comes with batteries for the handle trigger
  • Has a swivel head to make the tool convenient to get in tight space


  • Cleaning solutions and disposable pad refills are expensive

2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-cedar easy-wring microfiber spin mop is great for compact sizes. The water bucket comes in a nice size and is sturdy.

The mop head seems to pick up all the spots and scuff marks without the help of spraying extra stuff on it. This one is an ever-buying microfiber spin mop that sweeps the floor faster.


  • Material: Cedar
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Included components: Mop head
  • Unit count: 1.0 count
  • Surface Recommendations: finished hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, vinyl
  • Mop head rotation: 360⁰
O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Hands-free Ringing

With this O-cedar microfiber mop, you can wash the bucket easily. It features a built-in wringer, allowing the user to do hands-free wringing while the splash Guard keeps water splashing as well as spraying inside the bucket. It also kept you from continuing to wring or transport the bucket from room to room.

Deep-cleaning Microfiber

With this microfiber mopping system, catching the tiny germs of grime and dirt becomes easier with just plain water. It eliminates the necessity for harsh chemicals even though this one is safe for all kinds of hard flooring, likewise, hardwood, wood, laminate, tiles, vinyl, etc.

Can Reach Every Corner

Reaching complicated areas is becoming more convenient through this mop. This could happen for the patented triangle mop-head.

It can rotate under 360 degrees, with an Easy Wring Mop, which can reach and clean deep into the corners. You can place this mop pad under furniture, alongside baseboards, and between tiles to erase dirt.

Handle Extends Fully To 48″ Inch

Spin the mop with a bucket, and there is another surprise for the user. This mop has a long, extended handle that can extend to 48 inches. The telescopic handle could be a better option for the shorthand people to clean the tough areas which are not possible for them normally.


  • Comes with long-lasting refill pads
  • The bucket can hold a lot of water at once
  • Makes cleaning much more bearable
  • Assembled is quick and easy
  • Can pick up more stubborn grimes than others


  • The mop head becomes smaller when you wet it for work

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3. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

This sweeping microfiber pad can store large dust from wood floors. Unlike other mopping pads, you will find microfiber cloth that can be tossed into the washer.

Eventually, you can reuse this over and over again. This mop is easy to assemble and sharply used for a convenient fine finish.


  • Item Dimension: 55.9 x 8.4 x 4.6 inches
  • Surface Recommendations: floor
  • Pad Machine Washable Duration: 100 times
  • Compatible With: All hard surfaces
  • Battery Requirements: No
  • Refill Duration: 3-6 months
O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

Super-Absorbent Microfiber

Those exclusive pads are highly manufactured to absorb water easily. They have special soaking capabilities to stop spreading enough moisture, which won’t damage hardwood floors. For this special feature, this one could be used for both wet and dry mopping or even dusting.

Dual-Sided Mop Head

I like this mop’s special traits, which come with a dual-sided mop head. Dual-sided mop heads will let the user flip the head faster without changing the mop pad.

Refillable Bottle

You will get a refillable bottle to clean the floor with less hassle. Just fill the bottle with water, mix some drops of cleaning solutions and shake it to combine them well. Then you’re ready to shine the floor as well.

One-Touch Bottle Release

The O-cedar Promist max microfiber pad has a very comfortable handle. It is very fast and convenient due to the one-touch bottle release.

With these features, you will be able to remove the spray bottle quickly while you’re in an emergency. Those bottles are also best because you can change or refill them after 3-6 months.

Versatile Microfiber Pad

This one comes with a versatile microfiber pad that works mostly to let you clean the floor in two methods. You can dust the floor by wetting the pad or can use it dry for clean messes.


  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • The mop pad is reusable and machine washable
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • The handle grip is comfortable to touch
  • Wide head to clean large areas quickly


  • The mop head gets detached and comes off with vigorous movements

4. PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

Get this steam mop cleaner to clean all kinds of hardwood floors. You need to use it to purify the surface literally.

With the help of this 10-in-1 Steam Mop, anyone can clean the whole house more quickly, and easily. This one comes with a built-in handheld steam cleaner, manufactured with a flexible hose.

With these special traits, anyone can put the cleaning power of steam in the palm of their hand. All in all, the Pursteam mop has great functions like the floor steam mop and traditional carpet cleaner to steam.


  • Steam Cleaner Reservoir: 380 ml
  • Cleaning Duration: 25 minutes
  • Special Features: Child & Pet Safe, Detachable Handheld Unit, 10-in-1 With Handheld Steam Cleaner, Rapid Heat Up, Extra Long Power Cord
  • Surface Recommendations: Floor, tiles
  • Heat Up Duration: 30 seconds
  • Tank Capacity: 11.5 ounce
PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

Pet & Kid Safe

Pursteam steam mop cleaner is worthy for both tiles and hardwood. You can clean them without any chemicals which leaves the floor a new shine, polish, and even look.

Since it comes with a special surface scrubber, cleaning becomes more enjoyable than before. This steam mop cleaner provides versatile cleaning from top to bottom.

A user gets a chance to sweep away the grimes and dirt from glass, sealed stones, stainless steel, and sealed tiles/ grouts. As a result, it is 100% pet and kid safe to use.

Lightweight & Maneuverable

Here, you get 3-adjustable modes that help to cater to the mop’s steam level according to specific needs. It is especially important when anyone trying to preserve their hardwood floors finish.

The cleaners can fill up to 380 ml water and take 25 minutes of steaming at low settings. It also requires 12 minutes of steam under maximum settings. Another bonus point is it uses tap water alone for steaming off dirt, reducing the need of buying pricey detergent.

Multifunctional Household Tool

This one can conduct on any surface including hard floors, tiles, vinyl, marble to porcelain. Not only that, it delivers the best results in case you want to use it on some other household cleaning.


  • Act very gently on the sensitive surface
  • Built-in handheld steamer to clean clothes, glass, countertops, and more
  • The tank can hold enough water to mop a medium size room
  • Need only 30 seconds to heat up
  • Suitable for all hardwood floors


  • Its water goes fast during the mop time, which is unexpected compared to the tank size

5. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell power fresh mop is a unique system for performing well. It won’t put a big dent in your monthly budget.

This one has all types of amenities which you expect most. It can sweep away any sealed hard floor from a quick heating-up process to an easy-to-remove tank capacity. One of the top features of this tool has a 2-year limited guarantee.


  • Surface Recommendation: Tile, floor
  • Included Components: Services tool, brush
  • Wattage: 1500 watts
  • Power Cord: 23 feet
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Heat Up Duration: 30 seconds
Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop

Flip-down Easy Scrubber

This particular tool comes with a flip-down easy scrubber. It has a gray piece on the mop head whenever you encounter excessive dirt, pollutants, and sticky messes.

Bissell Powerfresh has stiff bristles that lose the core dirt, so you can mop the junk away. It is also great for cleaning grouts from the tile corner.

Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs

Another best thing you get from here is a spring breeze fragrance disc. For this reason, it can provide a little more freshening trait. Those optional discs are usually slid into the mesh pocket inside the mopping pad. But you must avoid them if those fragrances seem more sensitive and irritating.

Smart Set Digital Steam Control

This one comes with the smartest digital steam control. This means a user can set up the steam level whenever needed. From low, medium to high, this one will require 3 basic controls.

30-Second Heat Up

As soon as you plug the cord into the steam mop, it begins to heat. You must have chosen a steam level fast once the machine gets ready.


  • Easy to clean and sanitize hardwood floors
  • Manufactured by 3-easy options from high, medium, and low
  • Has a long power cord to reach everywhere
  • Suitable for deep cleaning
  • Enhance by chemical-free cleaning


  • Its maneuvering guidance has some errors that retain to run the tool from properly

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6. Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mop

A Swiffer sweeper is essential for cleaning large, wide areas. There’s no way you could have bent down and swept everything into a dustpan by hand. The wet wipes are great for collecting hair, dust, and nasty beds or couches.

This flip mop head is super easy to assemble and use. The mop is well-engineered by the supply of dry dusting pads. Moreover, this mop is good for light use as it requires less cost.


  • Recommended Surface: Vinyl, tiles, ceramic
  • The mopping Package Includes: 1 Swiffer pad, 4 heavy-duty clothes, 5 heavy-duty pads, and 10 dry sweeping cloths
  • Refills Requirement Percentage: 90%
  • Dry & Wet Traits: Both
  • Material: Plastic
  • Number of Piece set: 10
Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mop

Refillable & Recycling Traits

One of the common functions you enjoy here is Swiffer refill moments, recycling traits. You need to download a free shipping label from TerraCycle for product recycling. It expands a new life and gets you rewarded.

Flexible Starter Kits

Your cleaning journey becomes more enjoyable with this one. All the Swiffer surface cleaners have heavy-duty dry clothes. Those also come with 3 wet heavy-duty cleaning pads, 10 dry sweeping cloths, and 2 wet mopping pads. These pads allow you to clean the surface in both wet and dry modes.

2X More Trap + Lock of Dirt

Now, it’s time to lock up the wetness of the clothes. As long as you have more dirt, dust, and hair messes on the floor, it requires less time to clean them swiftly.

However, using such tools gives you much relief due to the multi-surface sweeping characteristics. In this regard, you should be able to conduct them anywhere you feel necessary.

50% Dirt Lock Capacity

This Swiffer mopping cloth has special trap + lock capabilities, which are eligible to kill around 50% more dirt, allowing it to clean all types of hardwood floors.


  • Heavy-duty wet pads
  • Easily fix tough messes
  • 3 quick, easy installation
  • Great on all floor types
  • Quick assembling and functioning


  • Unworthy of cleaning them properly

7. Libman Wonder Mop

Libman wonder mop is good for wiping off tough messes. They’re all from good and high-profile sites. Libman provides well-constructed and unique grip strips. These are designed to lift 20% more dirt from other sites. They leave even and polish the finish over the floors.

Again, this one comes with a built-in plastic wringer which can easily squeeze out and remove more water from surfaces.


  • Handle Material: Steel, plastic
  • Features: Grip handle, patterned, reusable, non-abrasive
  • Recommended Surface Application: Laminate, wood surfaces, floor, multi surfaces, tile floors
  • Material: Microfiber, Plastic
  • Recommended Product Application: Floor, shower, multipurpose
  • Handle size: 62-inch
Libman Wonder Mop

Multiple Time Use on Different Surfaces

This tool can be used on many different surfaces. No matter how hard the floor type is, it can easily spread over there. From vinyl, tiles, linoleum, and stones to laminate, this wonder mop can cope with any floor.

Eco-friendly Mop Head

You can sweep away all dirt from the floor. The handle will last more than a decade. It allows the floor to dry fast, so you can return to the previous look. Moreover, those pads are machine washable up to 50 times more than others.

For this reason, you can keep disposable cleaning pads out of landfills and use them repeatedly.

Strong, Durable Steel Handle

This suitable tool has a strong, durable steel handle which is very tough to compete with. A strong steel handle is crucial to minimize the working duration. Furthermore, those steel handles come with convenient hanger holes to store anywhere.

Convenient, Wring Design

Cleaning tough messes are more challenging and play a vital role in sweeping away all dirt. It has a convenient and easy wring design which fits all the places.


  • 50 times machine washable pads
  • Remove tough messes
  • Easy to wring
  • Suitable for all sorts of floors
  • Convenient for swap refills


  • The mop head gets the wiring out easily

8. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop is convenient to use, and they’re environmentally neutral. Since the pads that come with this one aren’t reusable, it has decent squeeze spray bottles. Each bottle provides and delivers max.

These multipurpose spray mops are suitable for big projects like shopping malls, restaurants, and commercial areas.


  • Specific uses for products: Floors, tiles, floors
  • Item Volume: 650 ml
  • Unit Count: 1.0 count
  • Item form: Spray
  • Washable Requirements: 100
  • Water Tank Capacity: 22-ounce
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Mop

Multi-Surface Use

This one is good and safe for all floor types, like hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tiles. They’re suitable to wash away high-traffic places and commercial platforms.

50% More Dirt Pickup

Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop has a suitable kind of microfiber cleaning pad. It can pick up more than 50% of dirt and dust per sweep. Mopping the floor dust is now more enjoyable to anyone, and they find it less complicated.

Won’t Harm Surfaces

Most of the surface gets damaged and cracks due to containing harsh chemicals. Fortunately, this mop brush does not have a harmful amount of chemicals. It bears less toxicity which won’t harm the surface’s textures. It retains the even, damage-free polish looks forever.

Easy To Assemble With 22 Ounce Refill Bottles

Rubbermaid reveals spray mops are easy to assemble. A user does not need to learn many steps to run the mop. With 22-ounce refill bottles, this mopping machine can soak and wash the floor for longer. You won’t need to change or refill the water tank of this mop over time.


  • 100-time machine washable pads
  • No batteries required
  • Worthy for multiple surface usage
  • Non-scratch scrubber for stubborn spots
  • Ready to use mop pad


  • Its durability is a bit disappointing

9. Beyoco Microfiber Spray Mop

Beyoco microfiber is a suitable tool for small to tiny apartments. This set can quickly clean messes around the house. After using thousands of mops, this one seems different from having a manual pump from the handle and refilled tanks.


  • Size: 15.94″, 5.7″, 50″
  • Material: Aluminum alloy & Alloy
  • Applicable Floor Types: Wood /Hardwood/Laminate/ Vinyl/Tile
  • Microfiber pad size: 2 inch
  • Mop head rotation: 360⁰
  • Tank Capacity: 400 ml
Beyoco Microfiber Spray Mop

Worthy For Use on Any Floor

This mopping pad is fantastic for cleaning both laminate and tile floors. Specifically, it is a money saver product and doesn’t require batteries. Even though you don’t need any power, it’s easy to use and clean.

Flexible Mop Head

The mop head with this one is very flexible and doesn’t require much time to clean all over the area. It can reach the corners underneath the sofa, table, chairs, bed, tea tables, and anywhere you find dirt.

One of the most notable features, its mop head can extend up to 360-degree rotation which feels much handier in the sense of sensitive areas like windows, walls, living room, etc.

Enable You to Add Different Cleaning Solutions

It has a great refill bottle which is around 400 ml. This is so big to hold a good amount of water at once. Making a cleaning solution is quite easier here. Mix 2 small teaspoons of cleansing solution and then get ready for work. It also leads the user to add different cleaning solutions.

Premium Long Handle

Beyoco spray mop has a wide extended pole kitchen mop. It means you don’t need to lean over a lot, and your back won’t hurt much.

Regarding consistency and durability, this mop has high-quality ABS material with a high-hardness aluminum mop rod. It makes your hand feel more comfortable and prevents you from pressing the trigger to clean the floor.


  • Require open-head operation
  • Fan-shaped spraying mist
  • Excellent water absorption performance
  • Convenient Velcro design
  • It can be used for both dry and wet purposes


  • The microfiber cloth has to be washed manually every time before mopping

10. Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop & Floor Sweeper

Tidy tool’s commercial mop is a well-worthy device, removing all the dirt from every hook and crook of the house. It works great on hardwood floors but is special for sweeping away dirt from laminate, stones, and many more.

This tool requires only a few steps to clean and omit all kinds of dust from the surfaces. It is nice to use on any floor. Meanwhile, you find much pleasure since it comes in various sizes, made of nylon, fabrics which can be washed regularly.


  • Mop head material: 100% cotton
  • Mop head size: 36×5 inches
  • Mop head spread out: 44×11 inches
  • Surface Recommendations: Floor, wood, tiles
  • Handle Length: 63 inches
  • Material: Cotton or nylon fibers
Tidy Tools Commercial Dust Mop & Floor Sweeper

Made By Durable Material

This one can last, and you can expect some more time to decide to buy a new one. I find the focus point of this dust mop belongs to durable nylon fabrics that extend the lifespan of the mop. It won’t damage in the long run, and the bristles do not expand naturally.

Clean Up Nicely

The head of the dust mop is of supreme quality and reusable. Moreover, they can wash with either water or a mild cleanser. Machine washable pads often seem more soft and worthy to gather max. Amount of dust altogether. You can even clean the head with warm water.

Robust & Reliable

The mop pad is built with special cotton fibers which don’t trap dirt. The sturdy, extended metal mop handle can extend up to 60″ inches to reach high into corners or get easy access underneath the furniture to remove dust bunnies and grimes.

The Perfect Size

In case you are looking for a large dust mop for the business or a small kitchen mop for your home, this will be a perfect fit. Even though you can store this tool anywhere, that seems to you less crowded.


  • Having a pivoting head for easy movements
  • Long, durable, and heavy handle
  • Use on all types of surfaces
  • Can clean on the washing machine
  • Great to use in commercial areas


  • The mop handle feels heavy to carry

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Mop for Cleaning Small Apartment

Investing in the right mop type is essential to ensure that you have chosen a value-added product. For this, keeping a few considerations in mind is crucial.


Check the mop’s weight from the specification chart before buying.

Using a bulky mop can be cumbersome. Also, you will be unable to carry it from one place to another. String and sponge mops absorb a lot of water, making them heavy during use. Also, they have buckets, and you will have difficulty carrying them upstairs or downstairs.

Flat mops are lightweight and an excellent option to choose from. At the same time, you must choose a model that has a convenient grip and handle.

Ease of Cleaning

Whether you have a small or big apartment, the prime responsibility of mops is to make the apartment cleaning task easier. So, your investment will fail if your mop can’t do that.

The self-wringing mechanism is such a feature that lets you handle the cleaning task without touching dirty water. Also, many mopes are available with adjustable handles. Cleaning your apartment will be a breeze when you buy them as they eliminate bending for cleaning under furniture or couch.

Multipurpose Design

Multipurpose mops are expensive compared to flat and straightforward mops. But they offer significant functionality, making them worth the price.

If you need to handle more than one cleaning task, these mops will come in handy. They will let you clean small, large, commercial, and industrial areas with professional-grade results.

Compact Design & Wall Mount

These are impressive factors to consider. Since you have a small apartment, the smart storing mechanism will help you save space.

In this case, look for a model that comes with a compact design. Also, the wall mount feature will facilitate the storing feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the easiest mop to use in a small apartment?

Mops with adjustable handles, convenient grip, and lightweight characteristics are the best option for small apartments. Cleaning your apartment will be easier with these mop types.

Should you mop your small apartment every day?

Yes, mopping your small apartment every day will be beneficial for sure. Every day mopping will keep the floor free from dust and dirt. Also, your apartment’s air quality will remain healthy and fresh.

Do you rinse a small apartment floor after mopping?

Quick plain water rinse will prevent film build-up on the floor. Thus, you will not see any filmy residue on the floor of your small apartment.

Is it better to mop with hot water or cold water?

Mopping with cold water is better than hot water. Hot water can damage vinyl or wooden floors. At the same time, cold water doesn’t have a single side effect on any floor type.

Are mops for a small apartment can clean dust from tight areas?

Not all mops are built the same. Mops with an adjustable handle and rotating swivel head can easily get into tight areas. Thus, these mops are a good choice for cleaning dust from tight areas of your small apartment.

Last Words

A dust mop is a great device for a small apartment since it sanitizes as well as mops the hardwood floor altogether.

Buying the suitable one is cumbersome for beginner to mid-level mop users. Thinking of this hindrance, it can save you time by suggesting only one product.

Even though I tested out more than 10 best mops for small apartments, I loved and found Swiffer WetJet hardwood and floor spray mop handier.

It is very lightweight and provides polished, clean layouts. In spite of their recycling advantage and ability to absorb N lock strips, Swiffer wet jets are truly liked by many experts. The surface is finely cleaned with it as if it was a professional floor cleaning service holder.

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